Selective Hearing Staff Picks July – November 2022


My list of listening in November is very sparse. I didn’t have time to invest in checking out whatever isn’t a Christmas song because of work and other projects I am involved in. Here are the two releases that stood out to me.


FIFTY FIFTY is a new four-member K-Pop girl group that debuted in November. I don’t know anything about them yet, but they should be a group to watch going into 2023 if their debut EP is anything to go by.

STAYC – Poppy

Besides Red Velvet and (arguably) TWICE, there aren’t many active K-Pop girl groups whose original Japanese songs are as listenable as their Korean ones. (In my opinion.)

STAYC has joined the club of not making shitty Japanese songs. Their debut Japanese single is incredibly catchy. I didn’t like their last Korean a-side that much, so Poppy more than makes up for that “miss” in my book.

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