Selective Hearing Roundtable – Summerslam 2017/NXT Takeover Brooklyn 3 Fallout


Andrade Almas def. Johnny Gargano

NXT Takeover Brooklyn 3 - Gargano Almas

This was a hot opener. Best match Almas has had in NXT so far. Do you agree or disagree?

Allen: I agree 100%. I always liked Almas and his matches but him and Gargano put on a great opener and the crowd showed both of the respect by being absorbed in both of them.

Greg: It’s always good to have a hot opener. Almas is finally getting some traction now that he has a valet to push him away from goofing off in the ring.

TOZ: I do agree. Did all it needed to do.

Almas gets the big win thanks to a distraction from Zelina. Do you want to see him & Gargano go at it again?

Allen: Loved that she messed with his head by throwing the DIY shirt. Makes it a semi-not-clean win so they can battle more. Plus it gave Almas a much needed win on a TakeOver.

Greg: I would not mind seeing these two go at it again. Given that Gargano has no one else to fight with now that Ciampa is out for a bit why not?

TOZ: NXT could use some more consistency lately. Let them keep going.

Match of the night?

Allen: It’s right up there with the Women’s Championship match.

Greg: Close, but the Women’s championship match outdid it.

TOZ: Nah son.

SAnitY def. Authors of Pain

NXT Takeover Brooklyn 3 - AOP Sanity

SAnitY has second best entrance in NXT after Bobby Roode. Agree or disagree?

Allen: Incorrect. They might have the first best entrance in NXT now since Roode is now on SmackDown lol. I’m also partial to Aleister Black’s theme now.

Greg: LOL. That would be correct but Roode is probably still on NXT for a bit longer just to finish his feud with Strong. Doing that double duty like Owens and The Shield did back before they went full-time on the main roster.

TOZ: I quite dig Asuka’s entrance.

This match was a clusterfuck that was better than it should have been. Did you enjoy the chaos?

Allen: Usually AOP has crazy matches and having Eric Young and Nikki Cross mess things up and add chaos to the match made it different.

Greg: I wasn’t expecting much given who was in the ring. I was entertained in the end. Nikki sure ate a big bullet for the sake of the team.

TOZ: With all those parts, it should get a bit messy.

Alexander Wolf got to show a lot in this match. Were you impressed?

Allen: Yeah I really like his in ring style and workrate. If SAnitY uses New Day/Freebirds rules, I see him always being in the mix.

Greg: I didn’t know much about Wolf in NXT before or after he was put in to SAnitY. He looks like one of them blue chip prospects that WWE can mold into something great for the future assuming they want to of course.

TOZ: I don’t remember his impact, honestly.

NXT Takeover Brooklyn 3 - ReDragon

ReDragon appear to make their statement to the entire tag team division. Is NXT’s tag team division now stronger with their entry into the title picture?

Allen: It just makes sense since each of them have been in NXT to put them back together. I would really like to see them go up against TM61 once they get all healed up.

Greg: Yes. The NXT tag division is finally becoming something good once more. Adding a veteran team like ReDragon to the mix only helps makes the division must watch again.

TOZ: More players makes it more fun.

Aleister Black def. Hideo Itami

NXT Takeover Brooklyn 3 - Black Itami

As expected this was a high impact match with many stiff strikes. Black was even bleeding from the nose early. Did you dig the physical style of this match?


Greg: They want hard. I liked it.

TOZ: Yo did Aleister Black take the STRONG STYLE crown from Shinsuke Nakamura? Cause it kinda feels like it.

Do you dig heel Itami demanding respect? Did you like the Shibata taunt?

Allen: Keep him deadly and angry. He can do anyone’s taunt but doing Shibata’s is alright with me.

Greg: Well if this makes him closer to the badass he was in Japan I’m all for pissing him off more and more.

TOZ: Heel Itami is better Itami.

Black wins a hard fought match. Who should he face next? Where does Itami go from here?

Allen: I kind of want to see Black and Pete Dunn go at it. Itami needs to go after other faces like Ohno or Gargano.

