Selina Jen – Dream A New Dream

Released December 21, 2011

Track listing:

1. 爱我的每个人 (Everyone Who Loves Me)
2. 梦 (Dream)
3. 重作一个梦 (Dream a New Dream)

Selina got her groove back. The “S” in the C-pop group, S.H.E, Selina released a mini-EP back in December 2011. This is seen in some ways, as a comeback of sorts. Back in 2010, Selina was on a movie set when she suffered third-degree burns. The first track has her singing about her ordeal and her rehab. Selina’s voice does a lot of the heavy-lifting, which is good because the track itself does sound a bit generic since it sounds a whole lot like any other ballad song released previously.

The next track is the single itself, Dream. Just like the previous track, its a ballad. Both songs feature a piano and minimal instrumentation to feature Selina’s voice. Chinese super-duper-mega-star Jay Chou composed this song. Again, Selina gets a lot of credit of making this song work.

The last song, Dream A New Dream, is more upbeat and faster compared to the other tracks on the EP. It’s very similar sounding to the songs released from S.H.E as a whole. So if the double dose of ballad songs turned you off, then maybe this last song might do something for you.

As a S.H.E fan, I was happy that Selina was able to bounce back from her accident and put out a solo effort. But this three track EP doesn’t have much to it. Obviously, its limiting when you only have three songs, but it also doesn’t help when two songs are ballads, and are basically mirrors of one another. I would hope that if Selina gets a full-fledged album to work on, that she works on having a more eclectic release.

Dream A New Dream

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