Selective Hearing Roundtable: Wrestlemania 33 Aftermath

WM 33 Proposal

John Cena & Nikki Bella def. The Miz & Maryse

Basically no one really cared about the in-ring action. But if you did, was this a passable match?

Greg: There was a match? At least Maryse looked good.

Allen: All I remember from the match was everyone cheering for Miz and Maryse.

BigFreaky: There wasn’t much match. I thought maybe Miz could steal it, but it was about how a Mania match like that would go.

TOZ: Uh, sure?

Were you expecting Chocolate Thunder to interfere to make this interesting?

Greg: Al Roker interfering would have been epic. But nope.

Allen: Nah, don’t need anymore celebs turning on Cena.

BigFreaky: omg no.

What did you think of the long delayed proposal after the match? Does it make you believe in everlasting love or were you too busy retching from the sappiness?

Greg: Well John Cena put a ring on it after how many years? Good for him on budging on the whole marriage issue and giving Nikki what she’s wanted for a while. Yay for love.

Allen: I’m still throwing up in my own mouth after hearing all that at the end of the match. Cena and Nikki aren’t even the best couple in the WWE right now. Miz/Maryse, Dean/Renee, Lana/Rusev, hell even Daniel Bryan and Brie are more interesting and have more charisma than Cena and Nikki. Glad we won’t see them for a while.

BigFreaky: It’s fine, but I pretty much expected it. Was nice having the live in person view of it all go down. Like Cena running over to get the ring from ringside.

TOZ: It’s fine. Let them lovebirds live.

WM 33 Seth HHH

Seth Rollins def. HHH

Rollins finally gets his revenge on Trips. Or is this just the beginning of a much longer program that will involve other guys like say, Samoa Joe?

Greg: As seen on RAW it looks like Rollins is on his way to fighting Joe. So this is probably going to be a longer program that will eventually lead its way back to HHH.

Allen: Enough of HHH and Steph, let this transition to Samoa Joe and keep Seth injury free.

BigFreaky: I don’t even know, the match was alright, but it didn’t seem… epic.

TOZ: I don’t know, either. I don’t need to see HHH in another match, but I think the two of them have a better match in them.

What did you think of this “unsanctioned” match? Did it live up to expectations?

Greg: Seth finally got to participate in a Wrestlemania. That was enough for me in regards to expectations. As for the match? It was probably one of the better ones on the card. It felt a little long but not so much that you wanted it to just end.

Allen: A little long?? It was the longest match of the night at 25+ minutes! Could have shaved a lot of time off that because the longer it went, the more I wanted it to end. For someone that wanted to get at HHH for almost a year, Seth and HHH didn’t go at it like an “unsanctioned” match should have been.

BigFreaky: Being there live, it just felt like a standard match.

TOZ: I fell asleep during this match, so I’m gonna say no.

WM 33 SD World Title

Randy Orton def. Bray Wyatt

Was that a giant penis following Randy during his entrance?

Greg: Yup. Either a giant penis or a single sperm looking to find an egg to fertilize.

Allen: I was so happy Randy brought back the giant golden showers as part of his entrance, that part was cool. The snake coming from the tunnel looked cool too up until the herky jerkiness of the snake following Randy down that long ramp.

BigFreaky: The snake would have been fine if it didn’t jump like it did. That made it weird. I have to watch on VOD, to see how it was presented on TV.

TOZ: One leads to the other.

This matched had a lot of theatrics. Were you pulled into the match more because of them or were you like WTF?

Greg: I was in the WTF category. I understand Wyatt is supposed to be the whole strange and mystic dude, but I don’t think the theatrics really helped push him as some sort of demonic force playing with his opponent. It just felt like it was done for the hell of it.

Allen: I prefer random creepy kids in sheep’s masks versus stock footage of bugs. It just felt very random. Save those types of things for post processed vignettes not live matches.

BigFreaky: I dunno how it was presented on TV, but it seemed weird as hell live… just all of a sudden everything was dark and there was weird video on the ring… like… WTF is going on?

TOZ: I was way into the weird.

Bray eats another pin at Wrestlemania. How damaging is this to his character and will you believe any of the BS he spouts ever again?

Greg: I don’t know. The Wyatt character seems to now be the one who gets momentum and then the rug is pulled out from under him when things are getting good. Right now he’s heading to RAW (most likely without Rowan) to possibly face Finn Balor (assuming his concussion isn’t too severe) so that could be a nice fresh start.

Allen: His character might be the one that fucks you up mentally with a bunch of mind games only for him to get his comeuppance by losing in the end. He carries feuds with his promos and vignettes and that’s very rare in this age of wrestling.

BigFreaky: He is fine, but omfg he loses all the time. He seems about as credible as they made Ziggler. Always talking, losing always.

TOZ: It’s hard to take him seriously if he can’t back up the talk.

Does Orton really need another title run?

Greg: Nope. But I guess he’s the top of the food chain until Nakamura is primed to take the belt.

Allen: No because once he has a title, he gets very very boring. Need him to put on great matches and he doesn’t necessarily need the title to do that.

BigFreaky: I’m not hating and bored beyond belief with him right now, so it’s fine.

TOZ: This was the most excited I’ve been for a Randy Orton story in years, but now I’m back to being bored by him. No more title run.

