Selective Hearing 2011 Year End Recap: TOZ

This post represents my opinion and does not necessarily reflect the thoughts and opinions of  the other staff members.

Dude, what? 2011. Another year, another year end recap. I for one am happy that the NBA is back. But we don’t concern ourselves with sports on SH (not yet anyway). My own personal thoughts for music in 2011:


J. Cole going gold is great. While I thought the album had it’s flaws, its a solid debut album and things are looking up for him.

Eminem and company were lights out this year. From Bad Meets Evil’s Hell: The Sequel to the solo projects released from Yelawolf, Joell Ortiz and Royce, the absolute show-stealing cypher of theirs on this year’s BET hip-hop awards, just as a fan I couldn’t have asked for more.

As much as I was disappointed in Lupe’s Lasers album, his mixtape Friend of the People had some songs that Lupe shined on and here’s hoping he can turn it around.


Speed. They have been releasing music ever since their return back in 08 and the end of the year appearances they have made have got be back to cheering like an innocent fanboy. Their joint performance on FNS Music Festival with AKB48 was pretty cool. Now I am digging in my archive and watching those old Speed videos and enjoying them like we were back in 1997. Remember that video with Speed on their day off? Anyone? Anyone at all?


IU’s You & I is my holiday anthem. T-ara and Secret also put out good music this year. While Girls Generation’s The Boys single didn’t do much for me, as a fan I hope whatever their next major release is ends up being better.


Hopefully in 2012, Selective Hearing’s coverage on C-pop will ramp up. For 2011, Jane Zhang’s Reform I enjoyed quite a bit.

I am glad that 2011 was a good year for Selective Hearing. Our staff has grown, there are plans to increase our C-pop coverage, (then I can wax poetic about S.H.E!)  and we are looking into writing more roundtable discussions. On behalf of myself and everyone else on SH, we are happy that people choose to come and read our musings and here’s to a good 2012!


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