Selective Hearing Roundtable – NXT Takeover: War Games/Survivor Series 2017 Predictions

Survivor Series

2017 is another year of the battle for brand supremacy. This year’s edition features inter-promotional matchups pitting each brand’s champions against each other (except for the cruiser weights) and two traditional 5 on 5 Survivor Series matches.


Bliss vs. Flair

Alexa Bliss vs. Charlotte Flair

Charlotte won the Smackdown Live women’s championship on the episode of Survivor Series week. Do you think it is a given that she will defeat Bliss to continue her feel good story? Or do you think Bliss will come out the victor?

Greg: Charlotte is for sure going to win. I want Bliss to win but that is not realistic given the way Charlotte is being portrayed at the moment. Hopefully this isn’t a squash.

Allen: I’m leaning very heavily to Charlotte winning. Riding off the momentum of her championship win plus with Ric Flair’s 30 for 30 still fresh on everyone’s minds, I feel WWE will keep Charlotte strong. Alexa can afford a loss and still look good after, very good. I kind of hope she loses, takes a kendo stick and whips Charlotte around, DDT, and then Carmella cashes in.

BigFreaky: The Queen will win.

TOZ: Charlotte is winning, but I think Alexa should win by cheating.

Did you want Natalya to face Bliss instead or is this the right matchup?

Greg: Natalya vs. Bliss probably would not be as exciting but still solid. The current match seems to be the better outcome.

Allen: Nattie vs Bliss would have made Alexa get babyface reactions. This is the right move for a character standpoint.

BigFreaky: I would choose Nattie for sure, but this does probably make more sense.

TOZ: I prefer this.

Miz vs. Corbin

The Miz vs. Baron Corbin

Miz is going to get destroyed yes?

Greg: Corbin destroying The Miz would be great. I don’t see it happening. This will probably be back & forth contest.

Allen: Miz has been destroying Corbin on the mic. I doubt Corbin would be able to look strong especially after his “rivalry” with SIn Cara. This may be the shortest match on the whole card.

BigFreaky: I really have no imagination how this match will go. Miz won’t be destroyed. He will also run and waste a lot of time.

TOZ: Maybe by Maryse if he loses somehow.

If you think Miz has a chance is there a high possibility he is not going to win cleanly?

Greg: Cheat to win. Go Miz.

Allen: Miz is going to get cheered for something dastardly. I figure the Miztourage will play a part, maybe Bo hands Miz some brass knucks of something.

BigFreaky: LOL when was the last time Miz won clean?

Who should go over in this match?

Greg: Miz.

Allen: Gotta keep Miz strong. It should be the opposite to push the younger talent and have a strong US champ, but it’s Corbin and he has been in the doghouse a few times this year.

BigFreaky: Corbin winning would be more impactful to his career, than Miz losing. There will be Shenanigans.

TOZ: Give Corbin the W.

Kalisto vs. Enzo

Enzo Amore vs. Kalisto for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

This is on the kickoff show. Will you care enough to watch it or will you just wait for the Internet to spoil the result for you?

Greg: Uh… I’m skipping this.

Allen: I will be in attendance so I won’t be able to skip it… and if Drew Gulak makes an appearance, I wouldn’t want to miss him!

BigFreaky: I should be there.

TOZ: Not watching.

Do you see Enzo retaining or will Kalisto get another run with the Barney belt?

Greg: Enzo retains.

Allen: Enzo wins hopefully with interference with Drew, because he hates those lucha chants.

BigFreaky: Enzo probably retaining. Neville return?

TOZ: Don’t care.

Bar vs. Usos

Sheamus and Cesaro vs. The Usos

This has the potential to be a show stealer. Do you have high expectations for this match?

Greg: Yes. Both teams are at the top of their respective brands and have put on some great matches over the year. This will be no different.

Allen: Absolutely. Usos have been killing it. The Bar have been killing it. Tag team wrestling has been very good lately.

BigFreaky: If Cesaro is involved in a match, it’s a must watch. Bottom line.

