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Welcome to the audio version of the Selective Hearing Roundtable. This was created to discuss topics that are so encompassing that it would be better to discuss it with people in real time than through a series of posts.

The topic for this discussion is Idols & Wrestling. Joining in is a distinguished panel from different web sites and forums. The discussions in this special roundtable include favorite wrestlers, comparing idols with singles wrestlers, tag teams and factions/stables from past and present and thinking of possible scenarios that can be applied to the topic at hand.

This is kind of long and it does get a little geeky but remember that if you don’t like what you hear, we have two words for you…


Artists mentioned in this episode

Asaka Yui – Believe Again

Seiko Matsuda & Donnie Wahlberg – The Right Combination

Goto Maki feat. Bigga Raiji – Queen Bee

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Video Games mentioned in this episode

HP Video Game

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