Selective Hearing Mid-Year Report Card: How You Doin?

Time has flown by and it is now the middle of 2018. It feels like yesterday that year was just starting anew. I guess many things have happened in the past 6 months and much like the other folks here I am recapping what I can remember of the the first half of the year.

My 2018 started in Tokyo and the tail end of my yearly trip to Japan. I managed to make it out of Tokyo Project x @JAM’s New Year Premium party on my own two feet rather than an ambulance this year. It was nice being able to walk out of Zepp DiverCity rather than being stretchered out. Even though I was only able to attend day one it was still all good. The majority of the acts I wanted to see were performing on the first day so I didn’t feel too bad about missing the second day of the event.

After that was New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Wrestle Kingdom 12 in the Tokyo Dome. The big attraction of the event was Chris Jericho’s return to New Japan Pro wrestling to face Kenny Omega. The entire show itself was great though. The best part of the night didn’t even happen in the ring. It was in the crowd with the people beside me. Seeing a grown man cry on his girlfriend’s shoulder after seeing Tetsuya Naito lose. Imagine a big, yankee looking dude bawling like a baby. It was quite the sight to behold.

The night after I went to New Japan’s equivalent to the RAW after Wrestlemania, New Year Dash in Korakuen Hall. For those who do not follow New Japan, this is the show that kicks off new story lines for the organization, much like the RAW after Wrestlemania does for WWE.

Once I came back to Canada it was back to the mundane routine of life. In April I went to the Calgary Expo after skipping out on the past couple of years. Unlike the last time I went I did not have a regular pass to get into events for registered attendees. I just had my media pass.

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