Selective Hearing Roundtable: NXT Takeover & Summerslam Predictions

Moving on to Sunday’s show, the main roster invade the Barclays Center for the 2016 edition of Summerslam with the feature matches being Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton and the crowning of the first Universal Champion.


Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. Chris Jericho & Kevin Owens
Carmella, Naomi & Becky Lynch vs. Natalya, Eva Marie & Alexa Bliss
The New Day vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson for the WWE TagTeam Championship
The Miz (w/ Maryse) vs. Apollo Crews for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
Cesaro vs. Seamus in Match 1 of a best of seven series
John Cena vs. AJ Styles
Rusev (w/ Lana) vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE United States Championship
Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte for the WWE Women’s Championship
Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman) vs. Randy Orton
Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler for the WWE World Championship
Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship


Which match looks like the most likely to be the curtain jerker?

Greg: Jeri-KO vs. Enzo & Cass looks like it will be the opening match. The storyline between Jericho and Enzo is about the only thing holding this together and it feels like this is just here to give these 4 men something to do. The other option is the multi-woman tag match.

TOZ: I would like the Tag Team title match to start the show off, but I think Jeri-KO vs Enzo & Cass will be the first match.

Allen: Too bad Eva Marie got popped for a Wellness Violation, Greg! I see the first match being New Day vs The Club.

Greg: I am sad that there is no all red everything. This quality of this show has significantly dipped already without Eva Marie.

BigFreaky: I’m really gonna go with Cesaro vs. Sheamus, considering they are going to have a best of 7 series. No sense in holding that match over for the regular show.

Which match looks like the bathroom break?

Greg: The IC title match. That is sad to say given that the Miz has done some fantastic work as as the entitled, jackass heel. There just isn’t enough animosity between Creed, I mean Crews and the Miz to convince me that a title change is going to happen.

It might be a good match if given enough time but I don’t really care what happens here so it’s a good time as ever to drop them kids off at the pool.

TOZ: The women’s tag match. Outside of whatever antics are going on with Eva Marie, I find it hard to believe that alone will keep people’s attention.

Allen: At first I thought the IC match would be my answer, but I feel like there will be a surprise. My vote goes for the now 5 Women Tag Match from Smackdown.

BigFreaky: I think the Tag Title match will probably be one big cluster fuck. This will prob be a little earlier than midpoint and a perfect time to drain the lizard. Unfortunately I think the Women’s match will end up being something dumb too. Everyone hating on the IC match, I am hoping for a good match there.

Miz is actually really good when he gets to work, and well we haven’t seen anything out of Crews yet, that I know he can do. Also I don’t know how everyone didn’t pick the Roman Reigns match as the pee break. Maybe it’s the poop break?

Will John Cena vs. AJ Styles live up to their first encounter? Will Styles win clean or will this be a case of 50/50 booking with Cena getting his win back? What do you think the best outcome would be?

Greg: Yes, this second match will probably better than the first, especially since it will be a true one on one. AJ has had several fantastic PPV matches in a row and this should be no different. Despite what people think of Cena, he steps up his game when it counts.

AJ should win clean assuming that he is being built to be the mega heel to take on Randy Orton after he’s done doing his tour of Suplex City.

TOZ: It’s probably be just as good. As for the outcome, I think AJ should win to allow him to work his way into the title picture, but I do think John will get the win back.

Allen: For me, if it’s 50/50 booking, technically Cena got his win back pinning AJ clean during their tag match at Battleground. Plus he was left standing on Smackdown and put Styles through the announcer’s table at the end.

So this time I see AJ winning clean without any interference. AJ has been putting on top tier matches ever since he has arrived in WWE and I feel like they will pull off a better match with Cena compared to their first encounter. Winner – AJ Styles

BigFreaky: I have to say I’m pretty torn. I think AJ getting the win will raise his stock, and John doesn’t ever need a win. I’m gonna have to flip a coin and go with AJ.

Are the Bullet “Club” Gallows & Anderson the ones to finally take the belts off of the New Day? If so, would you be happy with that happening? What about Big E’s nuts? Do you #prayforbigesnutz? Do you hope they heal in time for him to make a miraculous run in save?

Greg: Prepare to cry in your box of Booty O’s because the New Day are gonna lose this match. They had a good run but it’s time for another team to run with the belts. A win can also make Gallows & Anderson a more credible team in the eyes of the fans who don’t know about their run in New Japan.

As always, pray that Big E’s nuts recover. #prayforbigesnutz

TOZ: I don’t think they will take the belts off of the New Day, but at this point they don’t need the belts.

