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Episode 4 of the audio version of the Selective Hearing roundtable brings together regulars Tenkei, Boykun, Hiro and Mandy along with Dave from New School Kaidan to discuss idols and scandals.

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The Panel

Tenkei – Twitter | basugasubakuhatsu | nandake
Boykun – Twitter | basugasubakuhatsu | nandake
Greg – Twitter | Selective Hearing
Hiro – Twitter | Selective Hearing
Dave – Twitter | New School Kaidan
Mandy – Twitter

Opening: Epik High – Wordkill

The Topic

What do you feel defines a scandal?

  • Are they major incidents or do minor infractions count as well?
  • What mitigating factors result in something being called a scandal?
  • Do you think the term is being overused?

Why do you think so many idols risk getting caught breaking the rules?

  • Is it human nature to do so (i.e. puberty, sex drive, etc.)
  • Are they rebelling against the corporate binds that tie them?
  • Do you think that J-Pop idols should get the same slack that K-Pop idols get when it comes to dating and “relations”?

What are your thoughts on fan reactions to scandals?

  • Are there too many over the top, OMG THE WORLD IS ENDING reactions?
  • Does social media have a role in how people react to the news about their favorite idols getting into hot water?
  • Have there been so many reactions that you just don’t give a damn anymore & want everyone to shut the fuck up?

Ending – Village People – Macho Man

Total time: 46:05

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