Selective Hearing’s 10th Anniversary – TOZ Edition

10 years, son! That’s a decade!

I was Greg’s first hire. In 2010, back when Greg did the Selective Hearing radio show over at JPH!P, he was looking for contributors. Figured why not, I applied and here I am.

I’m proud of my work, and I take even more joy in being part of Selective Hearing for all this time. Admittedly, our output on an individual basis could be much better, and we have been taking strides behind-the-scenes in making sure we have a better flow of content from everyone. But we care. I hope that shows better in the future.

But we are looking back aren’t we? Here’s a rundown of some of my personal highlights during my tenure here:

  • Reflection Eternal – Revolutions Per Minute
    • One of my earliest hip-hop reviews. This sticks out in my mind because this review had some traction among the hip-hop internet community. It was cool to see various hip-hop blogs and outlets come to a primarily j-pop and k-pop website and give us some love about this review.
  • Born To Use Mics: Reading Nas’s Illmatic & The Hip-Hop Fellow
    • Proud of both of these because they aren’t music reviews. A book and a documentary respectively, I had to apply my critical eye in a different way to be able to speak about these works. Both of these works are great examples of how hip-hop has been examined in an academic setting, and I take pride that hip-hop has been taken to that level.
  • SPEED announces new album titled “4Colors”
    • Check it out, I broke some news! Well broke is a strong word, but it was me providing a newsworthy piece to the site. I was so excited to hear this news, I didn’t hesitate to find a source then share it with the site.
  • Interview with SNSDKorean (Parts 1 and 2)
    • I also provided an interview! Sadly, SNSDKorean now is defunct, but I was able to speak with the staff at the time about running a popular site, being fans, and anything else that came up. I’ve lost contact with the majority of the people from the site, but I hope they know that the time we spent with this interview is important to me and I loved their site for my SNSD fix.
  • My That’s My Jam pieces
    • Always a joy to go back to the music that left an impact on me. From Wu-Tang Clan, to Faye Wong, these provided me with a chance to look at the stuff I enjoyed and why I enjoyed them.
  • Random Viewing: Running Man Episode 150
    • RUNNING MAN! MONDAY COUPLE! Unfortunately, I’ve fallen off pretty hard on the show. Life got in the way, and they just kept going. I would like to jump back into watching each
      Sacrifice for the team, Gary.
      I just wanted to share this picture again. For the team, Gary.

      one, but even if I never do, I’ll have 150.

  • Interview: Morning Musume’14 in New York
    • I didn’t do this, but whatever, this is so cool! Morning Musume! Once upon a time, I was heavy H!P fan, and while the ’14 vintage only had one member who I knew (Michishige Sayumi) and one or two members I’ve heard of before, I was still excited for this to happen.
  • Secret- Secret Time
    • Nobody forgets their first.
  • Do You Want More?!!!??! Yes SPEED, I Do Want More
    • My favorite piece I’ve written for Selective Hearing. As I wrote in the article, it was part brainstorm, part crate-digging, and part thought-experiment. It was also a test for me to see if I could write a piece like this. Doesn’t hurt to introduce the group to new people as well. When I was done, I thought about doing of these kind of pieces a year, but there wasn’t a topic that kept me motivated like this. Now three years later, I might have it in me to do another one of these. Either way, I prop this article up as my both my favorite and my best work.

Without a doubt, without Selective Hearing, I wouldn’t be the writer I am. I hope you gained as much enjoyment and insight reading everything from the team as I have writing with them. On to the next one.

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TOZ is Selective Hearing’s resident Urban music aficionado. He also has a keen interest in K-Pop, sneakers, Star Trek and long walks on the beach.