Selective Hearing’s 2013 Year In Review: Greg

Best of 2013

To wrap this up I will also list some of my favorite songs and albums of the year. These are not necessarily in any particular order and are not just limited to Asian Pop.

Top songs

Unorthodox Jukebox

Bruno Mars – Treasure

The third single from Bruno Mars’ Unorthodox Jukebox is a bit of a throwback track incorporating funk, disco and R&B elements. Those of you who listen to Top 40 or Urban contemporary radio have probably gotten sick of this track, but there’s no denying that it is a hella catchy 3 minutes of fun.

This is only enhanced by its cheesy 80’s inspired video.

Speaking of cheesy fun…

Koi Suru Fortune Cookie

AKB48 – Koi Suru Fortune Cookie

Okay this is where a bunch of personal bias comes in. After all I bought 27 of copies of this single so I could touch and talk to idols for 10 seconds or more. How can I not like it right? Well I still have a pile to give away so if you want one let me know. I only need one copy after all.

On to the song itself. Thankfully a Sashihara Rino centered track didn’t follow the typical AKB formula and instead resulted in a deviation from the norm. Last year it was UZA that was the oddball track, this year it’s this. Even though it may be played out, I still find the song to be a refreshing break from the typical AKB sound.

Random Access Memories

Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams – Get Lucky

I bet you’re sensing a pattern here. Yeah, a few funky disco tracks resonated with me this year. Even though I haven’t really been paying attention to dance music as much as I should, I at least remembered that this was released. You can’t really go wrong with Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers guesting on your track man.

Ai no Gundan

Morning Musume – Ai no Gundan

Whoa.. I bet some of you are thinking your eyes are deceiving you. A Morning Musume song on this list? Don’t I hate Morning Musume? Let’s get this straight, I don’t hate Momusu, I just question the choice of having them release the same song over and over again and calling each one a new single.

The thing with Ai no Gundan is that even though it does follow in the footsteps of the tiresome Electro Musume (it was great when it started, but as I said above…) it at least gets freshened up by borrowing a little bit from the Juice=Juice sound with the horns and a more constant 4/4 beat. So it’s not so bad in the end. In fact it’s probably the only Musume song I liked out the batch they released this year.

Unfortunately the video is a letdown, but the dance shot version makes up for it. You can see some of the intricate dance steps that make previous generations of Musume’s look like they’re flopping around like fish out of water in comparison. I also like the spiffy uniforms and the fact that each member raises their hand when they sing. It makes it easy for old times like me to keep up.


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Japan 2013

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Best of 2013 continued

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