Selective Hearing Roundtable: NXT Takeover & Summerslam Reactions


On August 20th and 21st the WWE took over the Barclays Center in Brooklyn New York for NXT Takeover Brooklyn II and Summerslam 2016. The Selective Hearing stuff gathered before the event to make bold predictions on both cards.

Let’s start with the results of NXT Takeover Brooklyn II and our thoughts on the event.

Austin Aries defeated No Way Jose

Was it awkward that the fan leading the conga line during Jose’s entrance was wearing an Austin Aries shirt?

TOZ: Awkward and hilarious.

Greg: Totally agree, awkward and hilarious. Also, those peeps in the conga line had no rhythm.

Allen: Yeah but it’s always fun being in front of the conga line. He probably had the most rhythm out everyone in that line, and that’s not saying much.

BigFreaky: Someone wasn’t paying attention when they organized those conga people. Just doofy fans. Awkward for sure.

Did you think that Jose actually had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning? Is there more to his character than being the happy, dancing guy who leads conga lines with guys wearing his opponents gear?

TOZ: I would like to be proven wrong, but I don’t see much out of Jose.

Greg: Yeah, Jose was not winning this match after Aries lost so many before. Jose is young, so he’ll get his chance to do something later. What that is I don’t know yet, but he showed glimpses of being a more serious competitor beyond the happy dancing guy.

Allen: Well he was undefeated before Takeover so yeah he will good, just needs some time to develop. I like the character where he is all fun and smiles, but get him angry and he will kick your ass. Sort of what Brodus Clay should have been, but Jose can put on better matches. Him and Aries had a great match.

BigFreaky: After so many losses before, you know Aries wasn’t going to let this one go by the wayside. Jose has a great upside, but he has/needs some more time. It will happen.

What do you think of the Itami vs. Aries feud? How much are you looking forward to it?

TOZ: I didn’t know I wanted it until I saw Itami give Aries the GTS and Aries slowly hit the mat. Most people just immediately fall to the ground, the fact that Aries drifted to the ground sold me.

Greg: Awesome pairing. Can’t wait to see what they do in the ring together.

Allen: I didn’t see Itami making an appearance in Brooklyn and I’m glad he did. He kicked the man in the head with short dress pants and loafers! Hitting Aries with the GTS was amazing, glad he can reclaim his move. The wrestler formerly known as KENTA and Aries are going to have great matches. I wonder if they will go with Aries injuring Itami in the parking lot almost over a year ago.

BigFreaky: Aries aside, I’m so happy to see Itami back. This is going to be an amazing feud, and I’m excited to see how it progresses.

Where does No Way Jose go from here?

TOZ: No idea. Is Elias Samson still around?

Greg: I suggest he goes and looks for better conga line dancers for his intro at the next Takeover event.

Allen: He will be the better Adam Rose with a cooler set of fans instead of the Rose Buds.

BigFreaky: Jose will be back and telling everyone how he is sad he let everyone down and will work harder from now on. I have a feeling someone else will poke their nose in his business trying to keep him shaken and unsure.

Ember Moon defeated Billie Kay

Did Ember moon meet any expectations you may have had? If you had none, were you impressed by her?

TOZ: I like she’s on the roster and is keeping the division deep but other than that I’m indifferent.

Greg: She looked okay. The match wasn’t the best so it’s hard to say whether this was a true showcase of her in ring work. I’ll take the position of wait and see.

Allen: She’s short but athletic! I was expecting a showcase match for her but they kept her and Billie Kay competitive. That I think is a better option so any combination of the women can develop and have amazing matches.

BigFreaky: I do was expecting this as a bit of a showcase match, but was pleasantly surprised that Billie Kay had plenty of time to show what she can do also. I have a feeling the story isn’t over between these two.

What do you think of her “O Face” finisher?

TOZ: Looks cool.

Greg: Very cool move.

Allen: Made me go “OHHH!”

BigFreaky: Glad to see she still uses it.

Do you think Billie Kay could be one of the next great heels in the NXT women’s division if given the proper time to develop?

TOZ: Anything could be done well if given proper time.

Greg: Billie Kay has potential. She also nice to look at.

Allen: She’s great. The Aussie women are great wrestlers. Plus dem legs… but I prefer her other Aussie friend Peyton Royce. She got dat ass!

BigFreaky: Looks aside, Kay and Royce both have great upsides. They both should blossom going forward as the most recent class has been graduating to “Main Card”

Bobby Roode defeated Andrade “Cien” Almas

Bobby Roode’s entrance. Glorious yes? Andrade Almas’ entrance? Less than glorious yes?

