Selective Hearing 2021 Q1 Review




(G)I-DLE came out of the gates early into the year with their lead single from their I Burn album. This dark and atmospheric song fits well within the group’s m.o. of bringing something exciting both sonically and visually with every release.

Epik High – Rosario

I’m more than biased when I say that Epik High always finds a way to bring the heat whenever they decide to drop new music. This was well worth the wait for new material from them.

PURPLE KISS – Can We Talk Again

PURPLE KISS is my current obsession when it comes to new girl groups. Can We Talk Again pretty much sold me on the group with its smooth R&B groove paired with the group members’ impressive vocal capabilities.

Bruno Mars, Anderson. Paak & Silk Sonic – Leave The Door Open

I don’t listen to a lot of current English language music (other than dance music) that often. I sometimes dip into the R&B playlist on Apple Music every once in a while, and that is where I discovered this gem.

There’s a lot to like about this song, from its retro-soul feel to the fact that you may end up pregnant just by listening to it. Just some fantastic stuff.

SIRUP feat. SUMIN – Keep In Touch

Japanese R&B is kind of a dead sub-genre at the moment, but there are still some good things coming out from that end of the music world, such as this song. I’m pretty sure this samples something familiar, but I can’t quite put my finger on it yet. Perhaps it’s an Eric Benet song? I’m not sure.

aespa – Forever

aespa’s follow-up to Black Mamba was a cover of Yoo Young Jin’s Forever. It’s a much better song than the mess that was their debut, allowing the members to go into a bit of diva territory with their vocals.

Rain feat. Jackson Wang – MAGNETIC

Much like the Silk Sonic song, this is some smooth R&B but in a modern setting. This is a typical lover man track that you probably won’t get pregnant from just by listening to it. It will, however, be something that can be pretty useful as a soundtrack for when you get your freak on.

Silk City & Ellie Goulding feat. Diplo & Mark Ronson – New Love

This falls well within my listening comfort zone for dance music since it’s relatively close to what I play in my DJ sets. Since it also falls more on the pop side of life, it works well for daily listening.

yama – Namae no nai Hibi e

I don’t recall what Apple Music playlist I found this on, but it had an excellent, chill sound that stuck with me after the song was done.


aimi Changed 4 Good

aimi – Changed 4 Good

Apple Music

A random Japanese R&B album that showed up in my feed while browsing Apple Music. I usually pass on the “For You” stuff, but I figured I’d give it a shot. This turned out to be some pretty good. Being a relatively new artist, Aimi’s discography is rather sparse. She’s certainly one to keep an eye on.


(G)I-DLE – I Burn

Apple Music

(G)I-DLE can do no wrong. The fourth album in their “I” series continues to show off their versatility. You can check out my review here.


YAOSOBI – The Book

Apple Music

This was a group that was highly touted by some Japanese idols and our own Hannah. She convinced me to give YAOSOBI a go. On first listen, I believed YAOSOBI to be similar to BE THE VOICE minus all quirks. After investing a bit more time in YAOSOBI, I think that is partly true. This duo’s music is probably a little more accessible to the average punter.

This album is an excellent example of why this duo is making some waves in Japanese music.

SHINee Don't Call Me

SHINee – Don’t Call Me

Apple Music

Dude groups are not really what I gravitate to in K-Pop these days. I only make exceptions for groups with some exceptional material or were around when I first got into K-Pop. SHINee falls into the latter category, so I was willing to listen to their current release.

I dig this album a lot, except for the title track. That doesn’t fit the R&B vibe that the remainder seems to have.