Selective Hearing Staff Picks July – November 2022


LOONA – Sick Love

Sick Love is a b-side on LOONA’s second Japanese single Luminous. The song is performed by the sub-unit ODD EYE CIRCLE with HeeJin. Of the two original songs on the single, this is the go-to for me. It’s no Hula Hoop, but it’s damn close to being that level of awesome.

NMIXX – COOL (Your Rainbow)

NMIXX’s usual brand of music brings a negative response to my ears. However, I was surprised when the b-side on their ENTWURF single wasn’t a blend of 40 songs in four minutes. Instead, it’s just a simple song with a consistent sound. COOL (Your Rainbow) gives the listener a real chance to hear these girls sing without all the sonic bullshit masking their vocals.