Selective Hearing Japan 2013 Video Documentary

After a lot of editing the video recap of the 2013 trip is done. I managed to fulfill a request from 2012 and there is a lot more footage of what we did out there. It’s almost double in length of the 2012 video, and it’s in glorious HD. We didn’t end up on Japanese television this time nor were we allowed to film or photograph any of the handshake events we attended. But whatever.

I hope after watching this, those of you who are on the fence are inspired to make the pilgrimage to Japan. That may be rather wishful thinking but you never know right? Special thanks are at the end of this video and if you were hanging with us during the 10 days and I missed you, I apologize. There were so many folks we met out there this time around.

The YouTube video has comments disabled but you can say stuff here if you wish. Just don’t be too much of a smart-ass since like a lot of the trip related posts, I’ll be moderating things rather heavily.


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