Recorded June 9, 2018
Time: 1:48:52

The Selective Hearing staff and a special guest gathered to discuss AKB48’s 10th World Senbatsu Sousenkyo and make bold predictions on the final results. We claim no responsibility for any monetary losses you may incur based on our bullshit. Remember, the opinions in this podcast are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect those of the other Selective Hearing staff and our partners/affiliates.

This year the election has been opened up to AKB48’s overseas sister groups JKT48 (Indonesia), BNK48 (Thailand) and TPE48 (Taiwan). SNH48 and their associated sister groups (BEJ48 and GNZ48) are not eligible due to breach of contract issues. Nor will you see the recently formed MNL48 participate.

In order to accommodate the increase of members fans can vote for 20 additional spots have been added to the rankings. Now it will be a top 100 who make the final cut. The ranking groups are now:

100-81: World Senbatsu Sousenkyo Kinen Waku
80-65: Upcoming Girls
64-49: Future Girls
48-33: Next Girls
32-17: Under Girls
16-1: World Senbatsu

1st Day Results

AKB48 – 39
SKE48 – 30
HKT48 – 20
NMB48 – 14
NGT48 – 13
STU48 – 2
BNK48 – 2
JKT48 – 0
TPE48 – 0
Total = 120

Panel Questions

Is This Really A “World Senbatsu”?

  • Theater no longer accepts foreign credit cards
  • Chinese fans use prepaid debit, so this does not affect them
  • Other fans are stuck with Buyee, which has a guarantee on when CDs get shipped to them
  • Amex is still accepted
  • Japanese phone numbers are needed to verify that no fans vote multiple times with a single mobame account

Mention the sister groups participating and those that aren’t

  • JKT48 declined because of Ramadan
  • Tons of BNK girls not in as well as a few of TPE girls
  • At least the website is nice –
  • Live stream of the election –

Notable girls not participating

Teacher Teacher Sells 2.5 Million

  • WTF? How is this possible? I thought 48G was declining?
  • Your feelings about Teacher Teacher single
  • he impact this will have on this year’s election

Livetream thoughts. HKT stream constant buffering. Reactions from other group streams

Biggest surprises
Kami 7?
Top 3?
What will be the shocking surprise for #1 this year

Quiz Time!

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