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Episode 9 of the audio version of the Selective Hearing roundtable brings together regulars Tenkei, Boykun, ToZ, Allen and Mandy along with newcomers Sophie and Uncle Rommel to discuss Maki Goto’s AV offer and the validity of her chest area assets.

We also discuss the career choices of idols, why they decide to make a life altering change and who we think is the next to go.

Remember that if you don’t like what you hear, we have two words for you…


The Panel

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Boykun – Twitter | basugasubakuhatsu | nandake
Greg – Twitter | Selective Hearing
ToZ – Twitter | Selective Hearing
Mandy – Twitter
Sophie – Twitter | J-Popping
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Opening: Color Me Badd – I Wanna Sex You Up

The Topics

Idol career changes

Submitted by panel member Tenkei:

@hibachifinal tabloid reports Goto Maki accepting large sum of money to do 2 AV. no credible reports yet, though.

  • Do you hope it’s true?
    • How many of you pervs (other than me) are going to watch this? Be honest.
    • If true, how does this affect Goto’s standing as a musical artist? Will she get the Rina Nakanishi treatment?
    • Can she ever come back to music in the same capacity before her hiatus if she does AV? After all her AVEX stuff was pretty decent & she was rebranding herself as a more serious artist
    • Would it be a downgrade if she were to be on the same level of Ebisu Muscats?
    • Will the sales of Tengas and lube increase if this turns out to be real?
  • Or is this false hope for the many who are praying to the AV gods to throw them a bone(r)?

Idol careers cut short

Recently there have been a rash of departures of idols due to injury, educational pursuits or just because.. This has been most prevalent in the 48 family as of late. Of course this is not just limited to them as many idol groups in the past have had to deal with membership losses of this nature.

  • Yagami Kumi throws in the towel. God is angry with idol fans for some reason. Express your emo over this unfortunate occurrence.
  • Do you think that idols are being worked like rented mules or is injury an accepted risk of the job?
    • Are idols expected to be like pro athletes during playoff time and perform hurt for the good of the fans?
    • Would you rather have someone who is hurt sit out or give it their all at the risk of further physical damage?
  • Is the “pursuit of studies” becoming an easy out for those who can’t handle the idol life and school or are just not good enough to advance in their respective groups?
    • Can it also be used as excuse to get away from discontent generated from change? (i.e. Ogawa & Yuuka leaving S/Mileage after 2nd Gen was finalized.)
  • Does the stress of being an idol play into possible injury or failing grades due to fatigue?
  • What advice would you give to those who are not good at multi-tasking or handling stress?
  • Who do you think is the next idol to call it quits? And for what possible reason would they leave?
  • If you were an idol/idol hopeful do you believe you would have the testicular/ovarian fortitude to survive the trials of the industry?

Image Analysis

Submitted by panel member Allen

  • Who needs a sandwich?
  • Who needs their sandwich taken away?

Products mentioned in this episode

Tenga on Wikipedia

You decide. Maki’s assets, real or not?

Maki Goto

Maki Goto Beach
Tito Rommel thinks there is too much sand in this picture

Ending: Weird Al Yankovich – Fat

Total Time: 02:02:04

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