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Episode 15 of the audio version of the Selective Hearing roundtable was recorded on May 18, 2013 and brought together an assorted panel of folks to discuss the Sayonara Crawl PV’s, gay idol fans, Saturday Night Child Machine and the upcoming AKB48 Senbatsu election.

Remember that if you don’t like what you hear, we have two words for you…


The Panel

Greg – Twitter | Selective Hearing
Hiro – Twitter | Selective Hearing
Sophie – Twitter | J-Popping | Selective Hearing | Seoulbeats
Allen – Twitter | Extra Life Houston | Extra Life | Selective Hearing
Mandy – JPH!P
Datalanche – JPH!P
Jafejai – Twitter | Jam Subs
Yoshi – Twitter | New School Kaidan
Garry – Twitter | New School Kaidan

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OPENING – DS DDR Fusion Edit – It’s Raining Men (Almighty Mix)


State who you be, who you reppin and pimp your wares/goods/websites.


The full video for Sayonara Crawl is up on the interwebs.

Same old shit in disgusting bikini’s or no?
Are the bikini’s too flowery and cover the goods of the more endowed members?
Where’s my fucking melon pans man? Where my fucking melon pans?

Do you like the pairings?
Who didn’t get enough screen time?
Any other thoughts or is it all just one blur of boobs and ass?

Quick Shots – B-Side PV’s

Team A – Ikiru Koto –

Team B – Romance Kenjuu –

Team K – How Come –

BKA48 – Hasute to Wasute –

Undergirls – Fruits of Rose –

Did you watch any of these?
Favorite/least favorite/all meh?
Quick comments about any of the videos


WTF is this show? Is it a trainwreck or misunderstood creative genius?
Does Ponkotsu really suck that much at arts and crafts?
Should they just let the dude in the bear suit make the crafts?
What’s the deal with Paru & scissors?
How about the producers give Paru power tools? It can’t be any worse than giving her scissors, scotch tape and construction paper can it?
Does AKS have the insurance to cover the potential damages by giving Paru power tools?

Best/worst skit so far?

Do you even care about what Kashiwagi is reading during the sexy time stories or is your hand down your pants the entire time?
Unko man – It’s the shit right?


According to a recent 2ch translation on Wota In Translation Morning Musume have a high percentage of gay male fans.

Here are a few gems from the discussion in case you don’t feel like reading the entire thing. Although you should, it’s actually interesting.

“… AKB doesn’t have many gay fans. Instead they have plenty of young offenders.”

“H!P members have an exceptional quality about them that tickles the fancy of gay people.

They’re good at picking all the irresistible uglies.”

“… what’s best about H!P are the ugly supporting members who can never become center. That’s one thing that’s different from AKB and such.”

“Tsunku’s lyrics feel like they’re from the point of view of a middle-aged man who’s turned into a 13-year-old girl.”

“Akimoto’s lyrics feel like they’re from the point of view of a middle-aged man who’s looking at a 15-year-old girl as a sex object.”

Based on what you have read do you think that Momusu and Hello! Project in general appeal more to the gay and lesbian community and AKS is more for straight people?

Do you think Tsunku is really a menopausal woman in disguise?
Is Aki-P really a horny middle-aged man playing up fantasies of dating underage girls in his lyrics?
Does it really matter if you are gay or straight when it comes to liking certain or any idol music?


AKB48’s Senbatsu Election is on June 8 at Nissan Stadium. NSK are holding their prop bet competition & Selective Hearing has the impossible Top 16 selection.

Explain the competitions in the most concise way possible and pimp for entries
Of those who did not enter, who do you feel stood the best chance of ranking decently if they did?
Who will enter at #64?
Will this be the year of HKT Undergirls or is that a pipe dream?
Who is in danger of dropping significantly in rank?
Who will make the biggest jump in rank?
Odds of the 6 returning members placing anywhere in the Undergirls or above? If so, who makes it in? Who won’t place at all?

Milky vs. Yummymoto – Who ranks higher?
J vs. Melon Pan – Who ranks higher?
Which member of Anrire will rank highest?

Sasshi – Top 5 or drop like a rock?
Tomochin – Kami 7 for her last ride or left in the cold?
If Yokoyama Yui ranks way high will she end up convulsing on the stage?

Do you expect any changes in the higher rankings at all or is it going to be the same old shit?
Shimazaki Haruka goes center nova. Right? Right?
Acchan is going to run in at the end of this election and hit the girl who wins with a steel chair. Y/Y

Make your top 5 predictions


Remind the people of who you are, who you reppin and pimp your goods/wares and websites

ENDING – Mini Moni – Mini Strawberry Pie

Running Time: 3:04:26

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