Selective Hearing’s 2014 Year In Review – TOZ


Although I haven’t written many things for Selective Hearing this year, (although looking back I wrote more than I thought) I’m proud of what not only myself, but the entire staff has done this year. We’ve done more coverage of concerts and events than before, and hopefully we can continue that trend.

Admittedly, as of this writing, I haven’t listened to everything I planned on listening to for this year-end piece. So please forgive me for not mentioning anything that you thought I would’ve had an opinion on.


f(x) – Red Light

This is when I became a fully-fledged f(x) fan. Top to bottom, I thought every song worked and was effective. Some think the title track is a mess, but I wasn’t one of them. SM tends to give f(x) some weird shit from time to time, and Red Light was some weird shit that I enjoyed. The absolute jam for me from the album is All Night. Can you believe Teddy Riley was a part of that production? I couldn’t either. Now I’m waiting for that Luna solo single.

Secret – Secret Summer

Not my favorite release of theirs, but when the teasers came out for each song, I listened to them thinking, “Hey, this is cool.” Solid work all-around. I still yearn for more Poison-type songs from Secret, but if they decide to get away from that sound in the future, hopefully they continue this one.

Orange Caramel – My Copycat

What happened to having fun? These girls didn’t forget how to have fun. Spot the difference and a Where’s Waldo game in the video? Along with a catchy, bubbly song to boot? Yeah Orange Caramel, you know how to have fun, and I have fun every time I hear this song. Now about how a special Lizzy guest spot on Running Man?

Super Junior – Mamacita

Super Junior also remembers how to have fun. A spaghetti-western video where Shindong and Siwon are just goofy? Good on you, SM.

IU – Seoyeokdong

Yes yes, there goes the “TOZ is an IU stan” alarm blaring. This is what happens when a musician hasn’t put out a song I dislike even a bit. I like the juxtaposition of IU’s soft vocals over the electronic beat laid by Seo Taiji. I love the rhythm she has been for the last few years. Odd years has her putting out a full-length album with promotions (Growing Up, Last Fantasy, Modern Times) while even years has her doing EPs or side-projects (Spring of a Twenty Year Old, A Flower Bookmark, Seoyeokdong). If the pattern is to continue, 2015 marks another LP from IU.

Honorable Mentions: Little Apple, Mamma Mia


Rhymeberry – Idol Illmatic

This (now) trio girl-group puts out a song called Idol Illmatic. Way to market directly to me.

BoA – Who’s Back & Fly

I really enjoyed the Japanese singles from BoA for the last two years. Unfortunately, the album only has one new song. I still enjoyed it, but would’ve liked to have heard an entire album of new material. She then puts out Fly, seemingly for fun. Hey, new material, right?

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