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Episode 23 of the audio version of the Selective Hearing roundtable was recorded on June 22, 2014. In this episode the panel discusses the fallout from AKB48’s 37th Single Election.


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Cheap Pops and Promos

Michishige Sayumi Pink Glowstick Project –

Layout of the election:

80 girls ranking out of 310 total
Aijinomoto Stadium.
It was raining the whole time. Everyone had raincoats and set was covered in plastic. Girls put on a concert in rain before election time.
Pyramid seating for the rankings
What did you think about the Gamashura Ouendan bros?

This year’s live streams:

Compare to last years G+ stream. Which did you like better? No live commentary, no english translations, no G+ interactions
Fuji TV starting at Next Girls (#48 and up)
Oshima Yuko providing commentary with other comedians like Okubo-san.

Most disappointing Non-ranking members

Ranking Thoughts:

Upcoming Girls

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Future Girls
Next Girls

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Closing thoughts


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