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PSY’s upcoming concert in the United States has been postponed


On November 22 YG Entertainment released a statement announcing PSY’s concert in Anaheim has been postponed due to “schedule delays”. The concert is scheduled to be rescheduled closer to PSY’s American album release in March.


“Schedule delays” is a nice way of saying that they had to tape off the upper decks of the Anaheim Pond because no one was showing up. Tick… Tick.. Tick…. That is the sound of the clock getting ever closer to PSY’s 15 minutes in America.

Unfortunately March is an eternity away and by the time PSY’s album drops America will have long forgotten about him unless he comes out with a killer lead single that is the equivalent of Gangnam Style 2. Strike while the iron is hot YG, even if you have to put out a crappy compilation of PSY’s South Korean hits shoddily translated into English.

Tsuji Nozomi, who is currently pregnant with her third baby, has revealed that she will be having a boy


Two boys. If the first one has already picked up Tsuji’s youthful troublemaker personality, imagine how life will be with that multiplied. Either way, congrats to her and Ultraman. At least one former Elder Club member is doing something other than sitting in limbo waiting for the next OG callback when the current Musume fail to capture the imaginations of the public.

SKE48’s first album, “Kono Hi no Chime wo Wasurenai“, has been certified with the “most number of music videos in an album” by the Guinness World Records


Kimoto Kanon

I don’t think this a record that any other 48 family group will try to take on. 63 short form videos is a lot to even take in for the most hardened idol fan. Another notch in the belt of Aki-P and his idol factory I guess.

Tanaka Reina to graduate from Morning Musume and Hello! Project to focus on her yet to be named band


It was reported earlier on Selective Hearing that Tanaka Reina has been sent to Bovine University to start a new yet to be named band. There’s not need to rehash this but this is devastating news to the Musume loyalists who are still of the old school mindset. For everyone else? Opportunity knocks for anyone not named Riho I guess.

Further analysis of this event is forthcoming.

A Pillow you can fuck to your hearts content

Kuu Pillow

G Project has created at body pillow you can have sex with. It’s called the Kuu Pillow and is designed to be compatible with artificial vaginas of one’s choosing via a lower slot in the pillow. Kuu Pillow is also made from a smooth skin like substance that is pleasing to the touch.

This pillow is available for purchase at G Project’s online store or Amazon Japan for 2100 yen. The pillowcase, and Tenga you’ll have to get separately.


Well now… I guess all you who have body pillows need an upgrade so you can get your backdoor loving started with your favorite 2-D anime character or the image of your oshi on your pillowcase.

This is hilarious and sad at the same time. But I think I found the prizes for a give away after next year’s Tokyo Trip.


U-KISS – Distance

Orange Caramel – Lum no Love Song

Orange Caramel – Lipstick (Japanese Version)

PSY & MC Hammer – Gangnam Style/2 Legit 2 Quit

Prizmmy – My Transform

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