Selective Hearing Mid-Year Report Card: How You Doin?

As for everything else? I really have not had a lot of time to invest in things like video games and movies. Although more recently I have started to just because of the need to have some serious releases from my current reality. Anyway, my video gaming has consisted of playing Dragonball FighterZ on the Playstation 4. I’m not the greatest at these types of fighting games. The pace tends to be a little too frantic for me to keep up.

However with this game it was not as difficult to get accustomed to the fast gameplay. Early builds of the game definitely left a lot to be desired with certain characters being a little too OP (Hi Goku Black/Android 16) and others being mostly useless. The last version of the game I have played was the Broly/Bardock patch and that was only for a little while. I did like that some of the technical issues of the game were attended to.  Yet some of the actual gameplay balance was still off. 

Reading the patch notes from May I see that there were many changes that may benefit the characters I happen to play frequently. If I can find the time I hope I can see whether that is actually true or not based on my own personal play style.


When it came to movies I managed to catch up on a lot of the older Marvel franchise movies just before finally going out to see Avengers: Infinity War. It wasn’t the best of the Marvel movies but it at least broke away from the happy ending type of Hollywood blockbuster. Although how everything gets resolved may have been given away in the final act of the film. I’ll have to see if my guess right when the second part of Infinity War is released.

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