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Episode 14 of the audio version of the Selective Hearing roundtable was recorded on March 30, 2013 and brought together an assorted panel of folks to discuss mini-skirts, AKB48’S So Long PV, Graduation and what makes one a “real fan”.

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The Panel

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OPENING – Puretty – Chieki Love



A recent law passed in South Korea banning mini-skirts

  • Stupidest law ever or can you find examples of worse ones?
  • Is this the end of seeing them wonderful female K-Pop legs? Is this the end of the K-Pop industry as we know it? Or is this just overblown crap that won’t be enforced ever?


  • Too loooong. Too loong Too loooooooooooong. Or no?
  • Did anyone really understand what was going on? Or was this too artsy and weird for anyone to comprehend?
  • Was Tomochin high as a kite during the filming?
  • There were many opportunities for a Mayu/J makeout session. Who was disappointed this did not happen.
  • How about Matusi Rena and them melon pans?


What are your thoughts on the almost weekly announcements of girls leaving the AKS organization?

  • Nakaya Sayaka & Hata Sawako leaving to become voice actresses. Who will be more successful?
  • Nito & Moeno double grad. Do you see anything for her in the future or is she basically done as an idol/entertainer?
  • Fukumoto Aina leaving to hone her skills as a variety talent. Yay or nay?

Tanaka Reina leaving to form her own band with no drummer or bass player.

Morning Musume’s Brainstorming is mentioned during this discussion and we go through an impromptu review.

  • Do you think she was sick of carrying Momusu on her back?
  • Odds on Lovendor being successful?

Should the word “graduation” be banned from an idol’s vocabulary?


Can you be considered an idol fan if you only care about their looks and nothing else?

  • Is attractiveness a gateway into becoming a fan or a deterrent from learning more about idols?
  • Do looks even matter if the girl has a kick ass personality?
  • Is it right for anyone to dictate how you should talk about idols at all?

Would you let your oshi pee on you and/or do you with a strap-on?

  • Who do you think would be too rough?

Would you be willing to do the dominatrix thing if your oshi asked you to?

  • Would you have a gimp suit ready just in case?
  • What would be your safe word?

Another impromptu review breaks out during this discussion where we watch Momoiro Clover lick ice cream.  As it is said in our commentary, “… taking the tip to see how it feels.”

Do you think your oshi would even consider following the rules if you were to scream out the safe word or would she ruin you for other women?

In general who do you think would be into such freaky things and why?


ENDING – AKB48 – So Long

Running Time: 2:07:36

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  • Kairi山口∩´-)⊃=⊃ April 4, 2013 at 1:09 am

    +Pokemon do age and die. In Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, there was Lavender Town. That was the resting place for Pokemon. Some of the Pokemon there were killed by Team Rocket (I was a Pokemon wota when I was living in Japan lol)


    +Why no one drink rum on Roundtable?? I so disappoint (T_T)

    +In S.Korea, mini skirts are banned. In N.Korea, the government has “emergency” plans to blow up American cities. Korea so cray cray

    +Next thing you know, tight jeans and yoga pants will be banned. booo

    +The forbidden RAINBOW dance where they show their bellybutton is “A” (the single that got me into the group. HNNNNNNG SEXY KOREAN BELLIES!!!).

    +AKB48 “So long”, worst single and MV of 2013 (._.). ..

    +Tomochin high?? She can come to house parties in my neighborhood~ <(~o~ <)

    +Matsui Rena has surpassed Kashiwagi Yuki in "long cat" bodies and "GOD DAMN THAT BODY!" bodies. THAT CHEST AND ABDOMINALS! HNNNG!! lawlsz

    +Nakayan has a head start ahead of Sawako. Although I really like post-fixed teeth Sawako, I hope they both become successful seiyuu.

    +Nito does calligraphy, and Moeno still makes those awesome stamps. If she pursues that, she'll be good.

    +As a person who faithfully watches variety shows, i think I wont really miss her. I hope she becomes a popular talento. GREG, GOOGLE HER ASS!!!!