Selective Hearing Roundtable Ep. 25
Running Time: 4:31:26

Morning Musume 14

Episode 25 of the Selective Hearing Roundtable was recorded on November 15, 2014 and is a lengthy discussion about Hello! Party, Morning Musume ’14 and all things that went down in New York last month featuring special guests Bryan and Jen Veloso of Hello! Base.


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Morning Musume ’14 – Tiki Bun


The folks in the Morning Musume in NYC Facebook group and those who follow the Selective Hearing Twitter were asked to submit questions to the panel for this podcast recording.

New York 2014

Questions about Hello! Party 4

From Steven ‘Haterade’ Lin

  • Did you guys ever thinking about contacting Japanese media so they catch wind of your events?

From Henry Chenchou

  • Yo who was that guy in the green and pink hat in the back?!

From Phillip Cornelison

  • What was the playlist of the DJ set?

From Lary Montes

  • Are you guys planning to have another Hello! Party in NYC soon?

From Erin Hewitt

  • Where did you get that Sayu cutout made and how much did it cost?!?

From Hero Ly

  • We can see what gets included in the parties but what ideas/events actually get cut? Is there anything that you really wanted to do but haven’t been able to because of limitations?


Morning Musume ‘14 Concert Questions

What time did you line up?

Who in the panel was VIP? Who was a general admission commoner?

If you were in the wota pit, did you hear the introductions of each member as they came out on stage or was it only the people above the pit who heard it?

The general feeling amongst those who went to both concerts was that this was miles above the 2009 Anime Expo concert. Do you agree?

What was your overall experience like?

General questions

From Phillip Cornelison

  • What was the one moment or moments that each of you made yourselves H!P fans?

Were there any fans you have been communicating with online who you would have like to have met but didn’t have the opportunity to do so?

Is New York as scary and menacing as TV makes it out to be?

For Allen & Greg: Did you smell what the Rock was cooking? How was Monday Night RAW in Brooklyn?


The Lonely Island & Tegan and Sara – Everything Is Awesome