Selective Hearing Mid-Year Report Card: How You Doin?

As I alluded to earlier in this recap, the first half of this year has not been good for me after returning from Japan. Some rather pressing family issues have taken a large amount of my time away from Selective Hearing. What I had planned to do for the first half of the year has been put on hold in order to attend to real life matters. As a result of these circumstances I have been working on getting myself back on track health wise both physically and mentally rather than trying to half-ass a post. I honestly have not been that compelled to write anything and I will continue to be sporadic in my original contributions until everything in my personal life is sorted out.

With all that in mind I am thankful for the other staff members for contributing what they can to the site. Whatever you can do is always appreciated, even if I have to nag a wee bit to get things in on time. =)

Lastly, a thank you to those of you who visit this site. Whether you are a first time visitor, casual visitor or long-time reader. I know things have been somewhat slow here so far other than the news posts. With the summer coming into full swing hopefully there will be more content coming down the pipeline.

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