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Episode 22 of the audio version of the Selective Hearing roundtable was recorded on June 3, 2014. In this episode the panel discusses the June 7 AKB48 37th Single Election and make their predictions on who will rank where.

Sasshi Portrait

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OPENING: AKB48 – Choose Me



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THE ONLY TOPIC: AKB48 37th Single Election

  • Whoever made those ugly ass paintings should be fired or at least re-trained to draw people properly? Y/N?
  • Really, don’t you think a blind monkey would do a better job?

Senbatsu members (選抜メンバー) : Rank 1 – 16
Under Girls (アンダーガールズ) : Rank 17 -32
Next Girls (ネクストガールズ) : Rank 33 – 48
Future Girls (フューチャーガールズ) : Rank 49 – 64
Upcoming Girls (アップカミングガールズ) : Rank 65 – 80 ← NEW

  • What do you think about adding the new rankings?
  • Is this a case of letting everyone get a ranking? Will it lead to a Special Olympics situation where “everyone is a winner”?
  • Does this make the show longer than it already is?
  • Is there any value for this ranking group other than to have another song take up space on a single?
  • Who will be she shameful one to make the biggest drop to the depths of despair?
  • Conversely, who will be the dark horse who makes the major leap up the ladder to possible super-stardom?
  • Will the senbatsu be the same as always or will a major contender drop below the top 16?
  • Admit it, you want BBQ in the senbatsu for the lulz.
  • Mayu, Sasshi or J? Who do you really want on top? (of you and/or the rankings. you decide)
  • Who will be the queen bitch? And if it’s Sasshi again will you be happy about it?

ENDING: AKB48 – Faint

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