AKB48 2017 Sousenkyo

Recorded July 2, 2017
Running Time: 3:29:12

The Selective Hearing staff gather to analyze the rankings in AKB48’s 49th Single Sousenkyo. The opinions expressed in this broadcast do not necessarily reflect those of the other Selective Hearing staff/contributors, our partners and/or affiliates.

Opening – LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out

Final Rankings:


2017 AKB48 Upcoming Girls


Matsuoka Hana takes the title of Ms. Irrelevant. Guess we were wrong on that one.


  • Toyonaga Aki (HKT48 KKS)
  • Takahata Yuki (SKE48 TEAM E)
  • Kado Yuria (NGT48 KKS)
  • Hiwatashi Yui (AKB48 TEAM A)
  • Obata Yuna (SKE48 TEAM K2)

Nagano Serika (AKB48 TEAM 8)

  • Ota Nao (AKB48 TEAM 8) – Upcoming Girls Center

Thoughts on this fresh crop of ranked members?


  • Mogi Shinobu (AKB48 TEAM K) [-27]
  • Tani Marika (SKE48 TEAM E) [-11]

Who are you more sad about? Mogi diving hard or Tani Marika dropping again?

2017 AKB48 Future Girls



  • Muto Orin (AKB48 KKS)
  • Yamaguchi Maho (NGT48 TEAM N3]
  • Oguri Yui (AKB48 TEAM 8)

So Muto Tomu’s votes went to her sister right?
Yamaguchi Maho, toothy but pretty girl. Those who know more about her, tell us her story.
Oguri Yui ranks and she doesn’t like her nickname. So cute yes?


  • Motomura Aoi (HKT48 TEAM K4) [-26]
  • Komiyama Haruka (AKB48 TEAM 4) [-31]
  • Takeuchi Saki (SKE48 TEAM K2) [-25]

Another set of hard drops. Which one(s) disappoint you the most?


  • Tanigawa Airi (NMB48 TEAM N)

After opting out last year Tanigawa returns to the land of the ranked members. Were you crying tears of joy?

Moving on up:

  • Ichikawa Miori (NMB48 TEAM N) [+20]
  • Tanaka Natsumi (HKT48 TEAM H) [+39]
  • Arai Yuki (SKE48 TEAM K2) [+28]
  • Sakaguchi Riko (HKT48 TEAM H) [+10] – Future Girls Center

Tanaka Natsumi makes significant gains. Are you happier for her or for the other 2 members who made similar moves up the ladder?

Staying where they are:

  • Kitagawa Ryoha (SKE48 TEAM S) [-]

Kitagawa makes absolutely no movement this year. She looked pretty disappointed in her lack of anything. What are your thoughts?



  • Nishigata Marina (NGT48 Team N3)
  • Goto Rara (SKE48 TEAM E)
  • Kubo Satone (AKB48 TEAM K DRAFT KKS)


  • Okita Ayaka (NMB48 TEAM B2) [-23]

Moving on up:

  • Kato Yuka (NMB48 TEAM M) [+51] – Next Girls Center
  • Murase Sae (NMB48 TEAM B2) [+49]
  • Kamata Natsuki (SKE48 TEAM E) [+30]
  • Taniguchi Megu (AKB48 TEAM A) [+24]

2017 AKB48 Undergirls


Oba Mina takes the coveted scandal ranking of #26. What will her second scandal be? Or will she just repeat what she did before?


  • Takakura Moeka (NGT48 TEAM N3)


  • Mukaichi Mion (AKB48 TEAM K) [-4] – Undergirls Center

Mukaichi becomes the only senbatsu member from last year to rank down. Is it because she turned heel in Tofu Pro Wrestling or is there a more plausible reason for this downswing of momentum?

Moving on up:

  • Sutou Ririka (NMB48 TEAM N) [+24]
  • Ota Yuri (NMB48 TEAM B2) [+25]
  • Moriyasu Madoka (HKT48 TEAM K4) [+19]
  • Fukuoka Seina (AKB48 TEAM B) [+65]
  • Nakai Rika (NGT48 TEAM N3) [+73]

Two members had large jumps in ranking from last year. Which one do you think deserved the mega push?

AKB48 2017 Election

The big event coming out of this ranking group was Sutou Ririka announcing her engagement to an unknown person. What was your reaction to this? Is she trolling or is it the real deal? How bad did you feel for Minegishi having to follow up that?


  • Matsumura Kaori (SKE48 TEAM K2)
  • Oya Masana (SKE48 TEAM S)

SKE48’s resident senior citizen returns to the Undergirls. Is she fated to be Undergirls forever?

2017 AKB48 Senbatsu



  • Honma Hinata (NGT48 TEAM N3)

Who? The only Honma known to most casuals is the one who does the Kokeshi in New Japan Pro Wrestling.


  • None

Moving on up:

  • Ogino Yuka (NGT48 TEAM N3) [+90]
  • Souda Sarina (SKE48 TEAM K2) [+22]
  • Shiroma Miru (NMB48 TEAM M) [+12]
  • Yoshida Akari (NMB48 TEAM M) [+61]

Another 2 large leaps in ranks from Yoshida Akari and Ogino Yuka with the latter failing to make enough gains to take #1. Are you disappointed that Ogino’s fans were unable to keep her on top or is this more than respectable showing moving 90 places up in rank?

Okay, admit it. Ogino Yuka made you cry with her speech about never giving up and living your dreams. Is she John Cena’s catch phrase in idol form?

Shiroma Miru becomes the new Watanabe Miyuki. Do you see her moving up past #12 in the years to come (assuming she doesn’t graduate)?

Did you celebrate for Yoshida Akari?

Miyawaki Sakura does not generate enough votes to get past #4. Are you happy that she is stuck in limbo or sad she didn’t get higher?

Staying where they are:

  • Sashihara Rino (HKT48 TEAM H) [-] – Senbatsu Center
  • Watanabe Mayu (AKB48 TEAM B) [-]
  • Matsui Jurina (SKE48 TEAM S) [-]

The top 3 remain the same this year as expected. Matsui Jurina seems to be entrenched in the forever third spot. Is she destined to stay here until she finally gives up and stops entering the election?

Watanabe Mayu announces her graduation. How many fans do you think are done with AKB once she leaves? What do you think her future career will be? Actress? JAV? Both?

Sashihara Rino breaks vote count records again. There is the assumption that she is throwing shade at Mayu after complimenting Jurina on her willingness to do battle again next year. Do you believe that is the case or are people reading way into things?

What did you think of the awkward hug between Mayu & Sasshi. Did you secretly wish they just kissed?

Should they just retire Sasshi’s senbatsu election jersey next year? She seems pretty unstoppable until she decides to not take part anymore.


What do you think was the biggest story coming out of this event?
Outdoor portion gets rained out and AKS is forced to scramble to Plan B.
Suto Ririka drops a bomb and announces she’s getting married
Watanabe Mayu announces her graduation
Sashihara Rino breaks vote count again

Ending – AKB48 – 願いごとの持ち腐れ


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