Greg: Itami should just beat everyone up in rage. It doesn’t matter face or heel. Black? I don’t know. He can probably just go up to the main roster at this point but if they keep him in NXT? I’m not sure who he would be matched up with.

TOZ: Keep them both in NXT for a bit longer. Still quite not ready.

Asuka def. Ember Moon

NXT Takeover Brooklyn 3 - Asuka Moon

Even support from New York crowd for both women. Who were you rooting for?

Allen: Team Asuka

Greg: Asuka.


This was a tough match with Asuka working on Moon’s shoulder & Moon making various comebacks even coming close to winning at one point with the Eclipse & a super kick.

Allen: I was surprised that Asuka kicked out of the Eclipse, it was hit perfectly. It started out strong too with Ember taking advantage of Asuka’s overconfidence and I was hooked the whole match.

Greg: This was the better match of the two they have had on PPV so far. Asuka tried to cheat to win but it didn’t work and Moon tried her hardest to put Asuka away at every chance she got.

TOZ: Was ready to see Asuka lose.

In the end Asuka submits Moon with the Asuka lock. Did you think Moon looked good in defeat? Should these ladies meet one more time or is it time for both to move on to other challenges?

Allen: Moon definitely looked very good against Asuka, she even showed heel tendencies with her mouthing “I hate you” at one point. It would have been cool for them to go once more but with Asuka’s injury and being called up to the main roster, we won’t see another match between them anytime soon.

Greg: Moon for sure came out looking better than she did coming in. If you did not like her before you should at least have some respect for her performance at Takeover.

TOZ: Meet again, please.

Was this match of the night?

Allen: It is for me because of the story leading up to the match. Plus I’m sure there are a lot of fans invested to seeing the streak continue or end and that adds more drama.

Greg: Anytime a winning streak is involved you should expect that anyone who will try to stop it will go above and beyond. And that is what happened. This slightly edged the opening match between Gargano and Almas based on more investment in the drama surrounding the title and Moon’s quest to break the streak.

TOZ: 100% match of the night.

Drew McIntyre def. Bobby Roode

NXT Takeover Brooklyn 3 - McIntyre Roode

Roode had a less than glorious entrance. What up with that?

Allen: You talking mess about Keyboard Mania?? He got all of Undertaker’s mist and smoke though lol.

Greg: Yes. Keyboard Mania. Not so glorious.

TOZ: Budget problems.

McIntyre’s WWE comeback story is completed with a championship victory. How do you feel about this tale of redemption coming full circle?

Allen: I actually don’t really follow Drew that much even back when he was the Chosen One. I guess it’s cool that he’s champ but I thought it was too early.

Greg: Dude you missing out. His entire history in WWE was the entire foundation for this rise to the NXT title picture. Him winning makes his comeback so much sweeter.

TOZ: Love it. 3MB on the come up!

Where does Bobby Roode go from here? Rematch or move on up to main roster?

Allen: SmackDown just got more glorious…

Greg: Glorious Smackdown Live and perhaps some double duty on NXT tapings to give Strong his revenge.

TOZ: SD Live!

Adam Cole makes his NXT debut taking out McIntyre with a sneak attack after a distraction from ReDragon. Admit it, you peed yourself a little seeing so many former ROH/NJPW talents form a faction in NXT.

Allen: But they are all so short next to Drew…

Greg: ADAM COLE BAYBAY! It’s a shame I will not pass him warming up in the Tokyo Dome at the next Wrestle Kingdom again. Seeing more ROH guys in NXT is definitely strange but they are getting the opportunity to show off their craft on a bigger stage so good on them.

TOZ: I don’t know a lot about Adam Cole, but I do like all these “indie” talents are being able to do their thing under the WWE umbrella.

Do you look forward to story time with Adam Cole on the next episode of NXT?

Allen: Of course baybay!

Greg: I’m interested to see if he gets to keep his old entrance theme or not. But yes, tell me a story Mr. Cole.

TOZ: Sure. Show me something Mr. Cole.