Selective Hearing Roundtable: NXT Takeover Toronto/Survivor Series 2016 Fallout

Survivor Series

On Sunday November 20, 2016 the annual Survivor Series was held in Toronto, Canada. It featured many traditional survivor series matches to determine brand supremacy and the rematch between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar.


Team RAW Women def. Team SD Live Women
The Miz def. Sami Zayn to retain the Intercontinental Championship
Team RAW Tag Teams def. Team SD Live Tag Teams
Kendrick def. Kaliisto via DQ to retain the Cruiserweight title and keep the division on RAW
Team SD Live Men def. Team RAW Men
Goldberg def. Brock Lesnar

Panel Questions

Team RAW women vs. Team SD Live Women

This match was a hot start to the PPV. What did you think of the Nikki Bella “injury”? Was this because of her tooth or to get Natalya in for some cheap Canadian pops?

Greg: Oh this change was totally for the cheap Canadian pops. Being the first match on the card the crowd had to get hyped early. No better way to get hyped than to bring out the Canadians.

TOZ: How couldn’t they have both Nikki and Natty in the match to begin with?

BigFreaky: I really don’t know I’m confused by it all. I guess it was all for Natty.

Allen: I think it was for the cheap pop and that felt kind of lame but it was a way for Nikki to have the night off for her chipped tooth. This could be a new feud for Nikki and Nattie if we find that Nattie was the one that took her out.

There was a spotlight on Nia Jax as an unstoppable monster for the most part. She could have taken on the entire SD Live team by herself it seemed. Do you agree?

Greg: Yes, Jax was shown to be the unstoppable force that NXT was grooming her to be. The spots where she took on all the SD Live team, her elimination of Naomi & the two woman suplex showed what she could be capable of if given a decent opponent to work with.

Once the women’s belt is back on a face Jax should be considered next up to bat to challenge that champion.

TOZ: Sure. I just hope she is a better monster before she gets a shot at Charlotte. Heel vs Heel would be cool.

BigFreaky: Maybe not all of them, but a good portion. She’ll have the strap someday.

Allen: As long as she doesn’t botch getting DDTs, she can dominate and of the ladies. I just hope they give her a new finisher other than a leg drop.

What did you think of Bayley and Charlotte being the final survivors?

Greg: There was a bit of reluctance for Bayley to save Charlotte from getting pinned which played into their own story line & the whole RAW team “unity”. So yes, it made sense for them to be the survivors to help further the tension for their eventual matchup down the road.

TOZ: As a self-identified Hugger, I was happy Bayley got the win. Now we can see them go head-to-head.

BigFreaky: I figured Charlotte would have pinned everyone anyways.

Allen: I didn’t like it because I wanted Becky to win.

The Miz vs. Sami Zayn

Zayn & Miz put on great match focusing on attacking each other’s legs and making use of the figure four submission. What did you think of this match? Was it better than expected given that neither man had any interaction until the PPV?

Greg: I was surprised that this match lived up to its potential. Miz continues to prove that he can have good matches with anyone on the roster. Some may find his in ring work less than flashy but he’s doing great shoving his haters venom back down their throats.

TOZ: Good match.

BigFreaky: People just hate Miz. I expected a great match, and we got one.

Allen: Was always a fan of Miz and now his mic work is matching his ring work. He can stay on the mic with anyone and now he is having great matches with everyone.

Did you like the cheap ending? Maryse is fantastic oui?

Greg: I loved this ending. It plays so well into the “anything to win” attitude that comes with The Miz. And yes, Maryse is fantastic. French trash talking with Zayn was awesome.

TOZ: Solid ending. The French trash talk was my favorite part, honestly.

: I love a good bullshit ending. Maryse all day. Bonne nuit.

Allen: Why does WWE need to have a screwjob ending in Canada? It fits because Miz continues to eek out a win any way a heel can. Plus more Maryse on my screen, the better. That hair flip and wink gets me every time!

Do you see Zayn getting moved to Smackdown Live to continue this feud?

Greg: It would be in the best interest of Zayn to be moved to Smackdown. He’s kind of spinning his wheels on RAW anyway.

TOZ: Haven’t even thought about that. 100% yes.

BigFreaky: Naw, I think just a little spice and drama added to the PPV.

Allen: Zayn should have been on Smackdown months ago.

