Selective Hearing Roundtable: Royal Rumble 2017 Predictions

Royal Rumble

The road to Wrestlemania 33 begins with the Royal Rumble. The Selective Hearing staff have gathered to make their bold predictions on the 2017 edition. We take no responsibility for you losing money on wagers based on our ramblings.


Anderson & Gallows vs. Cesaro & Sheamus (RAW Tag Team Championship)
Alexa Bliss/Natalya/Mickie James vs. Naomi/NIkki Bella/Becky Lynch
Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax
Rich Swann vs. Neville (Cruiserweight Championship)
Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley (RAW Women’s Championship)
AJ Styles vs. John Cena (WWE Championship)
Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns (WWE Universal Championship)
Royal Rumble


Anderson & Gallows vs. Cesaro & Sheamus

Are The Club due for a win and a run with the belts or is it a foregone conclusion that they will lose?

Greg: Despite having a relatively decent build up The Crub are going to again be eating another pin.

Allen: If it wasn’t for that Dusty Finish, The Club technically has a clean win over the tag champs. I just think it’s too soon for Cesaro and Sheamus to lose the titles.

BigFreaky: I don’t think Club is gonna get Gold until Mania.

If Cesaro & Sheamus retain, do you expect a rematch or are there any other viable heel tag teams they could possibly face?

Greg: I will expect a rematch at the RAW only PPV where The Crub probably lose again. Otherwise there are no credible opponents left unless another makeshift team is created or we get a face vs. face type of deal.

Allen: I’m barely watching Raw these days but there has to be more tag teams than this, right? I’m glad the Club is doing stuff again because I feel they are underused. Keep it going, give them the mic and I think they can carry a feud for a few more weeks. I need to hear Karl Anderson name drop his hot Asian wife more. That or maybe The Revival finally show up to ruin things.

BigFreaky: Where The Revival at?

Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax

Do you have any excitement for this match?

Greg: Moderate excitement. At the very least it’s something different in the RAW women’s division besides the endless Sasha/Charlotte battles.

Allen: They are doing the right thing by copying Smackdown and having at least two stories going on with the women. I like the attack while Sasha was testing out her knee, it adds more background and context to a women’s feud in a division that needs more stories.

BigFreaky: Not sure what to expect from this match honestly.

Who is better off winning or is this a throwaway feud for the sake of keeping Sasha & Jax busy?

Greg: Jax would probably benefit from defeating an established star rather than squashing local jobbers. An extended feud with Banks could have potential to be some good stuff.

Allen: Gotta keep Jax strong. I can’t stand this goody goody Sasha Banks. Can she be a bitch again?

BigFreaky: I’m not sure who would benefit more. Fodder for Flair anyways.

Alexa Bliss/Natalya/Mickie James vs. Naomi/Nikki Bella/Becky Lynch

So this was kind of just cobbled together out of 3 separate feuds. Do you expect this to be a decent match?

Greg: First off, why is Bliss on the pre-show? Booourns. Anyway, This could be an okay match if it is given enough time.

Allen: With this, Nia/Sasha, and Club/Cesaro Sheamus all on the kickoff show, this one will probably be kept quick even though I’m more invested in all of these stories with these women. I kind of like the potential for this to be a cluster of a match that can turn out fun.

BigFreaky: I’m interested to see where this goes. I wonder how the Mickie dynamic works into everything.

Given that the heels have been shown as somewhat more dominant do you expect them to win?

Greg: I hope so. Go team Bliss!

Allen: Same here, I see Naomi taking the pin if Team Bliss wins.

BigFreaky: Lynch pins Bliss

Rich Swann vs. Neville

Neville is moved to the Cruiserweight division and he is an evil, self-entitled jerk who believes he has been passed over. What are your thoughts on Evil Neville?

Greg: Evil Neville is great & he fits in perfectly in the flippy shit division. Definitely a breath of fresh air in the rebooted division.

Allen: Evil Neville is so good as a heel. Everything he does just has so much fury, so much speed, it feels like he is truly beating up all these skinny cruiserweights every week. Keep it up Evil Neville, stay evil for a long time, you are doing some awesome work.

BigFreaky: Neville is more amazing than I thought he could ever be.

Do you believe that Rich Swann’s days as champion are over or do you think he should retain?

Greg: It is time for Evil Neville to get that Barney belt & take his place as the king of flippy shit.

