Selective Hearing Mid-Year Report: Sherrily Edition

2018 is halfway over already, but it honestly feels like nothing much has happened this year. Such is the life of a poor oshimen-less at-home wota, I guess. I suppose that’s somewhat fair though, given that last year was an insane (but super exciting) roller coaster for me.

Though I’m still actively following Morning Musume’s activities, the lack of events I’ve attended has also led to a lack of things to write about. Well…there was one thing I attended this year, but it’s not something I can mention in detail. For reasons, y’know.

For a hot minute, I thought about going back to writing music reviews, but honestly who cares about other peoples’ opinions on music. I’m not the type to make baseless acid-laced comments just to get reactions out of people anyway.

So what am I turning to?


Video games!!!

With my lack of idol events and travel, I’m getting much more time to be a complete hermit and enjoy the stack of video games I’ve had on my growing to-play list.

Now these, I can write reviews on! Because it’s something I get to experience as I play, and I have no real bias when I first put the disc into the system. It’s much more relevant and people actually read video game reviews before they throw money down on one, which is completely different from how people approach music and those reviews.

It also gives me more excuses to play video games so, win-win situation!

I’m also open to suggestions, so if any readers would like me to play and review certain games, I’m all for it!

The current game I’m playing and plan to review next?

Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom. Look forward to it!!

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