Selective Hearing 2021 Q1 Review



Femme Fatale – Kodou (鼓動)

This lives in my head rent-free, probably because the rap bits are less K-pop style and more the style of Kom_i from Suiyobi no Campanella, who has been on hiatus for a while.

Gen’in wa Jibun ni Aru – Kasukana Yoru no Yume (幽かな夜の夢)

We as a society have collectively evolved past the need for Johnny’s, and I say as I stan SixTones. But this entire album, including this headliner song, is just beyond fantastic.

Yoasobi – Monster (怪物)

It is very classic YOASOBI. While not as impactful as Gunjou (my absolute favourite of theirs), it does capture Beastars (the title anime this is for) and highlights their specialty, which is always in the keyboard melody.

Yubin – Perfume

Before there was Yukika, Yubin covered city pop classics and forged a path that wasn’t entirely pure city pop but wasn’t precisely newtro either/or at least the term didn’t exist back when she started.

Cherry Bullet – Love So Sweet

There’s something about this song that makes me feel like this is what Sugar Rush (AKB48) should have been but ultimately dropped the ball on.

88rising, ATARASHII GAKKO, Warren Hue – FREAKS

atarashii GAKKO has always managed to create some of the best beats, so it makes sense that collaborating with others would result in something pretty epic.


Miho Hatori Between Isekai and Slice of Life

Miho Hatori – Between Isekai and Slice of Life

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There’s something unique about an artist getting music snobs worldwide to something so otaku-centric? For that alone (not talking about her fantastic music), this album is worth a listen.



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Let’s put aside the super problematic title and appreciate their happy hardcore counterpart to MIGMA SHELTER’s more psychedelic trance music.



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Nothing has made me happier over the past ~two years than realizing that REDALiCE, a favourite from a while back, was still creating music. A DJ that is one of TANO* C’s mainstays predominantly creates high BPM rate hardcore music.

SKE48 Koi Ochi Flag

SKE48 – Koi Ochi Flag (恋落ちフラグ(Special Edition))

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Every song on this album is just the classic SKE that drew so many ‘litists in during their peak, from the title song to even the graduation b-side.

Epik High Epik High Is Here

Epik High – Epik High Is Here 上 (Part 1)

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A short blurb isn’t enough to do this literal masterpiece justice. Instead, I direct all readers to listen to this interview between Switched on Pop and Epik High that goes over both the album and Korean rap music history.