Selective Hearing Roundtable: Summerslam 2017/NXT Takeover Brooklyn 3 Predictions

It is once again time for WWE’s summer extravaganza Summerslam. For the third year in a row it is hosted at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn New York. Half of the Selective Hearing wrestling crew have gathered to discuss the NXT Takeover Brooklyn III and Summerslam 2017 cards. As always, our predictions are for entertainment purposes only and we take no responsibility for any monetary losses you may incur by gambling based on our discussion.

NXT Takeover Brooklyn 3

Bobby Roode vs. Drew McIntyre

Roode faces yet another challenger to his NXT crown. Do you believe that McIntyre will be the one to knock him off his throne?

Allen: I do think McIntyre should be the next NXT champion, but not yet. It seems to early for him right now plus I totally forgot Drew was Roode’s opponent for a while. I keep seeing Roddy Strong and Roode being pushed instead. Plus with the rumors of the ROH type faction and Adam Cole showing up, it could put a nice little spin on the title match. Drew could win and Roddy or Cole can attack him at the end of the match positioning Drew as the new babyface champ.

Greg: I don’t think Drew is going to win this match. Roode is too strong of a champ to have him drop it unless he’s going up for sure after Summerslam. I’m thinking that Roode will win and we get a 3-way with Strong for the belt next.

Given McIntyre’s comeback to WWE story, would this be a fitting ending to his return?

Allen: He’s the last member of 3MB to win a title! It would definitely be fitting if he wins! LOL!

Greg: Well given that he was canned, went out and made a name for himself outside of WWE and came back? Yes, it would be a fitting ending to his WWE return.

If Roode loses do you see him being called up after Summerslam? If so, which brand would have the greater need of his services?

Allen: I would like to see him on one of the main rosters, but do we need more cocky heels? Part of me by default says Smackdown as I feel his Glorious gimmick will be used better there. I also feel Raw could use another good wrestler on their side but his Glorious persona may not fit in on Raw like it would on Smackdown. I just wished Roode would take it to Ric Flair levels of Gloriousness and he would fit in on Raw like with the Miz.

Greg: If Roode goes up then he should be Smackdown Live. He can take the place the Miz had as the asshole heel. There are also better matchups for him on the blue brand that would produce some exciting work.

Asuka vs. Ember Moon

The popular opinion on the ‘net is that Moon will not be the one to end Asuka’s win streak. Do you believe that to be the case?

Allen: The storylines have it set up where Ember Moon will take the title. I personally don’t think she will because Asuka is Asuka. She is carrying the division and is scary unbeatable.
Greg: Moon will come close again but will not take the title off of Asuka. She’ll either be robbed again by a heel tactic used by Asuka or it will be a clean pin to end the feud.

If you agree? Do you think the eventual winner of the Mae Young Classic (the favorite being Kairi Sane at the moment) will be the one to finally defeat Asuka?

Allen: Kairi Sane has tons of momentum even before the Classic started. I would love for her to clash with Asuka at least once and have them go all out.

Greg: If Kairi Sane is the eventual winner of the Mae Young Classic then yes, she should be the one to take on Asuka next if the actual prize for winning the tourney is a title shot.

If you do not agree what is your case for Moon taking home the gold after Takeover?

Allen: Ember in storyline has justified that she has is a threat to Asuka. Asuka has never gone up against Ember straight up one on one ever since she got hurt. So the long game has worked in Ember’s favor to gain sympathetic cheers and it can justify her win in the end.

Greg: From an outside point of view it looks like Moon is the only credible threat to Asuka. If the story goes to have her win the belt and end the streak then I don’t really have an issue with it as Asuka chasing the belt would also be an interesting story that would keep her around in NXT until she is ready to be called up.

The Authors of Pain (Akam and Rezar with Paul Ellering) vs. SAnitY (Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain with Eric Young and Nikki Cross)

Both of these teams are technically heels right? How long has it been since a heel vs. heel title match has occurred?

Allen: I can’t remember a heel team vs a heel team match. They made the AOP look more of a tweener group since they are the victims of surprise attacks.

Greg: Both of these teams have support, but I see AOP as the default faces out for revenge in this match. I doubt they’ll wrestle like faces though.

Who do you think needs the win more and are they your pick to be champions by the end of the night?

Allen: I would keep AOP strong and give them the win. I don’t know if either team needs a win more. SAnitY has that aura of a group that will mess things up no matter if they win or lose.

Greg: AOP should retain. SAnitY are fine without gold for now.

Aleister Black vs. Hideo Itami

This is probably going to be a bit of “snug” type of matchup. Does Black fall to Itami or will his rise up the ranks continue?

Allen: I hope they beat the crap out of each other. I don’t know if it’s time to beat Aleister Black but I’m kind of tired seeing Itami losing and being a frustrated heel.

Greg: This will probably have a few stiff shots in it. Itami is going to take the L on this one. Black has better upside right now.

Will an Itami loss only further his angry heel character or will this set him back again?

Allen: I hope it doesn’t set him back, I hate seeing him become a loser. If they have him lose, Itami needs to vent his anger all over the place by beating up a bunch of people. I just don’t see him vent on Aleister Black. It’s probably better for him to beat up Ohno.

Greg: If Itami loses it will only help progress his frustrated angry guy character and hopefully it will bring out more of the viciousness he showed in Japan.

Johnny Gargano vs. Andrade Almas (with Zelina Vega)

This is most likely the opening match right?

Allen: Seems that way. It’ll be great to see Johnny Wrestling come back from the dead since the last TakeOver.

Greg: Yeah. Curtain jerker for sure.

Almas has renewed purpose with his new valet/manager by his side. Given his new upward swing in momentum do you think he should win?

Allen: Yes he should win. I always like Almas and having Zelina keep him in check puts more character in his character. Keep that duo going.

Greg: Almas actually has direction now. A win will continue to put his character on the right path towards living up to the hype generated when he first signed with NXT.

Would it hurt Gargano if he lost this match or would fans not really care either way?

Allen: Nah, Johnny Wrestling will be the new Bayley of NXT. Fans are going to support him and his wife no matter what.

Greg: Nope. Gargano is the underdog face who will always be supported like Allen said.