SECRETs and Thighs

1. Spotlight
2. 와일드 (Wild)
3. Action
4. 휴지조각
5. 사는사람
6. 와일드(Wild) Inst.

9Muses- Wild

SNSD – Love & Girls

Sophie: I figured we could talk about a bunch of things k-pop related, specifically 1) Secret’s controversy; 2) 9Muses PV and 3) The new Japanese SNSD PV

TOZ: I havent seen the new SNSD video.

Sophie: Watch any 30 seconds and you will have seen the whole thing

TOZ: I get the gist. I should pause this Action Bronson song.

Sophie: Nah, J-pop and rap go well together.

TOZ: Couple of years back, I did compare Wu-Tang to SNSD, before it was popular to do so.

Sophie: I think Bloodhound gang goes well with Berryz.  Anyway…your take on the SECRET controversy?

TOZ: I initially thought it was absurd. Then I thought about it in the South Korean cultural context. Now I sorta see where the trouble is. But I still think it’s absurd.

Sophie: What do you think of the IIbe connections?

TOZ: I can’t dismiss it, but it feels like people are reaching. Doesn’t it just boil down to misusing the word?

Sophie: Yep, but she probably heard it used in that context before.

TOZ: What a way to be corrected. I expect this to be forgotten in a week.

Sophie: I dunno…the K-pop releases have been kind of slow the past few weeks about a deluge of heavy hitters, so there’s not much else to talk about (hence, this conversation). The problem with being ultra right wing is that it’s hard to clean up that image. Patriotism tends to take care of slips too far to the left, but there’s no equivalent for the right. Anyway…have you watche 9Nine’s video?

TOZ: I have.

Sophie: Well first, what do you think of 9muses as a group? They got some heat earlier in the year for blatantly borrowing from “Heavy Rotation” but otherwise they aren’t well known to J-pop fans

TOZ: As a group, they don’t do much for me.

Sophie: Legs better than SNSD?

TOZ: I need to do more research. I admit, it’s hard for me to get into any musical act. I tend to notice them, forget them, then if they come back around to me again. Then that’s when I start paying attention.

Sophie: Aren’t there J-pop groups that have the model idol concept as well? (which I also forget)

TOZ: That’s pretty low-hanging fruit so probably.

Tiny-G_are really tiny

TOZ: Now that picture is all kinds of absurd.

Sophie: It’s genuine. Tiny-G is the K-pop Minimoni clone and they are fucking awesome.

TOZ: OH YEAH! Totally forgot about them.

Sophie: 9muses are the tallest K-pop group, at least average height wise.

TOZ: If only that height translated to music. I don’t have anything against them, the music never hooked me.

Sophie: I will give 9muses credit for mostly sticking to a sexy theme

TOZ: I think I like Dolls more than Wild.

Sophie: Really? the song? The video? Or both?

TOZ: The song. I watched both videos back to back for this. Can’t really remember either one of them. Other than Wild had the razorblades. That was some hip-hop shit.

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 9.48.53 PM

Sophie: Yeah, I can never remember what Dolls sounds like.  It’s one of those swinging 80s throwbacks.  I don’t mind the chorus to “Wild,” it is at least catchy.

TOZ: Am I alone in thinking the rap sounds out of place?

Sophie: You said the same thing about N4. So I have to ask…when in K-pop does the rap not sound out of place. I’m going to guess “Day by Day

TOZ: And IGABOY and most BEG.

Sophie: I thought the rap was actually okay, it was mixed well

TOZ: Most K-pop rap is.

Sophie: (See that’s what I hate about SISTAR, because it never is.)  But the verses…well…I’m listening to the song now and I can’t remember what the verses sounds like

TOZ: I think when these producers and/or writers decide to insert some hot rhymes, it comes off as “Check it out, it’s rap!” And it ends up standing out more than it should.

Sophie: Is it the rap at ~1:00 in or the one at 1:45 that you take issue with? Because the second rap is amazing.

TOZ: I take issue with both verses.

Sophie: The content or their lack of anything musical?

TOZ: Lack of anything musical.

Sophie: On this we are in agreement

TOZ: If I wanted to listen to rap lyrics, I’ll go to Lupe or something. I don’t listen to Asian Pop for lyrical content.

Sophie: But it’s so lyrically complex! And on that note, are you ready for the fashion review portion of this discussion?

TOZ: Am I ever?

Sophie: Because there are some fucked up outfits

TOZ: I was too confused with the rhinestones on the lips.

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 9.53.29 PM

Sophie: As a man…is that something that you would find attractive?

TOZ: No. I would like to understand the appeal.

Sophie: No idea. It looks pretty damn uncomfortable.  And speaking of which…love razorblade. A sexy turn on?

TOZ: No, but if it was some indirect reference to Gravediggaz or Onyx I like that part.

Sophie: It was sorta kinky and gotta give them props for not showing the blood

TOZ: The whip is cliche, but also kinky.

Sophie: And the gun? It looked like someone playing cowgirl. Are you into collars and leashes?

TOZ: Not really.

Sophie: See, that’s the kinda kink I like to watch.

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 9.50.41 PMTOZ: Can’t two consenting adults be enough?

Sophie: Well that’s certainly where it should start…as long as there’s a human wearing a dog collar (as opposed to a dog) I’m down.

