Selective Hearing’s Japan Travel Tips & Advice – Introduction

Five long years ago I wrote a series of articles about planning for a trip to Japan:

Those articles were very broad overviews of each topic and while they are quite aged, the information in them is still fairly relevant in regards to planning out a trip today. As a follow up to that series from many moons ago I will forego updating what has already been done. The assumption going into this is that you as a traveler have already made the proper pre trip preparations in regards to the basics such as documentation (i.e. passport, visa, etc.), flights and accommodations.

Instead I will be focusing on what happens when you actually step foot on Japanese soil and officially start your journey.

Before I begin with this next series of articles I will provide a little bit of background of my travel history just in case you may believe I’m talking out of my rear end. My Japan travel experiences started in 2007 with my first trip to Tokyo. I did not end up going back to Japan until 5 years later (real life responsibilities take priority) and since 2012 I have been making the effort to go at least once a year.

My itineraries have a high focus on idol music related activities. In more recent trips I have also made room for stuff like baseball, pro wrestling and spending what free time I have in my schedule to do touristy type things. It can’t be all idols all the time, especially in a country with an abundance other cultural things to absorb.

With that said much of the content of these upcoming articles has been inspired by the various questions I have personally received about my travels in Japan from co-workers, friends, family and people who generally do not travel to that part of the world as much. I’m going to do my best to relay information on whatever topic is being covered based on common research you can find on the Internet, advice from other people I know who frequently travel to Japan, people who I know who live there and my own experiences.

Obviously this is going to be a work in progress and not everything is going to be absolutely perfect. However, there will be opportunities for more experienced travelers to chime in with their constructive suggestions as this moves forward. If the end result of all the upcoming walls of text and images is that you get something useful out of it then cool. If you don’t, that’s okay too. We all have different ways of being a tourist.

Hopefully at the minimum you will at least find something that will get you pointed in a close enough direction for whatever your Japan touring is.

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