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AKB48 41st Single Election

Episode 28 of the audio version of the Selective Hearing roundtable was recorded on May 20, 2015. In this episode the panel discusses AKB48’s 41st single sousenkyo and makes predictions on who will reign supreme as queen bee for 2015.

AKB48 41st Single Sousenkyo Election Predictions

Running Time: 3:06:10

OPENING – AKB48 – Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai


TOPIC 1: Quickly rank the election singles from favorite to most despised. Your choices are:

Iiwake Maybe
Heavy Rotation
Flying Get
Gingham Check
Koisuru Fortune Cookie
Kokoro no Placard

TOPIC 2: Election Dropouts

The following members have dropped out of the election

Matsui Rena
Kojima Haruna
Ikoma Rina
Kawaei Rina (graduating)
Iriyama Anna
Yamada Nana (graduated)
Furukawa Airi (graduated)
Kinoshita Yukiko (graduated)
Iwanaga Tsugumi
Kuromochi Asuka
Yamada Mizuho
Tanabe Miku
Abiru Riho
Kobayashi Ami

Five of the 29 girls not participating in this years election controlled nearly 246,000 votes and a quarter of the top 20 rankings. The total number of votes by all not participating this year is 386, 254 votes.

Panel Questions

  1. What are your general thoughts on this crop of dropouts? Are the ones without a valid excuse quitters with no ovarian fortitude whatsoever?
  2. How brilliant is Kojima Haruna’s excuse for not being in the election? True air head or calculated move to prevent fan backlash for not participating?
  3. Who in the list is the most surprising dropout? Conversely, who in this list was expected to not be part of the election at all?
  4. Are there any members not in this list who should be based on previous election track record(s)?

TOPIC 3: General election talk

General observations about the election

Panel Questions

  1. Stupid question, but are you going to wake up early and watch this thing or just sleep and wait until the morning to see the explosion of social media?
  2. Which group will have the most number of ranked members and why?
  3. Which group will have the least number of ranked members and why?
  4. Are there any members you feel will rank up considerably this year? How about those who will fall hard back into the world of mediocrity?
  5. Is there anyone you would consider a dark horse?
  6. How ugly is Watanabe Mayu’s big painting going to be?

TOPIC 4: Pick a winner

Last year’s rankings for reference –

Panel Questions

  1. Who takes the coveted “Miss Irrelevant” ranking? (#80 currently held by Oshima Ryoka)
  2. Who will be in the honorable “Scandal” ranking? (#26 currently held by Takajo Aki)
  3. Does Watanabe Miyuki make it back into the top 16?
  4. As a follow up, does Matsumura Kaori outrank her again? If so, how high do you think she will go?
  5. Would Matsumura Kaori ranking in the Kami 7 be the equivalent of an apocalyptic event for AKB48 as an organization?
  6. Shunkan has Takamina ranked at #1 in their predictions? Is she jinxed now?
  7. Who are you picks for runner ups at #2 and #3?
  8. Who is your pick for 2015 queen bitch of all that is AKB land? Will Takamina take the crown in her graduation year? Will BBQ be voted all the way to #1 and bring the end times? Will the fans push Mayu into a second term?

ENDING – AKB48 – Summer Side

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