WM 33 Brock Goldberg

Brock Lesnar def. Goldberg

Minus entrances this match lasted just under 5 minutes. It also happened to be the most competitive match between these two men ever. With that said, was this the perfect amount of time to tell their story?

Greg: Yup. No wasting time. Getting the maximum out of Goldberg before he eats the pin was the way to go.

Allen: I actually prefer the quick hitting power matches. Very reminiscent of Goldberg and his run during the 90s.

BigFreaky: This match was electric in the stadium, it was just about exactly as I expected. However I didn’t expect Goldberg to eat all those Germans. I had fun.

TOZ: Loved it. Perfect all around.

Brock did not dominate Goldberg until late in the match. Was 10 german suplexes enough or do you think more could have been done before writing Goldberg off?

Greg: 10 was sufficient. No need to go crazy and take Goldberg to more trips to Suplex City than that.

Allen: 10 is the magic number this year! 10! 10! 10!

BigFreaky: The place was going nuts calling for 10, a great moment for us fans.

TOZ: The WWE has ruined the number 10 for me. I would’ve liked to have at least one more.

WM 33 SD Womens Title

Naomi def. Every other woman on the SD Live roster

Another match that felt rushed. Do you think the SD Live women deserved more time to work with?

Greg: Yes. Especially considering that there were multiple stories to tell given the competitors in the match. It could have be given a few more minutes to build up more of Naomi going on the offense before taking out Bliss with the submission.

Allen: Well if Naomi didn’t dance all the way down the ring, they would have had more time to fight.

BigFreaky: I don’t think it felt rushed (other than the entrances) . It was just a bit weird. But it was fun to see her win the title again, lots of Naomi fans wearing shirts in the crowd.

TOZ: Rushed. Part of me wonders if they stayed on the pre-show would they have gotten more time.

No surprise entrant from NXT or Eva Marie. Sadness or another person was not needed?

Greg: Eva Marie entering this would have been godly. But nope. And no Asuka, which given her win at Takeover the night before means she’s staying in NXT for a bit longer.

Allen: Nah, all of those girls have great chemistry so throwing someone else in would have messed it all up. They did pretty good for what time they had, no need for extras.

BigFreaky: I’m all for Eva Marie, but I’m not sure we’ll be seeing her again :’(

: Seeing as they didn’t get a lot of time, no.

Naomi gets that feel good moment. Did you feel good?

Greg: It was expected she would win. It was what it was. Overall I did not feel the glow.

Allen: Would have been better if it was her first championship win… Naomi has a cool submission though.

BigFreaky: It felt expected, but it was still good. The fans were behind it. I had happiness tears.

TOZ: I felt good.

WM 33 Undertaker

Roman Reigns def. Undertaker

Undertaker gets retired by Reigns. Will this do anything for Reigns in the long run?

Greg: Yes. Reigns will forever be known as the man who retired the Undertaker. That’s not a bad thing to have on one’s resume. As for what it will do for him going forward? It won’t really change a lot. It just means he now officially owns the yard.

Allen: Being in the Undertaker’s last match will be in the history books. This will also make him hated by the WWE Universe for beating the Undertaker in his last match.

BigFreaky: I don’t know if this will do anything for Reigns really. The Undertaker is the Undertaker, no matter what he does, or what happens to him. One of the best of all time.

TOZ: I don’t think it means anything substantial.

Should the phrase “This is my yard.” also be retired?

Greg: Yes.

Allen: It’s so dumb. Yards are overrated. In my mind, the Undertaker’s Yard is all stipped of grass and has a bunch of dug up holes to put people in. Basically a cemetery. Congrats Roman, you have the deed to a WWE cemetery.

BigFreaky: I hope it’s retired along with “The Ultimate Thrill Ride”

TOZ: *shrugs*

Be honest, this match wasn’t very good right?

Greg: Given the condition of the Undertaker this was not going to be good at all. Reigns is not the one who should be carrying the match and that was pretty evident by the end of this contest.

Allen: Man was it awful. I can’t even blame Roman for most of it because we know how bad and old Taker was looking going into the match.

BigFreaky: I was fine with it for the most part.. Until the end where Roman or Taker were supposed to do something, and didn’t… then Roman did the “Super Spear” (also the tombstone botch was not fun)

TOZ: Not good.

Was this a fitting end to Wrestlemania or would you have preferred a happier ending?

Greg: I think it was fitting. Undertaker leaving all his gear in the ring and disappearing one last time on the stage is a much longer lasting image than say someone holding up a belt in victory.

Allen: Better than Roman with his hands in the air “Yay! I killed the Undertaker!” pose with a billion fireworks going off. This was fine. End of an era… again…

BigFreaky: That is how the Undertaker is meant to go out, sinking back into the walkway. Also the fireworks stuff was weird at the end. I dunno if Roman winning, or the Undertaker losing, or the show ending meant those fireworks, but it was weird. OMG I wish I had the cash money they used on the fireworks during the show… SO MANY. What a freaking spectacle.

TOZ: Absolutely fitting. Once it was just the Undertaker and he started taking off his gear, I forgot about the match. Yeah the match was bad, but that isn’t the thing I’m gonna remember. WM 33 is the night Undertaker finally hung it up, and those last moments with him will live forever.