Secret – Secret Time

Track List:

  1. My Boy
  2. Magic
  3. Spot Light
  4. 알아서 잘해요
  5. I Want You Back (Acoustic version)
  6. 3년 6개월 (Acoustic Version)


TS Entertainent’s Secret can be seen as the small dog with the biggest heart. That doesn’t mean they cannot be successful. It just means this small dog has to scrap and fight for a good position with the other dogs in the yard.

So you would think releasing a single in October of 2009 in the midst of many other K-pop groups promoting their material, that a rookie group would be buried under everyone else. Not Secret. Not these four girls.

The group, consisting of leader Jun HyoSung, rapper Zinger, main vocalist Song JiEun, and lead vocalist/maknae (youngest) Han SunHwa have independently been promoting themselves in various outlets before an official group song was being released. So when October 13, 2009 came, Secret made an impact and was able to grasp people’s attention.

But, they only released the single I Want You Back and the B side 3 Years 6 Months. While it was an impressive debut for the girls, the big questioned remained: Could they actually release a quality major release?

The six track mini-album (or EP) Secret Time proves that this group have the ability to complete in the competitive K-pop girl group field. The single Magic hearkens back to older sounding K-pop while maintaining a modern aesthetic for listeners to attach themselves too. My Boy is a slower, more melodic song that provides the appropriate opening to the mini-album. The mini-album also features acoustic versions of both I Want You Back and 3 Years 6 Months. And both acoustic versions certainly compliment their counterparts but they may even outshine them in the process.

The mini-album gives avid K-pop listeners reason to take some time away from other K-pop groups to give Secret quality listening time. There is music on here that you will find a song you will enjoy.

Secret Time

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