Allen: I agree, I don’t think the New Day needs the belts anymore especially since they are faces. I would like for them to drop the belts and have them chase them for once. Gallows and Anderson can pull off the comedy and I feel the match up well with New Day so I wouldn’t mind them feuding for a while. Plus having the belts on Gallows and Anderson can be a teaser for the Balor Club finally forming. Winner – New WWE World Tag Team Champions Gallows and Anderson

BigFreaky: Pretty much going with The Club on this one. New Day really isn’t doing anything with the belts. They need a reason for people to care. I’ll be sad with Xavier and give him a hug in a few weeks at Dragon*Con. LOL

The Guy wants that Amurrica Belt. Or to be more truthful, The WWE really wants The Guy to have a belt. Do you think Reigns will win? Is it worth taking the belt off Rusev now that he’s only begun to get his rep as bad ass heel back? Who is the heel in this match anyway?

Greg: Well WWE gave this match away for free on RAW so I see no incentive to watch it again on Sunday. Perhaps this should be the shit break match. I dunno. I would like Rusev to retain but I sense that Reigns will have the USA belt by the end of the night in a repeat of what they did on Monday.

TOZ: Reigns will probably win. I don’t think it’s worth taking it off Rusev, especially since he’s been working heel pretty well lately. That being said, I hope this begins the eventual heel turn Reigns is suited for, win or not.

Allen: I thought it was stupid for them to have the match on Raw but it did turn out pretty well. I actually think Roman is too good for the US Title and I doubt he will win it off Rusev. I see Lana interfering leading to a DQ. Rusev has just been on a hot streak since he became US Champ again and I’d hate for that to end at the hands of Roman Reings. Rusev has been giving back credibility to the US Title, I just don’t see it continuing if you put it on Reigns. Winner – Still US Champ Rusev

BigFreaky: This right here is what I see as how WWE handles things sometimes. PPVs (Specials) are sometimes handled completely differently from the week to week shows. They do end and continue storylines, but sometimes those wins and losses are a complete one off. [See Zack Ryder at Mania winning the IC belt]. I do think Reigns will win again. I guess he can do the open challenge from now on out? Those were honestly, pretty fun. (I hate the fact I just used the word “honestly”)

Sasha vs. Charlotte. Is it already decided that Banks will retain or no? Does Dana Brooke still factor in even though she is banned from ringside?

Greg: If given ample time this should be a good match. The only factor that could make this a cluster is if they try some complex spots or someone botches real bad. I totally expect Dana to come to ringside regardless of the stipulation just because. Banks is going to win no matter what.

TOZ: As great as it was to see Sasha to win on the first Raw after the draft, that win took the wind out of the sails of this match. Dana will appear I bet, but Sasha retains. What I hope is that after Sasha wins, we get the return of Nikki Bella and she gets back into the title picture. Or my personal dream, Bayley finally gets the call-up (if she loses to Asuka).

Allen: I hope they do get a lot of time and they can make their match better than the one they had on Raw. Hopefully Sasha won’t be as sloppy like she has been lately and Charlotte can get some time off after carrying the Women’s Division for the past year. With Nikki Bella returning, she will most likely go after Sasha for the title and we can see that rivalry for a bit. Winner – Still Women’s Champion Sasha Banks

BigFreaky: Never ending Charlotte continues. Yes I understand her position in the company and as former champ, but I’m over it. Lucky she has had some decent showings in the last few months, but if stuff breaks down… it’s like wasting a Master Ball on a 57cp Pidgey for it only to break out before 3. I expect Sasha to retain, as well as I hope BAE Dana Brooke is involved some way so we can all enjoy the goddess that she is.

The Miz defends the big white belt against Apollo Crews. Does the Miz retain or does Crews get a turn with the IC title? Would it be too soon if Crews were to win? Should it be Baron Corbin in Crews’ place instead?

Greg: Um.. See my bathroom break match comments.

TOZ: Miz retains. He and Maryse have been doing some good stuff together lately, so keep the IC belt on him.

Allen: I see Apollo Crews pulling off the upset and winning the IC belt. Miz and Maryse have been so good but I feel like they have a lot of outside work for the WWE they are doing and having Crews run with the belt will free the Miz up to continue doing that work. Crews can be that fighting champ the IC title needs and he will have many opponents on Smackdown to challenge him for it. Winner – New Intercontinental Champion Apollo Crews

BigFreaky: I am going with Miz on this one. Nothing clean, but interference by Maryse. Miz will retain, but Crews will get the rematch the next day on RAW for the win.

Dolph Ziggler has been booked to not look like a chump for his title match with Dean Ambrose. Does he have a realistic shot at winning the blue brand’s belt? Do you think a heel turn will happen if he loses?

Greg: It’s nice that Dolph is finally looking like a real contender for the belt. I don’t think he’ll win but he’ll at least put up a good and credible fight that will make him look fantastic in defeat hopefully.

TOZ: Dean wins, but Dolph puts on the best match of his life.