Team RAW Tag Teams vs. Team SD Live Tag Teams

So Breezango get eliminated first. Breeze didn’t even get to take his ring gear off before Fandango got pinned. Team lowest on the totem pole yes? Do you think they’ll be anything more than jobbers?

Greg: Yes, lowest of the low on the totem pole. I feel bad for Tyler Breeze. He was the gatekeeper on NXT but has been misused and miscast on the main roster ever since his call up. He probably should be more than a bit player.

TOZ: They are forever jobbers. But hey, keep gettin’ dem checks.

BigFreaky: Someone’s gotta lose.

Allen: At least they look fabulous.

New Day are the second team to go early. Surprised?

Greg: Yes. I dunno what else to say. At least they got promo time?

TOZ: Yes, but I approve.

BigFreaky: …and coming out of left field…..

Allen: Good. Usos still mad at them.

The dream of Superman Heath opening a can of whoop ass to save his team were dashed. Were you sad?

Greg: Superman Heath would have been one of the best moments of the match if it were allowed to play out. But I guess he can’t have his Roman Reigns moment of destroying everyone. So yeah, not cool.

TOZ: Devastated.

BigFreaky: I don’t foresee a can of whoopass from Slater in his future.

: At least he got to do a pretty cool stage dive…

What did you think of the last 2 teams (Usos & Cesaro & Sheamus) going at it? There were some pretty good sequences to finish up the match.

Greg: It should have been Superman Heath but having Sheamus & Cesaro at the end was good too. Cesaro is really upping his game now that he’s in the hunt for the tag titles. He & Sheamus are most likely the ones to end New Day’s streak.

TOZ: Dating back to the previous brand split, the Raw vs SD gimmick feels arbitrary so whatever, let them be the last two teams.

BigFreaky: Workhorses gon’ work.

: Yeah putting the four guys that can go at the end was the right move. They were beating the hell out of each other.

Kendrick vs. Kalisto

This match continues the slower paced action the cruiserweights are forced to use on the main roster. Did you watch this match or did you go use the facilities and empty your bladder?

Greg: This match once again displayed the fundamental issues with the Cruiserweight division now that it’s a part of the main roster. It’s like day and night from what we saw in the Cruiserweight classic. I watched but was not as attentive I should have been given the quality of the competitors in the match.

TOZ: Gotta let people live. Especially the cruiserweights.

BigFreaky: Flippy vs. Slow and Methodical. An amazing match, the fans don’t realize it. The Sports Entertainment and Wrestling divide widens.

Allen: I left, just like most of the crowd, to use the restroom and get more to drink.

An outside Spanish Fly from Kalisto could not even get the crowd into this match. Do you feel the main roster crowds are apathetic to the cruiserweight division? Do you think 205 Live will remedy that?

Greg: Yes, the crowd was completely apathetic. You could hear a pin drop in the ACC even with some of the stuff Kalisto was pulling out to get the crowd into the match. The people just didn’t care and that’s a shame.

I don’t necessarily believe 205 Live will remedy the situation more than show that whoever decided to slow down the cruiserweights on the main roster is a stupid idiot. If they were allowed to really go and get good storylines I think people would be more receptive.

TOZ: Main roster crowds are ruined on the cruiserweights. 205 Live doesn’t seem like the right move. Separate is not equal, and creating a whole show for them continues the idea that they aren’t truly part of the roster.

BigFreaky: My true hope is that the fans just need to have a reason to like the little flippy guys. Hopefully they’ll get there.

Allen: Why should the crowd care at all? The crusierweights do not get any screen time to develop their one sided characters or even have any great matches to make them tune in. I felt that being on Raw ruined them.

If 205 was going to be a part of the Smackdown roster, they would have a better shot. Now I don’t know what will come out of that show.

The match ended up becoming pretty good as it went on. But then Baron Corbin comes in and destroys Kalisto. Looks like the cruiserweights are working Mondays and Tuesdays. Were you hoping that flippy shit was going to move to a new home?

Greg: Well one potential storyline that would have made sense gets destroyed for Baron Corbin’s swatting of little flies. Which in itself is another good story to tell with him wanting more opportunity and taking it at will. Still, it happened at the expense of getting flippy shit on the show it belongs to.

TOZ: I was surprised when Kendrick won, so there’s that.

BigFreaky: I really liked the BS ending. SD is pretty damn good on it’s own now. Nothing needs to be added. Hopefully more eyes on the CW will help all the boys.

