Selective Hearing Roundtable: NXT Takeover Toronto/Survivor Series 2016 Predictions

Survivor Series

On Sunday November 20th, the WWE will present the annual Survivor Series. The tagline for this event is “Fantasy warfare just got real” with the headlining match being Brock Lesnar facing off with a returning Bill Goldberg in a rematch of their infamously panned Wrestlemania 20 encounter. This years event also has traditional Survivor Series elimination matches with representatives of the Raw Brand and Smackdown Live brand facing off to see whose brand reigns supreme. There are also 2 other inter promotional matches that may change the landscape of their respective brands depending on who wins.

Survivor Series 2016 Final Card

The Miz (w/ Maryse) vs. Sami Zayn – Intercontinental Championship
The Brian Kendrick vs. Kalisto – Cruiserweight Championship
Team Raw Tag Teams (The New Day, Sheamus & Cesaro, Gallows & Anderson, Enzo & Big Cass & The Shining Stars) vs. Team Smackdown Live Tag Teams (Slater & Rhyno, The Hype Bros, American Alpha, The Usos & Breezango) – 10 on 10 elimination match
Team Raw Women (Charlotte, Bayley, Jax, Fox, Banks) vs. Team Smackdown Women (Bella, Lynch, Bliss, Carmella, Naomi)
Team Raw Men (Owens, Jericho, Reigns, Strowman, Rollins) vs. Team Smackdown Live Men (Styles, Ambrose, Wyatt, Orton, S. McMahon)
Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman) vs. Goldberg

Panel Questions

Miz vs. Zayn

On Smackdown Live The Miz regained his IC title by defeating Dolph Ziggler. Do you see this as a short transitional move so that Zayn can capture the belt? If Zayn wins do you see The Miz being moved to Raw to chase the belt?

Greg: If flippy shit is forecasted to go to Smackdown (where it belongs) then I believe that the IC title belt is going to the red brand where it will give Zayn some sort of new purpose. Or I guess, a purpose in general. And the Miz will follow that title in order to continue the feud with Zayn.

TOZ: I like having the IC title on Smackdown but I could see Zayn winning it and taking to to Raw. I could also see Miz going to Raw for it, but I wouldn’t be that mad at him teasing a run at the WWE World Championship.

Allen: I still don’t know why they would have both the IC and US champions on the same brand. What would the midcarders do on Smackdown if that happens? I kind of hate that they went away from the Face vs Face match because I feel Ziggler/Zayn would have been the match of the night. Now I’m sure they are looking more long term with either Zayn going to Smackdown to chase down Miz or Miz going to Raw to chase down Zayn.

BigFreaky: I have no freaking idea which way this could go.

Kendrick vs. Kalisto

The stipulation in this match is that if Kalisto wins the entire Cruiserweight division moves to Smackdown Live. With the upcoming 205 Live set to broadcast immediately after Smackdown Live airs do you see Kalisto winning as a foregone conclusion? Or will Kendrick win and we see the Cruiserweight division continue to lose momentum by filling time on Raw?

Greg: Uh.. could they not make this more obvious? As much as I would like to see Kendrick retain, he and his fellow cruiserweights are getting no love on RAW. Kalisto taking the belt (and the entire CW division) with him to Smackdown is the right move and will hopefully generate more interest in the CW only show.

TOZ: It’s going to Smackdown.

Allen: New champ and new division on Smackdown. Everything is better on Smackdown so should the booking of the cruiserweights.

BigFreaky: Unfortunately with 205 being right after Smackdown, I think Kalisto winning is a shoe in. (Not sad it’s more in SmackDown’s hands, but how this works out)

If Kalisto is destined to win why was the flippy shit division not on Smackdown in the first place? It could have saved a lot of time in setting this whole thing up.

Greg: I have learned not to question the decisions WWE makes. It only causes headaches.

TOZ: I wanna believe this was the plan the entire time. Let the Cruiserweights made a name on Raw, then move to Smackdown.

Allen: But the cruiserweights haven’t made a name at all on Raw. They totally botched how they could have used them, all they had to do was copy what WCW Monday Nitro did to make them successful. They might as well give Smackdown an extra hour for that division instead of their own show.

BigFreaky: I don’t know how we go from the CWC to what we have now. Casual fans are the death of interesting wrestling.

Tag Team Survivor Series Match

This could be a clusterfuck of a match but we can all agree that Heath Slater is the first guy from the SD team to be eliminated right?