Allen: I think it’s too early for Dean to drop the title, but I actually hope Dolph wins. I just can’t take Dean seriously anymore and after his horrible interview on the Stone Cold Podcast, I can’t find anything to make me side with him. So I want to see Dolph run with the title and maybe feud with AJ Styles eventually. Winner – New WWE World Champion Dolph Ziggler

BigFreaky: I am so excited to see this match, after the insane promo that Ziggler cut on Tuesday and the attack on Ambrose, it got me fired up. I am a big Ziggler fan, but unfortunately I think he will lose this one somehow… but he won’t give up, he’ll pass out or have the match ended.

Bálor vs. Rollins is the wet dream come true for some wrestling fans. Will it live up to the hype? Have the WWE done enough to get the fans behind Bálor for this match? Will the demon coming out to play be enough to get him over? Do you expect Bálor to win or will he put up a good fight only to be bested by Rollins?

Greg: Given the talent of the two men in this match it should not be a letdown. I was surprised the demon was revealed on RAW instead of at Summerslam but at least Finn didn’t come out to crickets. I think I heard a “holy shit” chant after his entrance.

I don’t know if that will really get fans invested in Bálor yet, but it’s a start. If the two put on a show then perhaps people will buy into Bálor as a real (and fresh) main event player who will most likely be chasing the belt after Summerslam.

Yes, Rollins will win.

TOZ: Finn has lost matches in NXT, but he’s always looked strong. I expect it to be the same here. I don’t think the majority of the fans are quite behind Finn yet, but I think they will be once they see the full entrance of the Demon at Summerslam.

Rollins wins, but it won’t be THE match we want to see. It will be good or even great, but I doubt it will be fantastic. If they go again at say, WrestleMania, then we will get the match we know they can put on. (I’m secretly keeping my expectations in check just in case the match is baller as hell.)

Allen: I want this to be the match of the night but I agree with TOZ, it may not be the match we would like to see even though it is Summerslam. I hate that they wasted the Demon on Raw, I think that was a mistake. As much as everyone thinks it’s too early to give Finn a belt and Rollins should win, I’m going to go out on a limb and think for Finn to win he will get help from The Club.

This will result in a double turn and now the fans can finally get behind Rollins like we should have when he first returned. This will be a better Summerslam moment. Gallows and Anderson can share the mic with Finn since promos and mic work is his weak point. Rollins can chase after the title and they can feud and have amazing matches for the rest of the year. Winner – New WWE Universal Champion Finn Balor

BigFreaky: I think even though the Demon was revealed on RAW, his entrance and presence will be just that much more at SummerSlam. We all knew him in NXT, but really I think a majority of RAW/SmackDown only folks have no idea. We have had years of him, but they have only had like what? A month and a half? I think Rollins will take it however. I can’t fathom how, but he will. He and Bálor can go back and forth for the next months as we lead into WrestleMania where Finn will capture the belt. This will give the fans much more time to get behind him and make his character skyrocket.

Lastly, Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton. Is this going to be the typical Lesnar runs over his opponent type of match or are we going to see something a little more evenly distributed? Who needs the win more, Orton or Lesnar?

Greg: I have no idea how this match is going to go. Ideally it should be Brock beating the living hell out of Orton until the tables turn and Orton goes on a run of offense. But who knows? As for who needs the win more? I don’t know. Brock seems to be able to take a loss and not really be affected by it.

If the rumors of Orton vs. Styles are true, Orton should win while Brock goes back to the woods of Canada to his fortress of solitude.

TOZ: I thought Brock will win again, but after the PED scandal with the UFC, maybe Orton wins. The WWE didn’t suspend Brock, but I’m curious if the WWE is willing to play with fire if Brock wins. Then again, this is wrestling so they might not care.

I’m gonna stick with Brock, but I won’t be shocked if Orton wins. Allows for some WrestleMania return match.

Allen: Lesnar’s drug scandal has definitely thrown a wrench into my predictions. But then again, Randy Orton has had like a bajillion wellness violation scandals himself…

I saw this like the Cena/Lesnar match two years ago, where Lesnar just dominates over Cena no matter what was thrown at him. I can see Orton getting an RKO early but Lesnar kicks out at one. Ten plus suplexes later, maybe another RKO out of nowhere but Lesnar will still kick out.

I think the WWE will keep Lesnar happy and let him win at Summerslam. Let him have a stage to perform while the UFC scandals and drama keeps on going. If Orton doesn’t get injured, I hope he keeps the cocky douchebag attitude because I think it works best for him. Winner – Brock Lesnar

BigFreaky: I don’t think it will be a complete beatdown. Orton will have to be smart and stay away from Lesnar. I think as Allen has said we’ll get an RKO right away, but it won’t keep Brock down. This could be a bit of a barn burner. Randy will take more of a hit if he loses, but I think that is what will happen. He will have to take a hell of a beating and wear his badge of honor going forward. I imagine a big push after this loss.

Those are our thoughts on these two events. We’ll come back with another roundtable covering our reactions once everything is all said and done. Do you agree with what we think will happen? Let us know what you think by commenting below. All we ask is that you keep things somewhat civil, there is no tolerance for wrestling butt hurt here.