Morning Musume 16

The Selective Hearing staff gather 2 weeks before Anime Matsuri to discuss Morning Musume ’16’s appearance, what we’re looking forward to and the Hello! Disco event.

Selective Hearing Roundtable Ep. 30 (128k M4A, 59.3 MB, Running Time: 00:59:31)

INTRO – モーニング娘。’15 – My Only One

TOPIC 1: What are you looking forward to at Anime Matsuri?

TOPIC 2: Morning Musume ’16 specific events at Anime Matsuri

TOPIC 3: What do you expect from the Morning Musume ’16 concert?

TOPIC 4: Hello! Disco event details

TOPIC 5: Closing Thoughts

OUTRO – モーニング娘。’15 – スカッと My Heart


Hello! Disco –

Anime Matsuri –


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