TOZ: It’s a mix of Christian’s first solo theme and some Mr. Wonderful. I dig. Almas’ entrance was very much less than glorious.

Greg: Oh man, all Roode needs is a waterfall of sparkling lights like Christian and his entrance would be maxed out glorious. Maybe Almas needs to come out like Magic Mike if he gonna look like a male stripper. I dunno.

Allen: GLORIOUS! He has my new favorite theme song and watching his entrance with everyone singing was just epic. Almas is just a male gigolo who is a wrestler on his off days lol.

BigFreaky: All Glorious everything. Roode is an absolute start, and I’m glad he has made his way to WWE. Cien… seems to be on the back burner a bit. Much less glorious.

Almas doesn’t seem to get a lot of love from the NXT fans but he put in some good work in this match. Do you agree or disagree?

TOZ: He looked alright. Granted I wasn’t checking for him all that much.

Greg: Almas had some good moments in this match but he was overshadowed by the gloriousness of Roode.

Allen: Almas is a great wrestler, just wished he did more lucha style. He had some good moments, but we all knew Roode was going to win.

BigFreaky: Almas is very slow to start it seems. Everyone can’t be on blast from the start I guess… give him some time, we’ll love him soon enough.

Bobby Roode was showcased as a superstar on this show. Do you see him holding the big gold in NXT once the current main event players are called up?

TOZ: By process of elimination, he will probably win the NXT championship.

Greg: Yes. But please get him a more glorious finisher. His current one is so anti-climactic.

Allen: I agree, he needs to change his finisher soon. He probably will get the NXT title but I don’t think he really needs it. He can make it as a cocky rich heel on any roster.

BigFreaky: Roode’s title run in TNA was one of the main things that kept me even watching. He will own gold.. And he is gonna own it for quite a while.

The Revival defeated Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa

This match was very hard hitting as advertised. What were your impressions of these 2 teams going at it?

TOZ: I knew The Revival was dope, didn’t expect Gargano & Ciampa to be good together as they appeared.

Greg: This was a great match that showed you don’t need to do a bunch of flippy shit to get the crowd into the match. Just some good ring psychology to get people invested.

Allen: I saw a little bit of this a month ago and this was still an amazing match to see. I really thought Gargano and Ciampa were going to win but The Revival winning doesn’t bother me at all. Just means we will have more great matches with them mixing it up.

BigFreaky: A barnburner as expected. The crowd was absolutely nuts for this and with good reason. The Revival is easy to hate, and Gargano/Ciampa are easy to love. Even as high a bar I had set, they lept over it. Amazing match.

How good are The Revival as dirty heels? As a side note, they got some dad bods going on. Like they not the typical buff monsters that the WWE likes to present right?

TOZ: WWE can always use good, dirty heels. Doesn’t hurt that they don’t look like anyone else with the dad bods.

Greg: The Revival are so good as old school era heels. Rocking the dad bods only enhances the fact that they are there to whoop ass.

Allen: They are the modern day Brain Busters, Arn and Tully. Doesn’t matter how you look, as long as you can “GO!”

BigFreaky: The Revival cheat in all the best ways. I love watching them drive the fans crazy with the cheating. As throwback as you can get. Sneaky monsters will still beat a buff monster.

There is a rematch between these teams coming eventually, are you looking forward to seeing more? And do you think Gargano and Ciampa should win or will the Revival retain once more?

TOZ: As with all good wrestling, Gargano & Ciampa should win if/when The Revival goes up to the main roster.

Greg: Gargano and Ciampa are probably heading to RAW with the rest of the Cruiserweights. If there is one more match between these two teams I expect the Revival to still be champs in the end.

Allen: It would be cool to see them as tag champs but I have a feeling Ciampa can turn heel on Gargano any day now.

BigFreaky: I don’t think there will be a rematch. Plenty of teams are lining up at the chance to get those straps. As Greg opines, they should be heading to RAW for the Cruiserweights division. As well as Allen has mentioned, Ciampa is the “psycho killer” and well… you gotta keep your eye on him…

By the end of this match the crowd was going ballistic. Match of the night or no?

TOZ: It’s a toss-up for me between this and Asuka vs Bayley.

Greg: I think it was the best match on the card.

Allen: It was my match of the night. It was a very complete match plus had little quirks that made it interesting that wasn’t in the singles matches.

BigFreaky: I am not typically one to pick MOTN, but this is as good as any pick. The fans were behind it the most.

Asuka defeated Bayley

Another NXT Women’s match classic right?

TOZ: Shit, you already know.

Greg: Yes.

Allen: Yeah and no one got injured!

BigFreaky: Bayley is lucky to still be alive.

What do you think differed from their first match at Takeover Dallas?