Allen: Yeah I wanted the cruiserweights on Smackdown. But Baron Corbin doesn’t like anyone that weighs 205 pounds or less, sorry cruiserweight division. The ending was just disappointing.

Team RAW Men vs. Team Smackdown Live Men

It didn’t take long for this match to turn into a giant clusterfuck. Were you able to keep up with what was going on?

Greg: Once the match broke down into mayhem I felt like I was watching a NJPW multi-man tag match where the ref was just there to chill out with a bag of popcorn and watch the insanity. It was hard to keep up with who was doing what but not so much that it took away from the match itself.

TOZ: Nope, and that was okay.

BigFreaky: I had no idea WTF was going on, and that is ok.

Allen: I like it that way. It kept my attention and I had to focus and not turn away. It went almost an hour and had a lot of memorable moments. It was the best match in this year’s Survivor Series.

Shane O’Mac had 2 big moments in this match. Putting Strowman through a table and taking the spear from Reigns and getting KO’d. In turn James Ellsworth got his big moment by eliminating Braun and then being tossed of the stage into a table. Which moment stood out most to you?

Greg: Elbow Drop, seen it. Getting KO’d from the spear was pretty cool. It was ballsy of an older Shane O’Mac to try the corner dropkick move at his advanced age. He ain’t no spring chicken anymore.

Special mention goes to Ellsworth getting destroyed by Braun again and most likely shitting his pants.

TOZ: The spear stood out for me, but for the wrong reason.

BigFreaky: Shane getting speared was one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen. Ellsworth gets brownie points.

: Spot monkey Shane again wants to kill himself, which he almost did trying to go coast to coast into a spear from Reigns. Welcome to Concussion City, population Shane McMahon.

Ellsworth eliminating Braun was excellent story telling, very smart spot. Loved that he prevented Braun from getting back into the ring. Too bad he also later got killed by Braun into a table. Braun came off as a monster by destroying Ellsworth again.

Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho get eliminated because of the list. The fans call bullshit. Do you agree? Do you feel bad that the list is now scrap paper?

Greg: The poor list. I think Jericho should probably upgrade from pen & paper to a tablet of some sort for the new list.

TOZ: I don’t. Again, SS is all arbitrary. So let him be eliminated by the list.

BigFreaky: Gotta go somehow. Nothing like a bad getting taken out by his own weapon.

Allen: SS always had lame ways for guys to be eliminated. I kept thinking, “Oh no! Not the list!”

The Shield temporarily re-unite to help Dean Ambrose destroy AJ Styles. Did you get some nostalgic feels from that? Was Ambrose a stupid idiot for costing his team a man for his own selfish desires?

Greg: Well this advanced the Ambrose/Styles feud while giving the fans a taste of the old school Shield. Was Ambrose stupid for costing his team a man in order to get some taste of revenge? Sure, but he’s not gonna win the belt anyway so let him have his moment.

The only question I have in regards to Ambrose/Styles is why did the Club not come out to save their buddy Styles? Or were they too busy making more chin jokes at Ellsworth as he lay on a stretcher in the back?

TOZ: I loved this not only because of the nostalgia, but it makes narrative sense. Ambrose hates AJ so much he’s willing to betray the result of the match to get even. Great all around. I actually rewatched the moment live, then had to get back to the stream. I really enjoyed it. I agree with Greg, where was The Club, but whatever. I was too busy smiling to really care.

BigFreaky: I thought it was pretty meh. They’ve done it before. Ambrose turning on his team is interesting though.

Allen: Just goes to show how far bragging rights really matters to Ambrose. I’m already getting tired of Ambrose and we saw the Shield powerbomb last year right? The actual powerbomb was kind of soft and lackluster. As long as Shane continues to be bothered by it storyline wise, I think I’ll be ok with his actions on SS.

Randy Orton sacrifices himself to get Smackdown Live the win when it looked like Reigns was going to run over everyone. Were you happy to see SD Live finally get a win? And were you happy it was the Wyatts who were last ones standing?

Greg: Bray Wyatt winning a PPV match is like capturing a rare Pokémon so I was happy to see that. The Wyatts really do need a bit of jump start so them being the last men standing is a good start to that.

And yes, it was nice to see SD Live get a win after getting dominated in the first 2 Survivor Series matches.

