Selective Hearing Roundtable: Wrestlemania 33 Aftermath

Wrestlemania 33 Poster

We were going to do a follow up podcast on Wrestlemania 33 but there were too many scheduling conflicts to make that a possibility. So it was decided that we go with the more conventional group posting instead. We may be a little late with our feedback, but better late than never.

WM 33 CW Championship

Neville def. Austin Aries

Neville retains the the barney belt in a competitive match. Signs are that this feud will continue. Are you looking forward to more from these two?

Greg: Yes.

Allen: We deserve more from them. They had a great match for being on the kickoff show.

BigFreaky: Yes for sure.

TOZ: Yes

Even though they were on the pre-show, do you think the crowd who were in the building were into the flippy shit match?

Greg: I would say yes, the crowd was into this match. At least from what I could tell. They certainly gave this match more a chance than say a regular RAW or 205 Live crowd and they were rewarded with a pretty good match.

Allen: Yes, and there were people in the crowd during the kickoff show this year!

BigFreaky: Yes there were people visibly vocal for the opening match.

TOZ: Best WM opener.

WM 33 Andre Battle Royal

Mojo Rawley wins the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale

This felt very rushed from the start with many early eliminations at the hands of Big Show and Braun. Did it feel that way to you?

Greg: Yup. Someone had the stopwatch out. Can’t go over time.

Allen: Yeah it was rushed. Had to get to Gronk sooner.

BigFreaky: I thought Braun went out kinda early, but I’m fine with the others getting tossed early.

TOZ: Didn’t watch this at all.

Once the two big men were eliminated from the match did you stop caring?

Greg: I thought Braun was going to take this so when he was unceremoniously dumped over the ropes I stopped actively watching. I think I started looking at stuff on my phone until the announcers starting getting hyped over the final 4 in the match.

Allen: It wasn’t until Sami was gone, that’s when I stopped caring.

BigFreaky: We were trying to figure out who Bin Wang was from up in the top seats. Since we didn’t have the audio feed. I forgot he was in it.

Did you laugh when the security staff tried to stop Gronk from doing his scripted interference in the match?

Greg: Yes. Little staff lady trying to stop big football player from doing his scripted duty brought some unintentional hilarity to an otherwise bland match.

Allen: Meh, she was just doing her job. Probably didn’t realize who it was and what was going down.

BigFreaky: I was like… is he supposed to get in or what? LOL

Will this win do anything for Mojo or will he languish in obscurity once the hype dies down?

Greg: Much like every other Andre Battle Royal winner, this will do nothing for the winner other than to give them their Wrestlemania moment. I expect Mojo to be jobbing it up or waiting for Ryder to return from injury in a few months.

Allen: WWE is just leaching off Mojo’s and Gronk’s friendship to get headlines on SportsCenter.

BigFreaky: They seem to be high on Mojo, it’s fine. It’s not blasting him to the moon, but it’s fine.

TOZ: Back to obscurity.

WM 33 IC Title

Dean Ambrose def. Baron Corbin

Kind of a flat match considering the okay build up or do you disagree?

Greg: Yeah. Definitely flat given the hype this match had. It felt that Baron and Dean didn’t really click at all in the ring despite doing a good job with all the pre-match stuff.

Allen: Yeah for all the backstage fights they have been in, this should have had a stipulation like a street fight or something.

BigFreaky: Just kinda happened. Thought Corbin was going to take the strap though.

TOZ: Honestly, I didn’t watch any pre-show. I caught Aries vs Neville after the fact.

Is it a shame that that this got bumped down to the kickoff show?

Greg: Um. No. Something had to get bumped in order to get the SD Live women’s match on the main card.

Allen: Not with the match they put on, they deserved to be bumped down with that showing.

BigFreaky: Still on the show at least.

With Dean retaining do you expect the IC belt to go back to not being defended for long periods of time until someone else comes along who might make it worth caring about again?

Greg: Well Dean brought the big white belt to RAW so I expect that it should get some more love than it did on SD Live when he held it and did nothing with it. Seeing that he’s on a collision course with The Miz perhaps the IC belt will go back to where it belongs.

Allen: Dean has been the ironman of the WWE so why not reward him by giving him a run with the title. Miz would be the most likely opponent but I would like to see Dean and Samoa Joe mix it up as well.

