Selective Hearing’s 3rd Quarter Review



Games: Tales of Berseria

For being a fan of JRPGS, I have never once played any Tales games. I was always curious, and when it finally went on sale on PSN, I went and grabbed Tales of Berseria. It’s the latest Tales game that came out in 2017. I had a lot of fun with the crazy combat system and the very intriguing story.

The dialogue between the characters fleshed out their personalities, and the English voice acting did an excellent job complimenting said characters. There is so much flexibility with the game, such as changing difficulty on the fly, tons of weapon and armor enhancing, combos and mystic arts, I did feel overwhelmed, but the story kept me moving.

This was my game of the summer because I got hooked into New Game+ and trying to platinum the game, which I’ll probably never do again for a Tales game. Going for platinum is a completionist’s grind. The previous games Zesteria and Vesperia I got on sale too, so I hope to get them done before the PS5 comes out.

Music: Red Velvet Irene & Seulgi – Monster

The hype was building because we’ve had a giant black hole regarding anything Red Velvet since January. Monster impressed me from the very start with its crazy sexy video and hypnotizing dance; the song, of course, backed it all up with its deep bass and electric sounds, just got me in some mood.

The whole mini-album has been my highest-rated and favourite this summer. With over 2000 scrobbles backed with smooth R&B vibes and a great ballad, Uncover by Seulgi, it fulfills the Velvet side that I enjoy so much. Naughty later topped them all as I like the funkier and faster song with its insane dance and dynamic tutting; I have to acknowledge the song that started it all. Can’t wait for OT5 Red Velvet.


Movie: Harry Potter Marathon

I am not a hardcore Harry Potter fan, I’ve never read any of the books or went too deep into its lore, but I did love watching the movies. HBO Max was losing their streaming right to the series, so I figured I would watch them all again before they left. It has stood the test of time, with the first two may be showing a lot of age.

It wasn’t until the third movie that I got it and understood why it had such a huge following. I stayed sane and limited myself to only watching one movie a day, and I’m glad I didn’t try to blast through it all. This may also be the last time I watch any film, so I’m happy I got to see them one more time.

Concert: Red Velvet – Red Room First Concert

I had never seen any Red Velvet concert footage, so I decided to start with their first one. Watching the show and you can barely tell it was their first concert at all. Visuals on full display and, of course, played to the girls’ strengths. The most memorable highlights for me were Wendy’s solo of Last Love, the girls in suits for Automatic, and Zoo.

A pleasant surprise was how female-dominated the crowd cheers were; love it. Wendy and Seulg are built for the stage; I was impressed continuously every time they were on screen. If you can find an HD version of the concert, you will not be disappointed.

Did we mention how much we love Red Velvet on SH? Straight up Reveluvs.


Music: fromis_9 – Feel Good (SECRET CODE)

100% biased as the resident flover of SH. During the LONG hiatus, I got to catch up on their Vlives as they were getting subbed actively, and the girls still kept putting out weekly content on their YouTube. When their comeback was officially announced, I was ready for a girl crush concept as the girls kept mentioning that they wanted to do that style. We got a slight dip into the trendy retro style with such a groovy tone; many people call it sophisticated and a more mature sound for fromis_9. I love it.

The song gets me up and dancing, and that already makes it a winner in my book. The video is nice and straightforward and doesn’t offend me with stupid CGI animals like in other groups. Very colourful, using many simple sets, no green screens, and it goes in on their Influencer status, especially with the girls launching their own personal Instagrams.

Plus, we are experiencing an overflow of content! The only downside is that during the promotions, we aren’t getting Lee Seoyeon (my bias in fromis_9) in anything because of a leg injury. With over 1100 scrobbles, Feel Good came out at the right time for me and brought me happiness during this horrible year that is 2020.

K-Drama: Record of Youth

My next highly anticipated K-Drama is Record of Youth, and again, I’m hooked. I was interested from the start because of Park So-Dam; I loved her in Parasite. At first, I didn’t think I would relate because Record of Youth’s main characters is in the fashion/acting industry. But as they delved deep into their family problems, I felt the connection instantly.

Coming from an Asian household myself, I could relate to the meddling family, not agreeing with who you are dating or what your current job may be or bringing shame to your parents. I’m sticking with this one as it finishes in October.

IZONE Online Concert Poster

Concert: IZ*ONE Oneiric Theatre

I was skeptical about watching a live online concert, but IZ*ONE has changed my mind. I had such a great time watching the whole show, smiling from ear to ear, just remembering it all. We loved it so much we had to do an entire podcast over the concert! Please give it a listen!