TOZ: Hell yeah. Love what both teams have been doing lately.

Are you happy to see these two teams paired off against each other?

Greg: Absolutely.

Allen: I am but I didn’t mind that it was Ambrose and Rollins vs the Usos at first.

BigFreaky: As long as Cesaro has some gold around his waist, all is well in the wrestling world.

TOZ: 100%.

Who do you think will win?

Greg: I don’t think it matters. If I am forced to choose then I will side with The Usos.

Allen: The Usos have been getting more of the cool babyface pops lately so I see them going over the Bar.

BigFreaky: I’m gonna have to pick the Usos.

TOZ: Don’t care.

Unicorns vs. Hounds

New Day vs. The Shield

Unicorns vs. Hounds. Who are you rooting for?

Greg: Unicorns.

Allen: I want the Unicorns to win but…

BigFreaky: I’m rooting for good wrestling that makes sense. So.. we’ll see.

TOZ: Unicorns.

This should be a fun match with the antics of the New Day counteracting the intensity of The Shield. Are you expecting these teams to bring it?

Greg: Yes. The goofy New Day will probably get serious real fast once The Shield start swarming them. This should be a good fight.

Allen: I just hope this is more on the entertaining side of things as opposed to a four star match.

BigFreaky: See previous response.

TOZ: Yes.

Who wins?

Greg: New Day Rocks! New Day Rocks!

Allen: The Shield is 100% winning. They reunited and then had to change their first comeback win thanks to Roman jobbing to viral infections. WWE will finally have the Shield stand tall here. New Day will always be able to stay popular no matter how much they lose, I doubt they need to win this one.

BigFreaky: Shield

TOZ: Head says Shield. Heart says New Day.

Brock vs. AJ

Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles

Admit it. You were happy the Jinder was hindered so this match would not suck. With AJ in the match will this be better?

Greg: This will be so much better with AJ involved. The man is money regardless of who his opponent is.

Allen: Yes. AJ is the MVP of WWE aside from Braun Strowman. AJ needs to be treated like a big deal and I’m glad it’s working out for him. AJ is a better and more credible wrestler than Jinder and now instead of Squash City, I expect more of a real match between AJ and Brock.

BigFreaky: I guess ya’ll want to see AJ go to Suplex City… why do you hate him so much? LOL

TOZ: It wasn’t perfect, but I actually did like Jinder as champ, but yes AJ is the better choice.

Will Brock have the motivation to put on a good match or will we just see Suplex City and F5?

Greg: Hopefully this does not follow the tired Brock match formula and we get a longer contest to maximize the skills of both men. A short squash would only disappoint.

Allen: I see this match being better than his match with Strowman. The idea of a David vs Goliath type match is always better than a Big Man vs Big Man match. I keep thinking back to the Lesnar/CM Punk match and how good that turned out. AJ is arguably better than Punk and I see more variety that can happen with him and Brock.

BigFreaky: AJ is gonna have to run around and wear him out. Can’t get caught or it’s getting dropped on the back of your neck time.

TOZ: I think Brock is gonna do more with AJ.

Who should win and why?

Greg: Brock losing this won’t hurt him in the long run. Styles having a victory over The Beast would be an impressive notch in his belt.

Allen: Brock should win to keep his Beast moniker going. However, I would like to see AJ get a win to boost his legitimacy in the eyes of the fans.

BigFreaky: AJ gains more from a win. Something bigger has to happen in this match tho…. But what?

TOZ: AJ should win. Give Smackdown some more shine.

Will this match end clean or will Jinder hinder Styles?

Greg: Signs point to Jinder arriving to hinder.

Allen: I would like to see Jinder and the Singh brothers run down and distract Brock and then AJ gets a sudden Phenomenal Forearm in for the win.

BigFreaky: Cue the music and fire up that tron floor display with the rolling carpet.

TOZ: Jinder will hinder.