BigFreaky: I honestly forget who has it most of the time lately.

WM 33 AJ Shane

AJ Styles def. Shane MacMahon

This was an actual match instead of a glorified stunt fest. Were you disappointed Shane did not jump from the ring on top of the ring?

Greg: If Shane had jumped off of some high structure in the first match it would be a hell of a thing to follow up for the rest of the roster. So with that in mind I’m not disappointed. If this were higher on the card then I would have expected some sort of death defying act in the match.

Allen: Not really, I just didn’t want him to kill himself so I’m glad hs kept it on ground level this year.

BigFreaky: I enjoyed the match, I don’t need stunts from him.

TOZ: I don’t need Shane wrestling anymore in my life.

Shane looked pretty decent out there. Or did AJ carry him a little?

Greg: Shane took a lot of the Undertaker’s ground game for his match with AJ. He also brought out his classic daredevil moves (i.e. the garbage can coast to coast drop kick) I don’t think he was carried and held up his part of the match with the best performer on the roster.

Allen: He was alright. Still can’t throw punches and he did almost drop AJ on his head early in the match. AJ still gave him a lot to do, so he did have to carry him for the most part. He should have tied up his J’s all the way because he looked shaky on the ropes. They used Shane’s spots in a a lot smarter way. This was a lot better match than the snooze-fest that was Shane vs Undertaker last year. I give most of the credit to the Face That Runs The Place, AJ Styles.

BigFreaky: I didn’t feel that AJ carried the match at all. Shane did well.

TOZ: He was okay. AJ’s back must be strong to carry.

WM 33 US Title

Kevin Owens def. Chris Jericho

This ended up being a very good contest with both men using various counters to their opponent’s offense. What stood out for you?

Greg: Kevin Owens using the tip of his finger to break a pin. Brilliant.

Allen: The standout moment was KO and the fingertip touch of the rope. A little touch like that added so much more to the drama of their story.

BigFreaky: It was in slow motion when he used the tip of his finger to hit the rope, the place freaked out!

TOZ: 100% it was Owens breaking the count with a finger.

With Jericho off to tour with Fozzy do you see KO’s US title reign as something to look forward to or will he be stuck in mid-card purgatory until the big red belt opportunity comes his way again?

Greg: Well we got one more match between KO and Jericho at Payback which has a predictable result. With KO off to SD Live there are some fresh match ups for him so he probably will be featured prominently given the roll he is on.

I only ask that they keep him away from Zayn. Yes, they are destined to fight forever but they fought forever on RAW. I don’t need to see them do it again on SD Live.

Allen: I felt like they switched Miz for KO as the biggest heel on Smackdown. Keep doing KO things and Smackdown will turn into the New Kevin Owens Show.

BigFreaky: I think we’ll have some new stuff happening after the PPV.

TOZ: New stuff, please.

WM 33 RAW Womens Title

Bayley def. Nia Jax, Sasha Banks & Charlotte Flair

Sasha got an Uber to the ring. Smart thinking on the part of The Boss?

Greg: Yup. Why waste energy walking to the ring when you can get a ride instead?

Allen: Meh, she could have got a better car. I only expect Escalades from her. The hoopty she was on wasn’t very Boss-like.

BigFreaky: It was quite the spectacle driving down the ramp from my vantage point.

TOZ: Boss shit.

With Charlotte coming out last to a glorious entrance did you expect her to win?

Greg: Absolutely. Charlotte is treated like the crown jewel of the the entire WWE Women’s division and I expected her to walk out as champ and start a new PPV streak.

Allen: Why didn’t the champ come out last?? That really bothers me that they still do that shit.

Anyways, Charlotte’s magnificent entrance with all diamonds and fireworks made me believe she was going to win. Now in retrospect, her not winning is probably better because she is now on SD.

BigFreaky: I didn’t expect it and did expect it at the same time.

TOZ: I thought it was gonna be win #2 for the new WM streak.

Given that last year’s women’s title match was a show stealer, were you a little disappointed that this was not?

Greg: There was no way this was going to live up to last year’s match so no disappointment on my end. I just was just hoping that Jax did not kill anyone with a botched move.