TOZ: Bayley didn’t get choked out. I thought they would allow Bayley for one more Super Bayley moment at the end, then get finished. If this match lacked anything, they didn’t let Bayley’s determination shine right before the match ended like their Dallas match.

Greg: This match showed a more confident Bayley attempting to take it to Asuka before eventually succumbing to her power, even escaping being choked out before falling to those kicks. It allowed for a different type of dynamic with Bayley not being afraid of the undefeated champ.

Allen: The first match was more Asuka dominating the champ and a shock ending. This time was Bayley being the underdog, where she usually can relate, but just a bit more confident.

BigFreaky: It’s Asuka’s world. She decides if you live or die. She allowed Bayley to live, but Bayley made her understand it wasn’t all Asuka’s decision. Asuka is much more confident since her title win in Dallas… She may be unstoppable.

It looked like Bayley was about to win this match but several kicks to the head stopped that. The after match activity also indicate this might be the end of her time in NXT. Are you satisfied with her swan song?

TOZ: So satisfied. It was expected for her to show on on either Raw or Smackdown after Summerslam, but I squealed none the less.

Greg: This was an appropriate end to her NXT career. She’s pretty much done everything she could in the division. Time to conquer the main roster.

Allen: Very satisfied. She went down like a champ. Now she can start over on the main roster.

BigFreaky: We’ve experienced the highest of highs when she won that title, and had the iron man match as well. You can’t go out on top, so the sadness is short, cuz we’ll see her more often now.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Samoa Joe

Shinsuke Nakamura’s entrance featuring violinist Lee England Jr. Way more fucking glorious than any other entrance on the show yes?

TOZ: Other than Motorhead, this was the only time live music for the entrance really worked for me.

Greg: You didn’t like Living Color doing CM Punk’s intro or whoever that band is who does Bray Wyatt’s theme live TOZ? Those were pretty good too. But yeah, this entrance was pretty damn hype.

Allen: When you have 15,000 wrestling fans see and respect how awesome a violinist can be, you know it was glorious. The best part was that no announcers were talking over it and it was for a good ten minutes. Nakamura has the best theme music in all of the wrestling world.

BigFreaky: Just when you thought Roode owned the entrances on the show… Nakamura shows up. Feeling real emotion during wrestling is the greatest thing, and that entrance did just that.

This match was intense and sometimes very stiff. What did you think of this type of match being played out in a WWE ring?

TOZ: It shows that at least in NXT they are willing to allow the wrestlers to be wrestlers.

Greg: I guess this would be the closest to actual Strong Style that WWE fans will get to see without having them subscribe to New Japan World or searching Dailymotion or YouTube for matches.

So yeah. Glad to see this type of match in a WWE ring.

Allen: Joe had a dislocated jaw at the end of the match, so yeah it was a very stiff match. Strong style did not disappoint.

BigFreaky: Just like any type of gimmick match, this can’t be done all the time. But when it is done and done right it is awesome. This match was as much for them, as it was for us. In the end, we are all winners.

Was this match better than the NXT Tag Title match in regards to quality or no? Or are they two different beasts?

TOZ: Although a good match, things felt off. Perhaps future matches will have more chemistry, but this match didn’t feel that big. So the Tag Title match was better than this.

Greg: This match was a different beast from the tag title match and it did have a bit of a slowdown in the middle that probably killed the vibe a bit. Otherwise, an epic first encounter for the big, ugly NXT belt between Nakamura & Joe.

Allen: Tag matches can be more flexible with more people involved. It had a little bit more variety than the NXT title match. Hey that NXT belt is amazing! It’s better than the fruit roll up Universal title!

BigFreaky: Apples and Potatoes

This feud is not over, when Joe and Nakamura face off again do you expect a gimmick match or will it be another one on one slug fest?

TOZ: They are gonna slug it out at least one more time.

Greg: No gimmicks, just more stiff shots for the rematch.

Allen: I hope they don’t do any gimmicks, if they do it’ll probably be a steel cage match.

BigFreaky: No Gimmicks Needed.

What you think of Shinsuke Nakamura being the face of NXT?

TOZ: Approve.

Greg: Thumbs up.

Allen: It was just a matter of time. Many people will line up to sit on that face.

BigFreaky: Fine by me, helps further the fact that WWE is a Global Company.

Other thoughts

Do you have any other thoughts on this edition of NXT Takeover?

TOZ: Bayley is great.

Greg: This was paced better than Summerslam and all the endings of the matches made sense.

Allen: NXT never disappoints. They really are making magic. The main shows need to keep it simple like NXT does.

BigFreaky: Great showing by everyone, you can see how hard they are working and how much they love to perform for the fans.

Summerslam Reactions