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Episode 16 of the audio version of the Selective Hearing roundtable was recorded on June 15, 2013 and brought together an assorted panel of folks to discuss the fallout from AKB48’s 32nd Single Senbatsu Election.

Remember that if you don’t like what you hear, we have two words for you…


The Panel

Greg – Selective Hearing
Allen – Twitter | Extra Life Houston | Extra Life | Selective Hearing
Steve – Selective Hearing | Twitter
Tenkei – Twitter | basugasubakuhatsu | Nandake
Boykun – Twitter | basugasubakuhatsu | Nandake
Mandy – JPH!P
Datalanche – Twitter | JPH!P
Garry – Twitter | New School Kaidan

Sasshi Center

Related hash tags: #sasshicenter, #butthurt, #teamfutsunku

Please excuse Allen’s audio at the end of the broadcast, he was going all Skynet.

OPENING – LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out

Final ranking list:

Speech translations:


This year’s layout of the election:

  • Having it in Nissan Stadium, in front of a bigger crowd of 70,000 after a concert

  • The Stage setup: having two groups of girls on either side of the stage, walking down stairs to the Top 64 seats. The center stage has a big tiara on top of it. 3 big screens, one on each side and one in the middle.

What do you think about the stage layout compared to the last four years?

This year’s live stream:

  • Two streams like last year, one in Japanese and one translated in English

  • Live Google+ comments on the right side: Do you like the idea, live social media updates from all over the world? Did you make it on there?

  • Support videos: Did you like them too?

  • Rank counter and vote count in the top right

  • Commentators: George no bag! George with ugly top hat. What’s up with the gaijins? Were they necessary to have commentary during the stream?

Fuji TV Stream:

  • If you watched the Fuji TV stream, it started in the middle of Next Girls speeches WHICH YOU COULDN’T HEAR because they were interviewing celebrities and who they want to see win.

  • They had a lot of video packages mostly centering Sasshi, Yuko and Mayu.

  • They had fans set up in Oita for Sashihara, it felt like a soccer crowd in a public square

  • In Osaka they had Sayanee’s father and grandparents with a small crowd in what looked like at a TV station

  • Minegishi’s parents were watching in a room at (Nissan Stadium?)

  • They had the same studio set up watching and reporting like last year with the ticker ranking at the bottom and celebrities like Terry-san and Yama-san giving their analyst comments.

  • You could also text a vote to see what rank Sasshi would come in all night.

  • They really started with the announcement of Undergirls. They cut away from some girls speeches to go to commercial.

  • For the top 16, they would cut to commercial during most of the host’s (Tokumitsu’s) questions. Interesting line charts showing their past rankings.

  • Also they cut to Maeda Atsuko watching in a box seats a few times showing her reactions.

  • They did a lot of behind the scenes and post interviews.

Girls that ranked in previous elections who didn’t rank

  • Miyazaki Miho, Oya Shizuka, etc…

Future Girls Ranking

  • Quick breakdown of the girls that ranked

  • Hirajima Natsumi not 26 but 62?? REVERSE THE CURSE?!? Only one of the graduates to place.

  • Biggest surprise rank in this group is ___?

  • Biggest injustice rank in this group is ___?

  • Future Grils Center is Yabushita Shu NMB48 BII. What do you think, are you ok with her as center?

Next Girls Ranking

  • Quick breakdown of the girls that ranked

  • Oba Mina at Lucky 48?

  • Biggest surprise rank in this group is ___?

  • Biggest injustice rank in this group is ___?

  • Next Girls Center is Sato Amina AKB48 Team K. What do you think, are you ok with her as center?

Undergirls Ranking

  • A little more detailed breakdown of the girls that ranked.

  • Miyawaki Sakura at the Cursed 26 spot!

  • Biggest surprise rank in this group is ___?

  • Biggest injustice rank in this group is ___?

  • Undergirls Center is Shibata Aya SKE48 KII making her election debut. What do you think, are you ok with her as center?


  • More detailed breakdown

  • Fisher girls Akarin and Milky 16 and 15

  • Yokoyama Yui’s hilarious breakdown and recovery during her speech

  • Itano Tomomi, since it was her last election, did her candidacy end up being a bad idea?

  • Miyazawa Sae renouncing her Team K concurrancy to focus solely on SNH48. Do you think she can succeed?

  • Kojima and Takamina out of Kami 7, Rena and Jurina are IN Kami 7!

  • Shinoda Mariko announces her graduation! WTF? NO MARIKO-SAMA!

  • What were you thinking about before the top 3 were announced?

  • Let the BUTTHURT begin Mayu at #3! How did she react vs how her fans have been reacting.

  • Yuko at #2?!? How was her reactions vs her fans reactions?


ENDING – AKB48 – How Come

Running Time: 2:22:05

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