Selective Hearing’s 3rd Quarter Review



Music: E-girls, So Many Stars

August was a slow month in music for me, but one of my frequent loops was So many stars by E-girls. A gorgeous mid-tempo ballad, So many stars feels like the perfect send-off for a group that will soon disband come the end of the year.

I enjoy this song a great deal, though I can understand why some may not. Still, it’s one of my most played tracks from the 3rd quarter of the year, and while it may not be everyone else’s cup of tea, it certainly shined through during some of the darker days.

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Mini-Album: MeniPara, First Paradigm Shift

Made up of the six songs that the group has been performing since their debut in September 2019, MeniPara’s first full release comes in the form of First Paradigm Shift, a delightful array of tracks that includes a few songs penned by the members themselves. It’s colourful, pretty Idol and a lot of fun and one of my most anticipated releases for August 2020.

Though I was hoping for a physical release, I am still happy with the group’s first digital mini-album. It’s so much fun, and I have continued to think about all of the tracks on any given day of the week. This is the sort of album that will make you smile thanks to its cheerful, bright sound (sans Milky Way, which is a little more melancholy). I adore it so much, and I will continue to return to it before the year runs out and into the New Year.

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Music Video: Pokemon Special Music Video, Acacia, BUMP OF CHICKEN

As a fan of the Pokemon franchise since I was a tiny lass, the release of Acacia’s special music video is… well, unique. Celebrating the legacy that is Pokemon as both a game and anime series, this music video showcases the history of Pokemon + its leading characters within the games. It’s impressive, and it fills my heart with absolute joy whenever I watch it.

The song itself is catchy and memorable, and I have been playing it on a loop since hearing it, and have even hummed it to myself at work. It’s cheerful and uplifting, and I could not think of a better song to represent such an incredible franchise that I and many others have grown up with.

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Single: #Yappa Motto, Ohara Sakurako

A very recent find, I already adore #Yappa Motto with every ounce of my being because – simply put – it’s something that Ohara Sakurako has done, and I can not help but love all that she creates. Though it may be a typical release from Sakurako at this point – mid-tempo, a melancholy ballad that perfectly showcases her singing chops – it’s still the kind of release that I love. Something I needed to end the month of September on.

Ohara Sakurako’s music continues to bring me great happiness, and while this song does make me cry, it also makes me smile. I love listening and singing along to it, and overall I consider it a great, fun album.

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