Selective Hearing’s 3rd Quarter Review

Selective Hearing Q3 Review

As we head towards to the end of the strange year of 2020 parts of the world are slowly getting back to normal. Other parts of the world are reverting back to sheltering away from others who just won’t take the pandemic seriously.

For us at Selective Hearing not much has really changed. Each of us has managed to make it through the summer and autumn with most of our sanity intact thanks to some of entertainment we have consumed over the past 3 months.

This is the best of what we have enjoyed in the third quarter of 2020.



Music: Red Velvet Irene & Seulgi – Naughty

Looking back, I can see that July was a relatively quiet month. One of the few releases I had highlighted as a favourite was that of the Red Velvet subunit of Irene & Seulgi.

As I mentioned in my review of their mini-album, Naughty is a song with some of the low-tempo, Jacking House vibe. Musically it’s right within the wheelhouse of what I like most. The music video has plenty of eye candy for those who enjoy intricate choreography. Also Irene. Yum.

You can check out my remix of the song here.


TV Show: Ted Lasso

For me, August was the month I used my free Apple TV+ subscription to watch something other than a documentary. The concept of a show called Ted Lasso caught my interest. It follows an American Football coach as he travels to the UK to manage a struggling London football (a.k.a Soccer to us dirty North Americans) team.

The first season of this show was very entertaining and handled the whole fish out of water scenario quite well for the most part. Since the main character of Coach Lasso was as clueless about Soccer as I am, it was a small education in the game as well. I found this show to have a certain goofy charm that made it an easy binge-watch.

I’ll probably keep my Apple TV+ subscription alive for a bit longer to see more of this show.

Music: BTS Dynamite

I have made it very clear that I’m not too fond of the current male K-pop groups or BTS on our podcasts, and it’s rare for me to give a shit since there are so many look and sound-a-like groups out there. However, Dynamite was a song I can confidently say I like. It reminded me a lot like something from Justin Timberlake or Charlie Puth.

I even looked for the acapella to remix the song since it fit well within the type of music I create.

Music: JYP – When We Disco (duet with SUNMI)

I don’t follow JYP’s career as a solo artist. I only know him as the producer of many K-pop songs in heavy rotation in my music library.

I know that he likes to dabble in many different music genres, with Euro Disco being one of them. When We Disco has an obvious cheese factor, but it’s fantastic cheese. The music video for the song only enhances the cheese to even more epic levels.

When We Disco is another song for which I have created a remix. It is currently the most popular remix on our SoundCloud page, with over 5000 plays as of this writing.


Music-wise there wasn’t a lot I picked up on. The most notable releases for me were EVERGLOW’s -77.82x – 78.29 EP and Lovelyz 7th mini-album Unforgettable. I will give an honourable mention to Lunarsolar as I found their song Oh Ya Ya Ya catchy.

September for me was using my newly acquired Disney+ subscription to watch the Mandalorian before the second season starts at the end of October. I even watched the documentary about the different directors for each episode.

All I knew of this show was how everyone was creaming their pants over The Child. (a.k.a. Baby Yoda), and that was about it. Going in blind was the best thing. My final impression of this show was that it was in line with the more serious tones of the recent Star Wars movies.

There were a few comedic moments to break up the tension, but it was a serious drama for the most part. I am looking forward to season two.