Allen: It was still a serviceable match, just didn’t have the build up like last year’s match.

BigFreaky: Not how I expected it at all.

TOZ: I was.

Nia Jax gets ganged up on as expected and gets booted. Sasha Banks goes face first into an exposed turnbuckle and gets booted and the crowd gets deflated. Were you also deflated? Did you want Banks vs. Bayley rather than Charlotte vs. Bayley at the end?

Greg: Yes. When Sasha got eliminated the hype died for the match. Not that Bayley vs. Charlotte is not a good match but with the teased Sasha heel turn, it would have made sense to have her in the final two instead of Charlotte.

Allen: I called that group pin to eliminate Nia! Well I think we all wanted Sasha vs Bayley in the end. Hell we wanted that as the match one on one.

BigFreaky: I don’t even know what I wanted, but it was weird.

TOZ: Sasha vs Bayley should’ve been the match to begin with.

What did you think of the finish? Did you think “That was it?” or was that a justifiable ending?

Greg: It was a crappy ending that felt like they were told to go home because they were close to time. Normally the Bayley “Macho Man Elbow” is a transitional or comeback move, not a finisher. So to have that end the match felt off.

Allen: I did think that was kind of lacklustre to end it. If Bayley uses that as her new finisher, I wouldn’t mind. She’s going to screw up her hip if she keeps doing a top rope elbow though. Bayley’s entrance gear made her look like a giant kite. If she can add a giant kite or a glider like Link, then the elbow finisher will look awesome! LOL

BigFreaky: I was like… Macho elbow… finish? Ok I guess.

TOZ: I was disappointed that Charlotte didn’t win, but happy that Bayley got it. Just wish it wasn’t that lame of a finish.

WM 33 Tag Title

The Not Broken Hardyz def. Gallows & Anderson, Cesaro & Sheamus and Enzo & Cass

It was expected Matt & Jeff were going to show up eventually in WWE again. Were you surprised they made an appearance so soon after going through a ladder match with the Bucks of Youth?

Greg: Yes. The Hardyz are crazy for doing two ladder matches back to back. At least they didn’t go too far and try to kill themselves.

Allen: I didn’t expect them to be back at Wrestlemania.That pop for them was earth shaking, I was going crazy myself. But yeah, going from an ROH championship tag team ladder match with the Bucks of Youth and then a fatal fourway tag team ladder match, the Hardyz are insane.

BigFreaky: When new day came out and started talking about another team, the rumble started to build, then the music hit and that logo on the tron hit, it was nuts. Everyone screaming and chanting delete.

TOZ: The fact that they came back at WM made it way more exciting.

Were you sad they were not broken?

Greg: Yes. But since Matt Hardy is in the middle of lawsuit over the gimmick I guess it’s understandable that they did attempt to use it for their comeback. Seeing Matt Hardy with the crazy hair doing his old gimmick is a bit odd though.

Allen: They are half broken. I prefer them be Team Xtreme and then go into the Broken World later down the line when they aren’t having a gimmick lawsuit. I love that the crowd still does DELETE for them and I like it when Matt switches from his Wonderful pose to his V1 pose. Makes me laugh.

BigFreaky: More proof that WWE is WWE and everywhere else is not. They already had an established gimmick from before. They might be able to mix a bit in, or work with it later, but for now they are still the Hardys.

TOZ: They can’t be broken now. Hopefully later.

Did they really need to win the belts given that Enzo & Cass probably would have been the better choice?

Greg: Even though it would have made more sense to put Enzo & Cass over, nostalgia is a stronger force than logic.

Allen: I’m not sold on Enzo and Cass being champs because they seem to be the weakest tag team in that match. The Hardy Boyz are on a crazy championship streak in the past year, having them come back and win the Raw tag titles was such a nice touch.

BigFreaky: It’s fine, it’s a hell of a Wrestlemania moment that everyone will remember.

TOZ: Eh, I don’t care either way.

Was this a good ladder match or just okay?

Greg: It felt rushed. Everyone got their spots in at least.

Allen: Ten minutes of match with ten minutes of entrances? I’m ok with that. The Hardys returning and winning were probably the highlights of Wrestlemania.

BigFreaky: After the Hardys returned, did anything else matter?

TOZ: Don’t really care, lol.