Selective Hearing Roundtable – NXT Takeover: War Games/Survivor Series 2017 Predictions

It is once again Survior Series time. The Selective Hearing Staff have gathered to discuss the two events going on this weekend. NXT Takoever: WAR GAMES and Survivor Series 2017. We will be making our customary bold predictions for both shows. As always, we are not responsible for any monetary losses you may incur by using our bullshit as reliable gambling information.

NXT Takeover War Games

NXT’s next Takeover event brings back a match that has not been seen in the WWE as of yet. War Games is match created by the late Dusty Rhodes that originated in the NWA and was later used in WCW.

The basic premise is a match between teams of men facing off in a staggered entry format. The setup of this particular match is a giant cage with two rings placed side by side within it. Doors are placed at opposite ends of the cage to prevent teams from coming into contact with each other.

Two men begin the match and at five minute intervals a new person will enter the ring until all the participants are in the cage. Once everyone is in the ring they will brawl until any member of either team submits, surrenders or is knocked out. There are no pinfalls, count-outs, or disqualifications.


NXT Houston Womens 4-way

Ember Moon vs. Kairi Sane vs. Nikki Cross vs. Peyton Royce (with Billie Kay) for the vacant NXT Women’s Championship

The women’s division in NXT appears to be back on course with the addition of Kairi Sane and the strong performances of the veterans of the roster. Who do you think should win or is the clear choice Kairi Sane?

Greg: While Sane may be the clear choice in the eyes of many I would rather someone unexpected take the title.

Allen: It’s still too soon for Kairi to be the champ, I don’t see her winning.

BigFreaky: I think it will be Moons moment.

If you don’t believe Sane should win, make your case for one of the other women in the match to take the gold.

Greg: My pick is Peyton Royce. There has not been a heel women’s champion in quite some time in NXT and half of the iconic duo winning would be fantastic. Also, they could bring back the LayCool gimmick of being co-champions if Peyton wins.

Allen: Personally I’d like to see Peyton win so her and Billie can do like what Michelle McCool and Layla did when one of them was champion. I just think Ember Moon is most likely going to win the belt. It’s her time.

BigFreaky: I know Nikki could take the belt for a good run. Her current Sanity persona is not what I know her best for. It would be an interesting journey for myself, if that were to happen.

Dream vs. Black

Aleister Black vs. The Velveteen Dream

This is one of the more intriguing matchups on the card. The artist formerly known as Patrick Clark gets to step up on a bigger stage under his Velveteen Dream persona against the undefeated Aleister Black.

The build for this match has been very good. Do you think it will live up to the hype?

Greg: This could be the sleeper match of the night and perhaps a breakout performance of the Velveteen Dream. I think it will live up to the hype.

Allen: I love how this story has been unfolding. Velveteen Dream has show so much charisma throughout all this. He just needs to back it all up with a great match.

BigFreaky: Velveteen better stay away from Aleister’s feet… or he will be dreaming. (omg I’m sorry)

Will the Velveteen Dream make Aleister Black say his name or does Black remain undefeated in NXT?

Greg: Yes. I believe Aleister Black will lose his first match and say the Velveteen Dream’s name.

Allen: Nah I feel like Black will still win with a sudden Black Mass but Dream will come out looking better of the two.

BigFreaky: The streak continues.


Ohno vs. Lars

Kassius Ohno vs. Lars Sullivan

This was kind of a last minute addition to the show, do you expect it to be the curtain jerker?

Greg: Yup.

Allen: Meh.

BigFreaky: I predict a lot of spinning.

Lars Sullivan appears to be on the path of being groomed as the next big monster in the WWE system. What are your impressions of him?

Greg: Lars looks like he could be something down the line. He has the big and scary part down. This match with Ohno is his biggest opportunity. Hopefully he can hang.

Allen: Another generic big man push. I don’t think his finisher is all that great either.

BigFreaky: Lars is going to get hit in the head a lot.

Do you think Ohno is being fed to Sullivan to enhance his path of destruction or will this be something that builds to a longer program between the two men?

Greg: My gut says feed the new monster but it will probably end up being the other thing.

Allen: Is there an option for neither of those choices?

BigFreaky: There will be more.

War Games Match

The Authors of Pain, Roderick Strong vs. SaNity (Alexander Wolfe, Eric Young, Killian Dain) vs. The Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish,Kyle O’Reilly)

A match that has not ever been seen under the WWE banner is now being dusted off for this latest Takeover. Are you old enough to remember the last time this type of match was done?

Greg: Yes I am but I was a WWF child back in the day and I had very little exposure to non-WWF programming back then.

Allen: I remember watching Team WCW vs Team nWo.

BigFreaky: I’m very old…

Do you understand the rules of this match as explained by the folks at NXT or on the Internet?

Greg: Nope. The premise of this sounds like a train wreck waiting to unfold.

Allen: Kind of but I like that it’s channeling the craziness of the old Wargames matches. Keep it unpredictable. Oh and gotta use the shark cages…

BigFreaky: These things are always cluster effs. We have to see how tall the ring is before we decide if someone is going to die by getting rammed into the top of the cage.

Two teams in this make sense, but is there any logical explanation for Roderick Strong and AOP to team up?

Greg: I’ve given up trying to apply logic to some things in wrestling. I’m gonna roll with whatever this teaming is.

Allen: Well Paul Ellering can’t be AOP’s third man…

BigFreaky: LOL you just asked for logic pertaining to Pro Wrestling Entertainment.

How much of a clusterfuck do you think this will be? Do you think anyone will be wearing the proverbial crimson mask?

Greg: This is going to be crazy and really hard to follow. In the PG era of WWE there will probably be no blood.

Allen: Hopefully they find ways to add tables to the match so it’ll add more carnage to the term “War Games.”

BigFreaky: No way anyone is getting blood on purpose. It will be a cluster, and you can be assured that everyone is going to give everything.

Draw vs. Cien

Drew McIntyre vs. Andrade Almas (with Zelina Vega) for the NXT Championship

Andrade Almas gets his shot at the NXT championship. Do you like this version of the character compared to his previous incarnations?

Greg: Yes. Andrade with Zelina is so much better than the aimless party boy loser he was before.

Allen: Best version of Almas. He has always put on great matches but ever since he got Zelina on his side, they have both been stealing a lot of screentime.

BigFreaky: Just give me the hat with the feather in it.

What do you think of McIntyre as champion? Do you think his reign will be a short but sweet one or will he take out the former Los Ingobernables member solidifying his championship pedigree?

Greg: I would not be surprised if Almas wins. He has a lot of momentum at the moment. If Drew retains I won’t be upset as he is a good champ as well.

Allen: Secretly hoping Almas wins but McIntyre has been the image of the champion that the company will stand behind. I see McIntyre leaving as champ.

BigFreaky: I think McIntyre is gonna keep the belt a little bit longer.