TOZ: Fair enough.

Sophie: so…moving on…fringe hat at 1:34. Does she look like a lampshade or is it just me?

TOZ: I forgot those porn section curtains were there…Is that what the cool kids are wearing now?

Sophie: Her future’s so bright, she’s gotta wear [lamp] shades

TOZ: That’s rationale I can get behind.

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 9.52.17 PMSophie: And, finally, the Pervert shirt.  The chances they were aware of the meaning: reasonably high

TOZ: Same. It’s too perfect not to be.

Sophie: Can girls be perverted? I thought girls were allowed to have kinks but only men were allowed to have perversions? I’m sure I read a piece of gender criticism on this.

TOZ: I don’t see why not.

Sophie: Would you like a girl that’s perverted better than a girl that’s kinky?

TOZ: When I was 10, I got crossed up badly by a girl on the basketball court. From that point on, I learned never to question a female.

Sophie: Do you tell that story on first dates? That seems like a story you would tell…

TOZ: I would tell that story on a first date. HOW DO YOU KNOW MY MOVES!?

Sophie: Because they aren’t particularly novel…:-P

TOZ: It’s always like that!

Sophie: Anyway… one of the things that this video does is use black, white and red. But they don’t even try for like…symbolism. The white costumes are as sexy as the black.

TOZ: It wasn’t very noir. I was saddened.

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 9.50.01 PMSophie: I’m glad none of the members were allergic to roses though. That would have been a wicked contact allergy

TOZ: Can you imagine the news? The video pushed back two weeks to an allergic reaction to roses. No actually, that would be forgotten in a week.

Sophie: Yeah, but it would shut the agency down, as they tried to figure out which executive gave all the members’ crabs. Seeing where the roses were placed at least.

TOZ: Constructionism theory in effect. Let me ask you a question.

Sophie: Sure thing

TOZ: Am I crazy to think Hyomin from T-ara has a slight resemblance to Kristen Wiig?

Sophie: my first thought: you mean in this skit?

TOZ: No, but that did remind me I’ve had this thought for a little bit now. Sadly, that was one of the best skits of that episode. Most of that episode was a letdown. She should’ve waited longer. For everyone to miss her more. Anyway…Hyomin & Kristen Wiig?

Hyomin-t-ara-k-pop-28725443-461-617 tumblr_m2tecmV6yP1r5pajpo1_400

Sophie: I mean they both have similar faces. They are extremely oval shaped

TOZ: I’ll take that.

Sophie: In other completely unrelated news, do you watch SNL Korea?

TOZ: Other than the random popular skits? I don’t even watch American SNL.

Sophie: do you watch Saturday Night Child Machine?

TOZ: What is that?

Sophie: the Team B thing

TOZ: You’re going over my head.

Sophie: It’s J-pop.

TOZ: Despite Selective Hearing being all AKB,  I have no interest in the 48.

Sophie: ah…I couldn’t tell you more than like 5 members but I like some of the music

TOZ: 5 sounds about right for me.

Sophie: So the live performances. I like the arm punching dance

TOZ: (Give me a second, I need to watch this). That chorus is growing on me. I sorta like that Kamehameha looking move.

Sophie: It’s an odd dance.

TOZ: With so many groups, they have to do something.

Sophie: There is definitely a move that looks like all the members crouching over a dirty toilet seat (starting at 1:16)

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 9.58.58 PM

TOZ: I bet there’s a toilet company in South Korea that would work with that.

Sophie: Oh! there was really obvious product placement in the real video for the perfume.

TOZ: Ever since I read your piece on SNSD’s I Got A Boy. That’s all I see now. Well I do see it normally, but I harp on it more than I normally do.

Sophie: I thought…they could play different music…like French romance shit and play the same video and it would totally work.

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 9.53.40 PM

TOZ: That’s their next single.

Sophie: ugh. I want a sexy summer hit next. which brings us to… SNSD.  So SNSD released “Love & Girls” about 24 hours ago. It’s the single they are using for their Pan-Asia “Girls & Peace” tour

TOZ: Wasn’t the single changed?

Sophie: What do you mean?

TOZ: Weren’t they planning on pushing another song as a single, then swtiched to this one? Or am I just going insane?

Sophie: I know the album was delayed. That could have been the issue Did you listen to “Girls & Peace” on the fall Japanese album? That was my favorite track by far

TOZ: I’ve been meaning to get to it.

Sophie: It was super J-poppy

TOZ: I’m not against super J-pop.

Sophie: I like super J-pop. And when you are releasing a Japanese album, it’s almost necessary. This song, however, seems like one 3 minute hook. Like, I could see this in an American high school C-movie as the theme song for the popular girls.

TOZ: Haha, C-movie. Direct to DVD?

Sophie: Yes and with the words “And Featuring Paris Hilton” on the cover

TOZ: If they planned for the album to be conceptually like one long song. One song could plays as the entire hook…

Sophie: Wait, are you suggesting SNSD’s putting out a concept album?

TOZ: I remember reading a press release that the song was gonna do something “experimental”

Sophie: surely this isn’t this song?

TOZ: I’ll pull it up.

Sophie: Unless you can play each track simultaneously, and this is the rhythm section. SNSD does Zaireeeka…

TOZ: Play this album when you watch American Gangster and it works. How? No idea, but it does.