TOZ: I liked it. Wyatt gets the win, establish Orton is down with the Family.

BigFreaky: Orton sacrifice was awesome. Also a Wyatt win is like finding that Porygon in the wild.

Allen: Luke Harper came up from the ring like that annoying Alola Rattata, Orton had his Z-Ring move active when he eliminated Seth Rollins, and Bray got a critical hit on Roman. Anymore Pokemon references I can sneak in? Love this surprising finish.

Goldberg vs. Lesnar

Goldberg defeats Lesnar without breaking an actual sweat past walking to the ring and getting blown up. Did you get your monies worth?

Greg: LOL. Sure.

TOZ: I did.

BigFreaky: 9.99? I’ll let it slide.

Allen: Goldberg definitely wasn’t working by the hour…

Were you expecting an epic encounter to match their Wrestlemania match?

Greg: Hell no. I was expecting this to be short and sweet. And it was. Brock show up, Brock take spears and jackhammer, Brock lay down and take paycheck to his fortress of solitude in the woods of Saskatchewan. Goldberg brings his kid into ring to celebrate, fans go home happy.

I understand that people may have been upset that the match did not go longer, but those are people with short memories who don’t remember the first clusterfuck of a matchup these men had. And with about an hour to go in the show did you really want to see these guys go at it for that long?

If you cancel your network subscription or ask for your money back because this match didn’t have a clash of the titans feel you are a fool. Besides, word on the dirt sheets is that this isn’t over and there’s possibly another match in the works since this feud is money for both men.

TOZ: I was expecting a long, drawn-out fight that ends up overstaying its welcome. So glad it wasn’t that.

It’s hard to be surprised as wrestling fans with the internet. I was surprised with the backlash, honestly. They finally do something genuinely shocking and unexpected. I want that more in wrestling. I started laughing when Goldberg won because I never expected them to do that. The more I think about it, the more I loved it.

It’s okay to be upset at the way the match happened. But hell, they gave us the most shocking moment since Brock beat Undertaker at WM. If anything, this speaks to what kind of character Brock Lesnar has become.

BigFreaky: I honestly had no idea how it was going to play out. The way it did, I did not expect at all!

Allen: I wanted more of a fight, not a squash. All that hype, for less than two minutes of work? I guess in retrospect, I like that it was shocking and it felt like a UFC fight where the win can come quick if you mess up. There is going to be more money in a Lesnar Goldberg feud and not just a single fight.

Overall show

This show was strange in regards to decisions about Survivor Series eliminations and such. What elimination surprised you the most?

Greg: New Day getting tossed out early for sure. That and Alexa Bliss. I loves me some Alexa Bliss and wanted to see more of her.

TOZ: New Day.

: New Day.

Allen: Sasha Banks getting school-girled by Nattie, that really surprised me.

Canada shows they are glorious bastards who can only count to 10. Awesome yes?

Greg: Yes, the people of my home nation are awesome and we like the number 10.

TOZ: Goddamit. I didn’t like this. It’s okay when Tye is on the screen. But when he’s not, it comes across as fans making the show about themselves.

: Weird Canadians.

Allen: Only works with Tye. Otherwise, it made the crowd look stupid and annoying.

What did you think of this year’s Survivor Series as a whole?

Greg: It was odd. But I guess odd is better than boring. At least there was some unpredictability in the show, unlike other PPV’s. Flippy shit not getting any love still disappoints me to no end.

TOZ: It was okay. It’s certainly lifted due to Goldberg. The Raw vs SD element never truly made sense to me, so what happens here doesn’t have any bearing for me.

BigFreaky: I like to see as much talent as possible. We saw almost all of it. Fine by me.

Allen: It was alright. Out of the Big 4, it’s still number four with a huge gap between the other top 3 shows. I just didn’t get the booking in some spots. Plus who really won brand wise?

Last question, are you going to buy WWE 2K17?

Greg: Um.. Not until I can get it used at Gamestop or something. I’ll be too busy playing Street Fighter V and Final Fantasy 15 to really invest in the game anyway.

TOZ: Nope.

BigFreaky: Ain’t got no fancy video game system. (No time anyways too much Pokémon!)

Allen: Nope. That game is full of bugs and isn’t a fun game to play anyways. Spending my time on real games like Pokemon Moon and the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. Can’t wait on my Ultimate Collector’s Edition!