Recorded on May 10, 2014

OPENING – Duran Duran – Girls On Film


Arsenio Hall Who You With


– Who is on your 2-shot list?
– Who are you looking forward to taking a picture with?
– Who is your candidate for the lean away? (with optional stink face)
– Poses, you got any pre planned or are you going to wing it? Chances you can successfully get any you have planned communicated properly?
– What’s your default pose?
– Are you gonna post your 2-shots?

Download Part 1  (Running Time: 54:19)


Hiro arrives in Japan First

Do The Needful

– Will Hiro make to the Hotel from the airport?
– GOGO Curry. First or last meal in Japan or both?
– What are you going to be doing by yourself out there?
– Any idol specific events outside of AKB planned?

Greg arrives the week after Hiro

Oshima Yuko Wax

– Will Greg make it to the hotel from the airport and be awake enough to meet up afterwards?
– First thing Greg will do after landing in Japan.
– Do you think the Oshima Yuko wax statue will still be at Madame Tussauds or does Greg get no Yuko ever?
– Greg going to a wrestling PPV with our homie Daryl in Japan. Hiro calls us fuckers even though he was invited. Why is that?


ENDING – Jim Johnston – Pimpin  Ain’t Easy

Download Part 2  (Running Time: 45:42)