Selective Hearing Roundtable: NXT Takeover Brooklyn 4/Summerslam 2K18 Predictions

The Selective Hearing staff have gathered to make bold predictions on the 2018 edition of WWE’s Takeover and Summerslam weekend. As usual, we take no responsibilities for any lost money based on our prognostications.

Also, apologies for the lateness of our NXT Takeover predictions. At the very least you can see how wrong we were given that show is over by the time this is posted.

NXT Takeover Brooklyn 4

Velveteen Dream vs. EC3

This is most likely the opening match for this latest edition of Takeover Brooklyn. Do you expect this to follow the trend of Takeover opening matches setting a strong tone for the rest of the show?

Greg: Yes. Even though this feud is basically boiling down to who can out psych the other it will result in a very solid match.

Allen: It will set the tone because it’s two of the most flamboyant personalities currently on the roster that people enjoy watching. Hopefully a lot of posturing and mind games between the both of them.

TOZ: I hope so.

BigFreaky: EC3 is what brought me to the NXT table, The original yellow ropes. Should be a barn burner.

Both of these men are popular with the NXT faithful, who should end up the winner in this match?

Greg: Velveteen Dream son.

Allen: Gotta go with VD! Hahaha!

TOZ: I’m gonna say EC3. VD feels like a made man on NXT, he could afford to lose.

BigFreaky: EC3 gonna get some momentum moving.

The Undisputed Era vs. Moustache Mountain (NXT Tag Team Championship)

NXT U.K. favorites Moustache Mountain challenge the Undisputed Era for the tag team titles in what appears to be the final match for this feud. Will this live up to their previous two encounters?

Greg: Yes. This should be a hell of a tag team match that will most likely surpass their last 2 matches.

Allen: Yes. They have been able to keep Tag team matches relevant to watch as opposed to the other rosters. I expect no different.

TOZ: It’s a lot of pressure to live up to those other matches. I bet they match it, not surpass it.

BigFreaky: End of the summer, end of the feud.

Do you think the belts will be going back to the U.K. or will Undisputed Era retain?

Greg: Undisputed Era will retain but it will probably not be an easy win for them.

Allen: Undisputed Era with an assist from a returning Bobby Fish.

TOZ: Era gets the win.

BigFreaky: Era is going to continue holding that gold.

Adam Cole vs. Ricochet (NXT North American Championship)

Two former indie darlings face off against each other in a WWE ring. Do you expect this to be match of the night?

Greg: It could be MOTN. There is potential for them to put on something really good to make that big brown belt feel like something worth fighting for.

Allen: MOTN spot monkeys!


BigFreaky: Two completely different styles will make for a very interesting matchup.

Adam Cole’s reign so far has not been too memorable. However, pairing up with Ricochet has made the big brown belt feel more important. Do you think it is the right time for him to drop the belt or does he retain?

Greg: Cole will not be losing his belt at Takeover Brooklyn 4. That belt still has to be established as a strong secondary title. Which at the moment, it is not.

Allen: I could see Ricochet taking the win because Adam Cole is popular whether or not he holds a belt.

TOZ: Damn, I don’t even know. Both options feel good. My heart says Ricochet gets it.

BigFreaky: Cole will retain.

Would you be mad if the belt is hot shotted to Ricochet to allow Cole to move on up the food chain?

Greg: I would be a little mad. But if it makes sense for both men in the future I’d be okay with it.

Allen: Not really but only to give Johnny G a new opponent to battle.

TOZ: Not mad.

BigFreaky: I think Cole is gonna hold onto that Gold until Thanksgiving at the earliest.

Shayna Baszler vs. Kairi Sane (NXT Women’s Championship)

A rematch of the inaugural Mae Young Classic final. This time for the NXT women’s championship.

Baszler has run through every woman put in front of her during her 125+ day stranglehold on the title. Will Sane be the one to dethrone her or do you think that moment will belong to someone else down the line?

Greg: I think Sane will be the one to take down Baszler.

Allen: I would like Sane to win and become Baszler’s kryptonite.

TOZ: Can we get at least one Japanese-born person win a title in this era?

BigFreaky: I think Shayna is going to retain.

Who do you realistically think should win given the potential matchups with the current roster of women on the NXT brand and possible additions from the second Mae Young Classic?

Greg: Kairi Sane winning would provide what appears to be a heel heavy NXT women’s division a chance to step up and get some tile opportunities. So I will go with her being the better option moving forward.

Allen: Too many heel champions. Give me some one that is a crowd pleaser to cheer for, Kairi would fill that role quite well.

TOZ: I think the Ronda connection is too good. Baszler keeps it.

BigFreaky: I want Shayna to hold that belt warm for Dakota Kai. But I might be a little bias.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano (Last man standing for NXT Championship)

Much like Owens vs. Zayn this is a feud that defines “fight forever”. With Black out of the match with a groin injury was this the next best option?

Greg: Yes.

Allen: Had to be. Can’t go throwing someone random in there.

TOZ: Yeah, although I liked the idea that they wouldn’t even get close to each other till near WM.

BigFreaky: Frankly either match would be amazing, and it will be.

What else can we possibly expect from two men given their history? Is there anything else they can do to top their past performances?

Greg: I don’t know what else they can do to match what they have done in the past. It will be interesting to see what they come up with.

Allen: I wonder if they will have an actual wrestling match to start before they go all berserk on each other.

TOZ: Dude, after the DDT on the bare wood, I have no idea how to top that. But, I gonna take my shot and say that this match will make Meltzer give a WWE match 6 stars.

BigFreaky: Two are quite amazing, and definitely give 100% every time. This is yet another match will talk about for a long time.

Will Gargano finally win the big one or is it too soon to end Ciampa’s title run?

Greg: Too soon. Have Gargano forever chasing Ciampa until another big Takeover where there will be a better payoff.

Allen: As much as I love Ciampa and his current role, I’d love to see Gargano take the title away from him. It just feels right for him to be a champion. I want to see an obsessed Ciampa reek havoc on NXT for a while and Gargano being the one to stop him.

TOZ: Too soon. Ciampa too strong.

BigFreaky: If Gargano doesn’t get it tonight, he will at Mania.