AKB48 45th Single Sousenkyo

Recorded July 4, 2016
Running Time: 02:44:04

OPENING – Booker T Theme Song “Rap Sheet”

Panel Questions

TOPIC 1: Pre-show concert

Did you watch? What major announcements were made if any?

TOPIC 2: General Nonsense

Did you watch alone in your room clutching to your oshi pillow in anticipation of your fave getting called up? Or were you huddled around a computer screen/TV with other wota in the same room?

At what point during the show did you pass out? Or did you manage to make all the way to the end without falling asleep?

How beat were you the day after? Did you have to work or have other commitments that were not as enjoyable due to your obsession with seeing young girls cry about arbitrary rankings?

TOPIC 3: Election Observations

Overall presentation of show? What did you think?

Was this the year of the HKT lolis and lesser SKE members?

Why did NMB get no love?

Were you happy that the the lower ranked speeches were kept short and to the point? Or did this just prolong the agony for the long winded senbatsu speeches.

BS Sky is great, but boo to them for cutting out just before senbatsu and making us watch the shitty Fuji TV feed instead.

TOPIC 4: Election Rankings

Upcoming Girls

Congratulations to Allen for correctly predicting that Murashige Anna would become 2016’s Ms. Irrelevant.

Who was ranked too low? Who was ranked too high? (*cough*KATOMINAMI*cough*)

Are you sad that Myao ended up here? Any other surprises?

Miyamae Ami is center, are you happy she is ending her SKE career in this manner?

Future Girls

A great injustice has been done to Kitagawa Ryoha, too low. Agree or disagree?

Nishino Miki finally ranks. Did you mark out in joyful celebration or scoff at this living convulsion taking up a spot someone else should have?

Tani Marika drops 32 spots. What do you believe was the cause of this? Lack of BBQ? The known fact she likes living in eternal messiness? People just fed up with her? Better members to vote for this year? Why God why?

Next Girls

Sutou Ririka, Tanaka Miku, Ego Yuna and Team 8’s lone soldier Kuranoo Narumi are the most notable debuts in this grouping. Who amongst these girls has the brightest future?

Kizaki Yuria drops 15 spots into Next Girls. Has she peaked? Is it a downhill slide into obscurity from here?


How about that Yabuki Nako? Or are you team Miku and are loathing this placement?

The Joker (Komiyama Haruka) makes a fairly high debut. Well deserved or too high?

Takayanagi Akane drops out of senbatsu into undergirls. Expected or did you have that small glimmer of hope her fans would help her keep her spot? Is this also going to lead to a downward trend for her as well?

Minegishi Minami is Undergirls center. Are you content with this? You think she gonna get all these bitches all on the Rizap workout and we’ll have buff Undegirls who can lift cars?


Takahashi Juri, Okada Nana, Mukaichi Mion and Kodama Haruka bring freshness to the senbatsu.

  • Mukaichi Mion makes a huge gain from last year’s ranking (31 spots). Believe in the DSLs.
  • Okada Nana discusses her eating disorder and her resolve to overcome. Depressing speech or inspirational?
  • Haruppi’s pain has ended. Praise Jebus she is in senbatsu.
  • Lastly, yay for dead eye.

Muto ends up not being the odd girl out and ranked up. We were wrong on that one weren’t we?

Speaking of being wrong, Paruru does not drop out either. But she does say she will no longer participate. Thoughts?

Suda Akari’s hair. Short ain’t a good look for her. Agree or disagree?

Matsui Jurina and Yamamoto Sayaka rank up while Kashiwagi Yuki falls to 5th. Should we consider Kashiwagi as another who will trend down? Neither Jurina or Sayanee get close to Mayuyu’s number of votes. So much for someone breaking the trend of 2 people dominating the top huh?

Watanabe Mayu fears that AKB is in crisis because all the old hags are leaving. Do you agree or have you moved on to the next generation of members who will carry the group forward?

Sashihara Rino bests Watanabe Mayu by 67,398 votes becoming the first back to back winner and also first 3-time winner. She also breaks the 200,000 vote barrier. Do you think any member will be able to top her or is this the beginning of an Undertaker-like streak?

TOPIC 5: Final thoughts

Were you satisfied with the results of this year’s election? Why do you think so many people get so much butthurt when Sashihara Rino wins?

What kind of song do you expect for the Sashihara led single? Will this follow the pattern of years past where they make a dance type video that staff and people all over the world copycat or has that become a little cliche?

Any other random tidbits you’d like to mention before closing podcast?

ENDING – AKB48 – 翼はいらない


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