Selective Hearing Roundtable: NXT Takeover & Summerslam Predictions


August 20 and 21, 2016 bring two of the most anticipated events in the WWE PPV calendar, NXT Takeover Brooklyn II on Saturday and Summerslam on Sunday. Both cards have some exciting matchups that have the potential to deliver some must see action.

The Selective Hearing staff have gathered to discuss both events and make their bold predictions. Remember, we are not responsible if you lose money gambling based on our bullshit. That is your own damn fault.

Let’s start with the first event of the weekend, NXT Takeover Brooklyn II.


Ember Moon vs. Billie Kay
No Way Jose vs. Austin Aries
The Revival vs. Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa for the NXT Tag Team Championship
Andrade Almas vs. Bobby Roode
Asuka vs. Bayley for the NXT Women’s Championship
Samoa Joe vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the NXT Championship


Ember Moon makes her debut at NXT Takeover Brooklyn II against Billie Kay. How much do you know about NXT’s newest superstar outside of the clips of her work on the Internet? It’s probably obvious Moon is going to win this match, so the follow up question is how competitive will this match be given that Billie Kay is also on the rise?

TOZ: I would like it to be competitive. With the mass exodus of NXT women due to the draft, they need more people to wrestle Asuka and Bayley.

Greg: I’ve only seen clips of Ember Moon’s finisher called the “O Face”. It looks very badass but also very dangerous if botched. I hope this match goes long so we can get a good look at what the future of the women’s division post Bayley/Asuka will look like. I don’t see Moon losing her debut match if is the next “one” to arrive in the women’s division.

Allen: Ember Moon is not going to lose her debut match and I have great faith that Billie Kay will help her look good. I don’t see this as a complete squash but Moon will be the focus. She will be the next “It” girl since it looks like this will be Bayley’s last NXT match. Winner – Ember Moon

BigFreaky: I have qutie a bit of knowledge of Ember Moon as I have seen her wrestle many, many times. She can totally own her own against Bayley/Asuka (they have wrestled each other before) I am expecting her to crush Billie Kay, who is quite good on her own, but it seems it’s Moon’s time to shine.

BigFreaky & Athena (a.k.a. Ember Moon)

No Way Jose is serious about kicking the ass of Austin Aries. Do you like this side of Jose? Do you think he has a chance of winning or will Aries take him out?

TOZ: Aries wins. But really this isn’t Asuka vs Bayley so I’m probably gonna skip this match for that.

Greg: No Way Jose’s intro is hype and I hope that he continues with this serious character. I think he’ll put up a fight but he’s not going to win this match.

Allen: The undefeated No Way Jose has shown he can flip the switch from fun to fierce and that charisma has even rubbed off on Austin Aries. I can’t remember the last time Aries won a match, so I don’t imagine him winning here. Everyone in Brooklyn will be dancing to No Way Jose’s theme at the end of the match. Winner – No Way Jose

BigFreaky: How can Aries lose again? He did lose to Corbin right? I have completely forgotten. However it turns out, I think Aries should get the win.

Is it Gargano & Ciampa’s time for gold? Could this be a match of the night sleeper candidate?

TOZ: It could steal the show, but it ain’t no Asuka vs Bayley.

Greg: This match could be a very hard hitting affair. If that’s the case don’t expect to see flippy shit from any of these men. Just fists. I want new champs but would not be disappointed if The Revival retain.

Allen: This match WILL steal the show. I saw both these teams fight each other when they toured here in Houston and they had the match of the night. The Revival does great heel tactics that keep the crowds hating them. I can see The Revival fit into either main roster, most likely Raw, as they need more heel tag teams. Gargano and Ciampa are riding high especially after their CWC match. I wonder what their team name will be? Winner – New NXT Tag Team Champions, Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano.

BigFreaky: The Revival will take it simply based on the fact that the CruiserWeight group is going to get RAW time. Unfortunately I can’t get that out of my head. This match will be an incredible technical masterpiece. Gargano and Ciampa don’t really do a ton of flippy shit, but they do way more than The Revival. This match will be smash mouth.

No one seems to care about Andrade Almas despite his well hyped debut a few months ago. Bobby Roode is the new hotness in NXT. Do you see this being a squash for Roode or is there hope that it will be a competitive match that shows what Almas is capable of?

Greg: I don’t particularly care for Almas at all. I don’t know much about his pre-NXT work but what he’s shown so far is kind within NXT is kind of meh. I hope whatever made him a hot signing before his debut will appear in this match. Roode still wins in the end regardless.