Greg: Yup. It’s either Heath gets eliminated in the first minute of the match or all his teammates get wiped out and he plays superman by eliminating every member of the red team. I hope for the latter.

TOZ: Hell no. Slater is going to be in the final 2.

Allen: This could be quite the showstealer if they allowed them to go crazy. I doubt Slater will get eliminated early. He has kids and just got that above ground pool ramp entrance. He will be near the end with probably New Day.

BigFreaky: Slater will be in till near the end at least. Clusterfuck to the max.

Do you see RAW or SD Live as the eventual winner?

Greg: Smackdown Live

TOZ: Raw.

Allen: Smackdown Live.

BigFreaky: RAW

Women’s Survivor Series Match

The SD women have been made to look stronger and more unified than RAW. Will they take this or will RAW end up pulling a win from their inner chaos?

Greg: The RAW team is most likely going to implode. Leaving the SD Live women to win the match and then turn on each other after.

TOZ: I think Charlotte is gonna be made to look like the alpha female in the company, so I’m doing Raw.

Allen: I want the SD women to win but I feel they will implode more than the Raw women will. I feel that Nia Jax and Charlotte will be the strongest showcased out of the match. I can also see Charlotte being the sole survivor on her team if Raw wins.

BigFreaky: RAW, Charlotte will pin everyone at the same time.

What is the over/under on the botched Charlotte moves for this match?

Greg: 3

TOZ: 1. Either they limit her until the end to win, or they have her too a little too much for this match.

Allen: I’ll say zero because Sasha is the one that messes up more with Charlotte, unless they find a way to mess up a double team move together…

BigFreaky: Are you taunting me?

Men’s Survivor Series Match

What role will James Ellsworth play in this match. Do you think he can take out Braun with his two hands now?

Greg: I think Ellsworth will either be the catalyst for the SD Live team to win by whatever strange interference he causes or he will cause Dean Ambrose to get eliminated somehow. As for whether he can take Braun out? He’ll probably get face planted and shit his pants again if Braun gets his hands on him.

TOZ: I think Ellsworth will both get someone eliminated from Smackdown, and somehow ensure victory for them.

Allen: Ellsworth will get involved but only for comedy and then he will get destroyed. I fear Roman may accidentally spear him because AJ pulled him to take the hit.

BigFreaky: Ellsworth is going to eat a shit sandwich. I don’t think 10 hands could help him with Braun.

SD Live was punked on the go home show on RAW so they’ll probably win due to 50/50 booking and the Undertaker’s motivating speech right? Or no?

Greg: 50/50 booking dictates that SD Live will win this match for the pride of the blue brand, all the children around the world and the old man Undertaker.

TOZ: I think Smackdown wins, yet Undertaker (if he is really sticking around) is gonna do some damage anyway.

Allen: As much as I want SD to win even after the Undertaker pep talk, I feel like AJ will get pinned and take the loss for the team. That loss will lead him to disappointing the Undertaker and getting an ass whooping from him. You have to remember, Vince’s golden boy Roman Reigns is on team RAW.

BigFreaky: I almost want SD to lose so Taker can kill everyone. I don’t see how RAW doesn’t win with Roman on their team.

Lesnar vs. Goldberg

Their first encounter was an epic mess. Do you expect their second match to at least not suck?

Greg: This match will not suck as much. With that said, it will still suck. Lesnar’s moveset has been reduced from the wide arsenal he had back in the day to German Suplexes and the occasional submission move. And well, we all know the man of 1000 holds Goldberg is.

TOZ: It’s not gonna suck as much. I agree, it will be a bad match, but possibly cool spectacle.

Allen: Don’t expect a five star match from them but man I’m hyped for a fight!

Who is the best choice to go over? A maybe retiring Goldberg or the part-timer Lesnar?

Greg: If Goldberg is going to really retire then he should go over to give the fans a happy ending to the night. The loss isn’t really going to hurt Brock in the long-term since he can be rebuilt by destroying people later. I see no good scenario with Lesnar winning unless Goldberg is gonna stick around for a while to extend this feud.

TOZ: I actually don’t care about this match at all. There have been some cool moments in the build, but I still find myself not feeling motivated either way. I’ll say Goldberg just cause I need to answer the question.

Allen: I feel like Lesnar will win, the man is just in better shape. With Goldberg not in ring shape and already getting hurt, I don’t really see him winning. I would like to see him get that itch and stay for at least a year and destroy people since we can’t have Lesnar around much.

BigFreaky: Lesnar taking a win. But it ain’t over. We are getting a rubber match at Mania. With Lesnar winning again. LOL