Allen: Give it to Neville. You had a third failure in Swann to bring any attention to the division. Neville can compete with anyone and make the title look good.

BigFreaky: I think Swann will retain.

Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley

Charlotte’s PPV win streak is on the line along with the RAW women’s championship. Do you see Charlotte losing this match or do you think Bayley’s big moment will be saved for a bigger stage such as Wrestlemania?

Greg: Charlotte’s PPV streak will continue to set up something bigger at Wrestlemania. Sorry Bayley fans.

Allen: Charlotte’s going to win. This build up with Bayley has been very lackluster. I don’t see why anyone would side with her other than she is a nerdy WWE fangirl turned wrestler. It isn’t time for the Super Cena Push for Bayley just yet.

BigFreaky: Like the club, I would imagine she is being saved for Mania.

If Bayley wins would Banks be her next logical opponent or is a rematch with Charlotte imminent?

Greg: If Bayley wins (which she won’t) then yes, rematch at next RAW only PPV.

Allen: I only see Bayley winning if Charlotte needs a break from carrying the women’s division for almost two years. She could win it on Raw since Charlotte always loses on Raw.

BigFreaky: After you bringing this up, maybe we will see Sasha vs Bayley at Mania.

AJ Styles vs. John Cena

Do you expect an epic encounter on the same level as their previous matches?

Greg: Yes. These 2 men have great in-ring chemistry & they will not disappoint.

Allen: Match of the night. They better not be on in the middle of the card like in Summerslam.

BigFreaky: Pretty sure it will be MOTN. On before the Rumble.

Will AJ remain the champ who runs the camp or will Cena make history by reaching Ric Flair’s record?

Greg: I hope Styles retains. Save Cena’s championship moment for the grand stage of Wrestlemania instead.

Allen: As much as I want AJ to win, just hurry up and give it to Cena so we can get over him and Ric’s record.

BigFreaky: Cena finally gonna his strap back.

Which outcome would work best moving into Wrestlemania season?

Greg: See my comment above. Go soccer mom hair!

Allen: I would prefer to see Styles lose the title in Elimination Chamber by getting eliminated by someone else other than Cena. Cena can win the title and then him and AJ can main event Wrestlemania.

BigFreaky: Cena gonna win and face Taker at Mania.

Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns

Do you expect a clean ending to this match or will Jericho find a way to escape the shark cage and interfere?

Greg: Jericho will find a way to weasel his way out of the shark cage & affect the outcome somehow.

Allen: This shark cage is so dumb. I would rather Jericho stay put but you know they have something lined up for him to interfere. Maybe Owens will be the one to try to get Jericho’s help. Can’t have him look strong over Roman.

BigFreaky: Jericho will somehow get out, but Roman will still win.

Should Owens retain or will Reigns get a run at holding the big red belt?

Greg: Reigns is leaving with the big red belt.

Allen: Owens will lose to set up his Wrestlemania feud with Jericho. Reigns can wear the beef jerky belt for a while.

BigFreaky: Roman gets the Fruit Roll up.

Royal Rumble

Any idea who might be surprise entrants or call ups from NXT?

Greg: Samoa Joe & Tye Dillinger come to mind. Is Drew Carey doing anything on Sunday?

Allen: Samoa Joe and THE CLEANER KENNY OMEGA! I really doubt Kenny is appearing and it’s really reaching but you never know…

BigFreaky: Joe and Tye. MVP lol

Who do you believe will be the last man standing?

Greg: I honestly don’t know. James Ellsworth? If I were to make an actual pick, I hope it’s The Miz.

Allen: This is the most unpredictable Royal Rumble finish to pick a winner. So many ways they can go and so many different big names in the match itself… I can’t make a clear pick myself. I know who it won’t be and it won’t be Roman Reigns this year!

BigFreaky: The Dead Man

As as side note, we also have Royal Rumble pool going on. BigFreaky has the best odds of winning and the rest of us are kind of praying we don’t get jobbers who will be in the ring for less than a minute. You can check out our randomly generated pick ’em numbers below.

Selective Hearing Royal Rumble Pool

Greg’s Numbers – 3, 19, 28
Toz’s Numbers – 11, 12, 23
Freaky’s Numbers – 21, 24, 25
Allen’s Numbers – 6, 16, 18