SS Men

Team Raw Men (Kurt Angle, Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, HHH) vs. Team Smackdown Men (Shane McMahon, Randy Orton, Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura, John Cena)

Jason Jordan gets booted off Team Raw due an injury he suffered in a match with Bray Wyatt. The crowd had zero sympathy for him and his daddy issues. Do you foresee him costing Team Raw the match to get back at his pops?

Greg: Jason Jordan will go all Kylo Ren & take out his daddy issues out on Team RAW. He may either cost them the match or just remove Angle out of the equation.

Allen: “Daddy! I hate you Daddy!” I actually think he would be more inclined to attack HHH after the pedigree he ate instead of going after Kurt Angle.

BigFreaky: Unless Trips is doing a match with Jason or Kurt at Mania… Jason won’t show up.

TOZ: I agree with Allen. If she shows up, he’s going after HHH.

Are you happy that HHH is the guy who replaced Jordan? How stacked is this match with star power?

Greg: Um sure. Why not have trips be the catalyst for Jordan going to the dark side? As for star power? Yeah. Kinda a lot to boost this PPV.

Allen: I’m glad they aren’t neglecting the 4th of the Big 4 PPVs by stacking the star power. In a span of two weeks, Survivor Series hype has grown exponentially. HHH was just the icing on the cake. Plus they added more twists to some upcoming stories that can lead up to Wrestlemania season.

BigFreaky: The more the merrier. The reason why SS is my second fav PPV only behind Rumble in terms of giving us as much talent as possible.

TOZ: Sure. Why not have more star power.

Who wins, Raw or Smackdown Live?

Greg: Team blue.

Allen: This is probably the hardest match to predict because of the stars in the match and what could happen. I will go with Team Raw winning despite Super Cena and Mr. Survivor Series Randy Orton being on Team Smackdown.

BigFreaky: Gonna have to pick Smackdown

TOZ: Blue. Raw benefits if they lose this to spin out to more storylines.

SS Women

Team Raw Women (Alicia Fox, Nia Jax, Asuka, Sasha Banks, Bayley) vs. Team Smackdown Women (Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Carmella, Naomi, Tamina)

Does Bayley deserve to be on this team? Or was she just the best option given the other women remaining?

Greg: She was best option. I expect her to be eliminated early.

Allen: Better than Dana Brooke…

BigFreaky: Former Champ, deserves to be on the team. Allen looking like he wants to throw down with me.

TOZ: Hell yeah Bayley deserves to be on the team. Ya’ll trippin.

Do you expect Asuka to tear through the entire Smackdown Live women’s team?

Greg: In an ideal world Asuka would take out everyone on both teams. In the real world? I hope she takes out someone convincingly before hitting the showers.

Allen: I would like Asuka to be the sole survivor on her team.

BigFreaky: “Asuka’s gonna kill you”

TOZ: Not the entire team. I don’t think she’s gonna do much to Charlotte. Gotta save that matchup for the future.

Right now it looks like Charlotte is wrestling twice on this show. Will she be replaced last minute on the kickoff or sometime during the PPV? If so, who will be her replacement? **THIS WAS ASKED OF THE PARTICIPANTS BEFORE IT WAS ANNOUNCED NATALYA TOOK CHARLOTTE’S SPOT IN THE 5 ON 5. THEY HAVE ASKED THAT THEIR BOLD PREDICTIONS STAND AS IS**

Greg: I don’t expect a surprise replacement at all. She will be there for the 5 on 5.

Allen: She will be replaced, I expect a returning Paige to take her spot.

BigFreaky: Guess who’s getting a surprise knee injury from being attacked backstage?!?!

TOZ: Replace her. No need to have anyone pulling double duty.

Who wins? Red or Blue?

Greg: Blue

Allen: Team Red led by Crazy Captain Alicia Fooooooooooooooox. I still hope Asuka is the sole survivor. I see Carmella walking out on Team Blue as well as Paige with a surprising heel turn to set up a series with Becky Lynch.

BigFreaky: First I imagine the Foxy captain having a meltdown and the team imploding. Then you put Asuka on her team… everyone on the opposing team = RIP. Red is better than dead.

TOZ: Red. Smackdown losing lets Carmella cash in.