Allen: The undefeated Almas always reminds me of some Latino Chippendale’s dancer with his ring gear and suspenders. He has some pretty good matches and his finisher scares the crap out of me when he hits it, but I don’t see him winning.

It will be a GLORIOUS NXT debut for Booby Roode. I feel like he doesn’t have many squash matches, so they will have a nice competitive match so they both look good. I also want to hear the Brooklyn crowd sing the Glorious theme song, it’ll be amazing. Winner – Bobby Roooooooooo!

BigFreaky: This match will probably be the sleeper hit of the night. Almas has a lot of talent that hasn’t been tapped into yet, and it’s not really translating to his new character. He hasn’t taken on any real competitors yet either so he will have his hands full with Roode.

Roode won me over with his title run in TNA, so going forward I expect a lot of greatness out of him. I simply cannot pick a winner in this match, I’m gonna have to throw a red flag.

TOZ: No squash, but I think Roode gets it done. Also fam, this ain’t Asuka vs Bayley.

Asuka vs. Bailey. Will this match the awesome of Sasha vs. Bailey at last year’s Takeover? Does Asuka’s undefeated streak continue or do we have a first ever 2-time women’s champ? Would you rather Bailey lose awesomely before being called up or stick around to further help the next generation of women?

Greg: I think the streak of epic women’s title matches will continue at this year’s Takeover. Bayley has shown over the past few NXT episodes that she isn’t just hugs and happy-go-lucky. Perhaps we’ll see a bit of a mean streak come out that could put her over the unstoppable Asuka.

I have no preference in regards to a winner as long as we get a great performance. It would be awesome if Bayley gets called up but the way the main roster women’s scene is looking it’s probably not the right time to bring her up just yet.

Allen: I think we will see a “Never Give Up” Super Bayley show up but she will get shut down by the brick wall that is Asuka. I think Asuka is just on another level and that Bayley won’t be able to win. This will finally be Bayley’s NXT swan song and she will leave it in the ring in Brooklyn.

Judging from her reaction she got at Battleground, Bayley will be called up to the main roster like she finally deserves. The NXT women’s roster is pretty deep, so Bayley can finally take her leave. Raw could use her to bring some goofy silliness and some hugs instead of all the women just being mad at each other. Winner – Still NXT Women’s Champ Asuka

BigFreaky: I love Bayley for sure, but there is no way she is going to beat Asuka. Asuka is the Joshi Beast Incarnate. I have seen Asuka murder so many people, and I see no slowing down out of her. It will be one match I watch very closely. We will see magic.

TOZ: I loved their Dallas match, with Asuka winning by choking Bayley out, so I’m excited for them to go at it again. I don’t really care who wins, but I do want Asuka to win to allow Bayley to bring Hug Life to the masses.

Yet, if Bayley hasn’t been called up by now, I wonder if the WWE still thinks she’s missing something. So perhaps Bayley wins and they keep this going till WrestleMania weekend? Nope, I’m gonna stick with Asuka. Let her keep running shit for awhile. Now let’s give Bayley three ingredients: Hustle, Loyalty, Respect.

Shinsuke Nakamura gets catapulted to the main event scene facing Samoa Joe for the NXT championship. Do you see him taking the title from Joe or is this only the beginning of what may be a very long (and hopefully epic) series of matches? Could this be the match of the night?

Greg: Joe has been a monster ever since winning the belt. Nakamura has been a monster ever since arriving in NXT at Takeover Dallas. I’m torn as to whether Nakamura should be crowned champ but Joe will be just fine if he does take the loss. Either way this might steal the entire Summerslam weekend in regards to match quality.

Allen: Joe has revived his career in NXT and he is the top heel in any of the rosters. He brings a hard hitting, baddass attitude that Nakamura hasn’t been up against in a long time. I don’t see this being a pretty match, it’ll be a hard hitting fight. If they do have more matches, I don’t see it going more than three. It will help Nakamura legitimize his King of Strong Style title and Joe will be the perfect guy to do that for him. Joe can finally go to Smackdown and help #BeatUpJohnCena. Winner – New NXT Champ Shinsuke Nakamura

BigFreaky: Only 1 man is going to walk out of this match. After the huge war that Joe just had with Finn, I really don’t know how this can all go down. If Shinsuke is going to win, he is going to have to do it with finesse. I can’t really say speed, cuz Joe despite his size is quick as hell. Once again I’m agreeing with Allen, that we are going to see a series of matches going forward. Nakamura FTW, but we will get the Rematch 1000%.

TOZ: I’m going with Joe. It allows Joe to keep being the top heel, and gives Nakamura something to strive for in the next six to eight months. Also, I don’t get the feeling Nakamura needs the title to be important.

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