Selective Hearing’s 2013 Year In Review: Greg

Another year is coming to an end here at Selective Hearing and that means it’s time for the staff to reflect on the year gone by. For me it was a slightly turbulent year with many changes. Since this is a rather long recap I have decided to break this up into multiple pages. No one wants to scroll through endless text right? =)

P. Diddy

The voice is silenced

First off I ended the weekly radio show on JPH!P radio. I really have no idea how many of you actually listened to the podcast or even really cared, but it’s done and I most likely will not be returning to JPH!P radio anytime soon.

There are a few reasons why I ended the program but the main one is that it wasn’t fun anymore. It became more like a second job than something cool to do every week. I was really running out of ideas for the program anyway so it was best to stop before it became a farce. I would like to thank those of you who did stick with the program during its 4 year run. It was fun while it lasted right? But nothing lasts forever.

Perhaps in time another podcast will come to replace it, but for now there’s nothing in the works. Sorry to the 3 or 4 people who listened on a consistent basis.

Lack of output

Regular readers may have noticed that my contributions to the site have dipped significantly this year. To be completely honest I became a little burnt out and decided to fade into the background for a little while. Much like the podcast, writing for the site became a bit of a chore. I’ve been doing this for 7 years mostly non-stop so eventually yes, things were going to become somewhat overwhelming.

It was only natural to take a step back.

There are more than capable staff here to cover so it’s not like this place was a barren wasteland. I was doing a lot of other less musically focused work on the site during my time away. It mostly had to do with the migration of the site to its new server. Hopefully any performance issues that have occurred over this year are rectified with this back end change.

Japan 2013

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